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  1. Do you want jam on it as well? Here goes. One. An Unearthly Child The Daleks The Dalek Invasion of Earth Two. The Tomb of the Cybermen The Seeds of Death The War Games Three. Spearhead from Space The Silurians Inferno Terror of the Autons The Claws of Axos The Daemons Day of the Daleks The Curse of Peladon The Sea Devils Carnival of Monsters The Green Death The Time Warrior Four. The Ark in Space Genesis of the Daleks Terror of the Zygons Pyramids of Mars The Android Invasion The Brain of Morbius The Seeds of Doom The Masque of Mandragora The Hand of Fear The Deadly Assassin The Face of Evil The Robots of Death The Talons of Weng-Chiang Horror of Fang Rock Image of the Fendahl The Ribos Operation City of Death Five. Kinda The Visitation Earthshock Mawdryn Undead Resurrection of the Daleks The Caves of Androzani Six. Vengeance on Varos Revelation of the Daleks Seven. Remembrance of the Daleks Ghost Light The Curse of Fenric
  2. Indeed! From Outpost Gallifrey... David Tennant will take over from departing actor Christopher Eccleston for the second series of "Doctor Who" to be aired in 2006, according to a BBC press release issued Saturday morning. Tennant was originally rumored to be "in talks" to take over the role from Eccleston, who it was announced in late March would not be returning for the second season. As the Doctor, Tennant will be seen in the role in this year's Christmas special, as well as continuing in the role throughout the entire second series (and hopefully, many years to come.) Billie Piper, who plays Rose Tyler, is already signed on for the second year of adventures. And from the official press release... David Tennant confirmed as the tenth Doctor Who David Tennant is confirmed as the tenth Doctor Who, it was announced today by Jane Tranter, BBC Controller of Drama Commissioning, following the recommissioning of the second series. Tennant, whose recent credits include BBC THREE's critically-acclaimed drama series Casanova, BBC ONE's Blackpool and He Knew He Was Right, will star alongside Billie Piper who returns as Rose Tyler. Julie Gardner, BBC Head of Drama, Wales says: "Christopher Eccleston has given an exceptional performance as the ninth Doctor. "David Tennant is a great actor who will build on the excellent work already done by Christopher in establishing Doctor Who for a new generation." David Tennant says: "I am delighted, excited and honoured to be the tenth Doctor! "I grew up loving Doctor Who and it has been a lifelong dream to get my very own TARDIS. "Russell T Davies is one of the best writers television has ever had, and I'm chuffed to bits to get the opportunity to work with him again. "I'm also really looking forward to working with Billie Piper who is so great as Rose. "Taking over from Chris is a daunting prospect; he has done a fantastic job of reinventing the Doctor for a new generation and is a very tough act to follow." Executive producer/writer Russell T Davies adds: "Christopher Eccelston's wonderful Doctor has reinvented the role, so that it now appeals to the best actors in the land. "I'm already writing David's first new adventure on board the TARDIS! "Regeneration is a huge part of the programme's mythology, and I'm delighted that new, young viewers can now have the complete Doctor Who experience, as they witness their hero change his face!" A new 13-part adventure and Christmas special begins filming in Cardiff in the summer for transmission on BBC ONE.
  3. You won't go wrong with Fang Rock, it's a Who classic. Is Tom Baker 'Ed's Doctor' or has he seen other actors? If it's T.Baker only and you're looking at DVDs rather than trying to find videos or downloading old shows this is what's available (apart from Fang Rock and Weng Chiang obv)... The Ark in Space The Pyramids of Mars Robots of Death The Leisure Hive Out of those I'd pick The Pyramids of Mars, then Robots, The Ark and finally The Leisure Hive. Horror of Fang Rock should definately be your next purchase though.
  4. Check out this badboy. Giant Robo.
  5. That's the bollocks that is! Cheers harmunt!
  6. Thought I'd drop this in here rather than the 'for free' thread because the anime fans are here. Ambassador Magma VHS episodes 1-3, never watched, you can have it for the price of postage. PM if you want it. Sorry for the slight hi-jack, carry on.
  7. I haven't seen anything that David Tennant has done so I'll have absolutely no preconceptions about how he'll play the role, which is good because most of the 'names' that usually get put forward tend to put you in either the love or the hate camp. I'll be happy if he's unveiled as the new Doctor because he'll be totally new to me. And he's a fan as well apparently.
