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  1. I really enjoyed Vandal Hearts, it was the first strategy RPG I ever played so it's a fond memory. The story was great, especially the betrayal early on. The deaths were pretty cool as well, the spray of blood when you defeat an enemy... have it!
  2. The soundtrack is fabulous. It's great to have on in the background when your having a few tots and getting ready to go out.
  3. I can only go on the Constantine I know from years ago. So give me a back to front, spine twisting London Underground monster. Give me a Swamp Thing puzzling joker. Give me a girlfriend turning into a crow... Fuck it, just give me a Swamp Thing movie.
  4. Absolutely. Oh and Mark X... have one of these o/\o
  5. Slapper Fight. Now there's a game waiting to be made. Not a great title but one that means a lot to me because it's the first game I ever bought... Run Baby Run. EDIT: Class in a glass...
  6. I know fuck all about the Spongebob movie apart from the fact that Mark Kermode made it film of the week on Five Live today. Make of that what you will.
  7. ep.4 realise Max and Paddy really is a turd Horses for courses. Nigga.
  8. I don't think it's people defending the show just because it's Morris and oh yeah, some other bloke. Are fans of his previous work so blinkered that everything he produces is brilliant?
  9. I read an extract from his pisstake autobiography (Look at me, look at me) which was pretty funny. Peter Mandelson getting him shit faced on absinth, his adventures with MI5 etc. World Shut Your Mouth was a disapointment though, like someone mentioned in a previous thread, it seemed like a step backwards after the chatshow didn't work out. The few episodes I saw (the chat show) weren't that bad though.
  10. The Goodies are touring Australia. Channel 5?
  11. Nor me, but they're just as I imagine them to be and that's what made me laugh. I can relate to being in a job I enjoy but surrounded by bell ends though, so I identify with DA straight away.
  12. I enjoyed it. Nazi Experiments in Colour and Dad Wars made me laugh.
  13. Damn you Jim. And so politely done too, good on you. That was a well written review MD. Just wait for the hatemail from Boyatsea if you get more than a page out of this subject...
  14. Nice find there Rob, very interesting. It's reminded me of flicking through the pages of Your Sinclair to find the review of the latest Ocean game, because by jove they were belters. Batman the Movie, The Untouchables, Robocop etc. Good times.
  15. I've been playing this for about five hours since I got it this morning and I'm really enjoying it. I didn't think much of it for the first 36 holes because, as shock33 said, the short game and putting is tricky to gauge initially. It does click eventually though, and I'm finding the putting system pretty good now. Sure, you get the odd putt where you've done everything right and the putting becomes a 'you fucking bas... I've done everything right you cunt' system. But you get that with most golf games and it doesn't happen that often. It looks pretty good too, a bit of pixelation here and there, but certainly nowhere near as shitty looking as the screenshots suggest. The sound is as you'd expect, crowd noises , running streams etc. It's quite relaxing to play, even when you shank the ball into the water for the second time in a row. A birdie.
  16. I know what you mean, it's the same format as the radio show but it just hasn't got the same magic. They should drop the video clips and just have the audio scoring, in particular, they should use the Bee Gees clip when Buncie starts broadcasting to dogs. Some of the guests have been a bit shitty too, Kate Hoey? Get the fuck off my tv. Buncie should be on every show though, he's comedy gold on the radio. Download the most recent Fighting Talk here if you haven't listened before.
  17. Loving the Alien. Vol 11 if you've got the Titan collected stories.
  18. Amen. Some fantastic ideas and imagery. The rape, Gotham being Swampified, the girl turning into a crow etc. Might have to dig out my old copies.
  19. Love the poster but surely the tag line should be 'What the fuck am I doing? I've got a meeting at 9am.' This Batman film is ringing all my Batfan bells. I just hope we get 'the voice'.
  20. Will the Martians have beards? Will they leave copies of the Koran in downed walkers? Will the chimp don his flight suit and save our ass from outerspacetical terror? I'll probably watch it, just for the mockery potential.
  21. And keep the Doctor Moreau crossover in as well. The Alan Moore version of the common cold was great.
  22. It was worth it for the 'You can call me halal' gag. I won't be buying the dvd though. Or will I? The commentaries on all the previous Peter Kay dvds have been worth the purchase price. Arggghhh! Shit series but good dvd?
  23. I'm looking forward to seeing him interviewed, he was brilliant on Five Live recently. As a side note, that clip from the Peter Cook drama due to be screened on Channel Four at Xmas looked good. Rhys Ifans looks like he's going to do a decent turn as Cook and the guy they've cast as Dudley Moore has got the Moore gurning down to a tee.
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