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  1. o/\o And I loved the Doctor's "I'm so glad I met you" line. Their relationship is a little spiky sometimes but there's genuine affection there it seems. It's gonna make the regeneration scenes pretty damn good I reckon.
  2. Nicholas Courtney and he's still going strong.
  3. Time War and Bad Wolf, interesting. I'm looking forward to picking up more hints next week. First two parter next week too.
  4. I wouldn't mind having a bash if you're still looking for volunteers.
  5. I really like the look of this. It's not often you see screenshots that make you think how much fun the game's going to be to play rather than just looking pretty. Voice samples is a great idea, I'm going to have so much fun with that. Congrats to both Pickfords, I hope this turns out to be as good as it looks.
  6. If your a fan of the fifth Doctor the DVDs are worth getting for the commentaries by Davison, Fielding, Sutton, Waterhouse, Bryant and various directors depending on the story. Good natured piss taking and fondness for the show although on The Visitation DVD, hearing Matthew Waterhouse ripping the piss out of Michael Robbins for his acting is a bit rich. You usually get some decent docs and behind the scenes bits and pieces on all the DVDs which is pretty good considering the age of most of the shows. Theres even the odd Jim'll Fix It, Basil Brush and Blue Peter clip. Top stuff.
  7. If your hankering for some cyberman action I recommend Spare Parts. It's one of the Big Finish audio plays and it's fucking brilliant. The Big Finish range is well worth checking out, they've got Doctors five to eight as well as various companions in their audios and they really have done some great stuff. Check out The One Doctor, The Chimes of Midnight, Bloodtide, Jubilee, Davros, Master and The Game to mention a few. You can hear trailers for most stories at the BF website
  8. It was on last night. It was mildly interesting, nothing amazing though. Shame, after seeing the ads for it where he got in the ring for a bit of sparring I was hoping he'd have pissed them off enough that someone really lamped him. One bit that made me laugh was his 'Kilroy' show in the pub, getting some travellers and locals together to talk through the issues they had with each other. It reminded me of Knowing Me, Knowing You at the Linton Travel Tavern.
  9. Interesting isn't it? Hopefully we get a few more hints in future episodes. And why would the events of ep2 be the bad wolf scenario? Nothing particularly important seemed to happen in terms of the Doctor altering time or events etc. Or did it? Ohhh I'm excited.
  10. I'm just glad the old gits back and has got us talking about the show in the present tense. It's great to only have to wait a week until the next episode and hopefully we'll get a great season closing cliffhanger/xmas special to keep us salivating for season two. As mentioned over at Outpost Gallifrey, the 'bad wolf' thing sounds interesting. In The End of the World the Moxx says something along the lines of "this is the bad wolf scenario". And a publicity photo from a future episode has a cheeky young scamp spraypainting 'bad wolf' on the Tardis. Intriguing.
  11. Giving it a bit of choke maybe?
  12. o/\o That was great, I love it. You run into the Tardis, it's bigger on the inside yadda yadda yadda, it can travel in time, yeah, ok mate. Pull levers, twist dials, drop down switches, pump the fucker into life (genius), the whole thing looks like it about to fall apart and then... ding! Have a look outside. Brilliant.
  13. The whole 'last Timelord' thing should make for a great regeneration scene. Rose with a dying Doctor, "you can't die". Sniff.
  14. I really like Ecclestone's performance so it's a shame he's not returning for another season. Great episode, the ipod gag was good, Cassandra's death made me laugh out loud and I loved Rose's mini speech about the end of the Earth. Oh, and I loved the Tardis scenes. Yanking levers, twisting dials, the whole console shuddering as they move through time... fantastic. I love the way they got across that he's rattling around the universe in a knackered old piece of shit. And we get the Mark Gatiss episode next week. "What is this phantasmagoria?" Bring it on.
  15. In terms of being rewatchable Father Ted has to make the list.
  16. I'll just fine tune cassidy's post there. I'm so excited about the new series I'm checking ebay for inhalers. A new Timelord, a sexy assistant, Daleks, Pertwee era baddies, the big blue box and the sonic screwdriver. You just know it's going to be good.
  17. Damn right. Let's dig up Judith and send her on a Wish you were Here Hyrule special. Kokiri Forest, Hyrule Field, Lake Hylia, Lon Lon Ranch...
  18. It's worth paying £4 just to see Arnie sporting some splendid knitwear and his tour de force performance the first time he fails to lift the 1000lb barbell.
  19. That's gorgeous. When I first played Ocarina of Time, just after you leave the forest for the first time and you turn the corner and see the field framed by two trees (where you first meet the owl), I put the camera into first person and just gaped at it. Stunning, one of my favourite memories of the game.
  20. And in the X Files, saving lives, growing new body parts and eating cancer.
  21. Filth

    Ds Tv Advert

    The tv ad that started this thread was great, nice and obscure as a teaser. People will see that and wonder what it's advertising. And then Nintendo will follow it up quickly with a slew of ads showing hows fabby the DS is, and how much fun you can have with two screens and a stylus... oh, they didn't... bugger. What are the figures being bandied about so far that Nintendo are going to spend on ads? £30 odd mill? It makes no difference, they don't know how to aggressively sell a product anymore.
  22. Filth

    Ds Tv Advert

    Nintendo's advertising campaigns have been very poor for a long time. The only recent one I can remember off the top of my head is the Zelda "will you rescue the girl" one. And that was only because it kicked up a ludicrous response. The 'finger' promos look to go the same way as the Robbie Williams/barber/squillions online (honest) efforts which were... well, you know what they were.
  23. Absolutely. And as soon as I saw the thread the theme tune was running through my head. Social satire and ultra violence... Robocop is Judge Dredd. Nice little in-joke on the original sculptures of the Robocop costume, as seen on the DVD.
  24. You want to get in there and start shouting CHARITY, CHARITY at the top of your voice. My God, £80?!?! I regret selling my big box Super Metroid years ago along with the SNES and a shitload of other games, but we've all done that, not that it doesn't make me weep to thing about it though. I managed to get SM back from a guy at work a few years ago for nothing (after saying no, no, let me give you some money for it). He refused, I laughed inside. I guess my best SNES (non boot) buy was Secret of Mana from an indy shop. It was marked up at a tenner and the assistant knocked it down to a fiver because the box was battered and didn't include the map. You know what I'm going to say next...
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