  8. I guessed bike probably only because fearbat mentioned that it was explained afterwards so I was looking for it. The circular designs everywhere and clearly hearing the word bike a couple of times was a giveaway. "A BM or an Xbox". Didn't get that one though, so obvious when it's explained. Great stuff. Edit: He's still touring, details here. I'm very tempted to go and see him live, there were a couple of people here who went to see him and said it was a great show.
  9. That's a shame. Oh well, it'll be interesting to see how his show works out. I hope a few more writers get more of a look in next season, not that I'm disappointed by what RTD has done so far, just to mix it up a bit. I'd definately like to see more episodes from Gatiss.
  10. Top stuff! I'm really looking forward to Dalek mainly because Rob Shearman's writing it. Hopefully he'll get more than one episode next season. Ahhh, it's good to have the dustbins back. I heard CE in some of his radio and TV interviews saying the Doctor is terrified of the Daleks so we can look forward to a return to form from the lads from Skaro. The effect the Dalek weapons have on people looks really good.
  11. Glad to hear you're enjoying them. You can't go wrong with Spare Parts it's fantastic, I won't spoil it by talking about the plot but if you want a tale about the loss of humanity on a dying world you're in for a treat. It's ideal for Davison's 'most human' Doctor. Back to the new series, I was talking to a mate tonight who's never watched 'classic' Who but has watched every episode of the new show and he absolutely loves it. He thought The Unquiet Dead was the best so far and even said it's a shame that Eccleston was leaving. Oh and he's 31. Looks like the show is getting the kids/adult balance right. I'm such a sad old Who fan that I wanted to bore the tits off him about the 'bad wolf' thing but I resisted.
  12. That was the original idea but it never happened in the end. I think Yates went bad in The Invasion of the Dinosaurs but was redeemed somewhat in Planet of the Spiders.
  13. A (supposedly but not always) secret military organisation that deals with the odd and unexplained. Alien invasions etc. UNIT are quality! The third Doctor, Jo Grant, The Brigadier, Sgt Benton (and various nobodies in uniform getting killed)... what a team. Yates was a ponce though.
  14. And UNIT are mentioned. Don't know whether it's a full blown appearance though. The BBC have registered unit.org apparently.
  15. That's it from Gatiss for this season. The rest of the season has one each from Rob Shearman, Paul Cornell and Steven Moffat apart from that it's RTD all the way. Edit: Steven Moffat's is a two parter.
  16. Demonoid is where it's at if you want to download classic Who. The Target books are great, I read Caves Monsters (Silurians) again recently and it's still a cracking tale. In fact anything from season seven is worth tracking down and reading. I read Inferno when I was a kid years before I actually got to see it and finished it in one go. Fantastic stuff, one of my all time favourite Who stories. Another vote for Horror of Fang Rock, a fabulous story. It's out on DVD now looking better than ever. Nice documentary on Terrance Dicks too.
  17. 8.3 million viewers for The Unquiet Dead. It'll be interesting to see what next week's episode gets because that looks er... fantastic.
  18. Cheers for the advice, I'll give it a try. I might hate you for getting my hopes up if it doesn't work but I'm sure you can live with that.
  19. I thought that when I watched the trailer link from this thread which I'd heard about but never watched. How time flies eh? Goldeneye is still my favourite Brosnan Bond though even if he is a little chubby compared to later films.
  20. No sod knows yet. The Moxx mentioned "the bad wolf scenario" referring to the Doctor in The End of the World. In tonight's episode the maid talking to Rose said "you've met the bad wolf" and 'bad wolf' appears in next week's episode as graffiti on the Tardis.
  21. I didn't realise just how much game music I had until I went on a tidy frenzy recently. Various Zeldas, Resident Evils, Metroids as well as stuff like JSRF , NiGHTS , PSO and assorted Nintendo. It's great to have on in the background while you're doing something. Actually, I started humming Malon's song in the shower today.
  22. Mine's on it's last legs too, it's having trouble reading disks. So I've got to replace the laser or take it outside and shoot it. I'd be tempted to pick up a PSTwo but I don't know whether it's worth the hassle of finding somewhere to get it chipped. Laser I think.
  23. Haven't you been banned in the gob yet?
  24. It's on about 7am tomorrow I think. I need to tape DW Confidential again because SKY decided to turn itself off half way through.
  25. Rose turning out to be the bad wolf would be a good twist but didn't the maid in today's episode say something like "you've met the bad wolf"? Not that that rules her out though, it could be something along the lines of Charley and the eighth Doctor in the BF audios ie removing her from her timeline with disasterous consequences.
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