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  1. I think the European Super League sounds great. Imagine a league with genuine competition between clubs! Supporting a big team currently means the vast majority of league games involves trying to negotiate a parked bus. Fuck tradition, this is about the best form of entertainment!
  2. Nah this was incredible, I think it did what it set out to do perfectly
  3. I’m pleased that Chelsea won, but how do you manage to make these posts look so cunty? Makes me want to smash your teeth in
  4. dizogg

    Fall Guys

    I’m still playing this, just got the Infallible trophy (5 wins in a row) thanks to the squad mode. It’s just the perfect quick pick up and play game, everytime I go to put my PS5 on I can’t help but have a few goes.
  5. You’re going to owe me £10 though remember...
  6. Have that you racist cunts. Loving this.
  7. And what a funny joke it was, tell us another one mate!
  8. Yeah we were crap. There will be no 2nd leg comeback.
  9. Why are you both suddenly talking about Days Gone? Have I missed something?
  10. Drinking what, the tears of Birmingham City fans whos head he lives in rent free?
  11. Raheem Sterling is just a fucking awful finisher and striker of the ball. Always has been. It’s what stops him being world class, nowhere near ruthless enough.
  12. He probably wasn’t signed as anything other than a good promising young player. That’s probably something they’re looking to fix with the new technical/footballing director roles.
  13. Thanks statto. You just got beat 3-0 by Dinamo Zagreb
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