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  1. I'd be surprised if this wasn't just a placeholder date and closer to the time it'll change to be sent out for release day. Could be wrong though.
  2. I stayed at a farm as a kid and their sheepdog was an amazing keeper. Seriously absolute dynamite. Fucking shocking distribution though.
  3. Yeah, I thought he meant the entire country on first reading the post.
  4. I mean it is a joke. And also she’s crying about a football team losing, not anything serious.
  5. I think Simmy is talking about them hating the England football team and the rest of you thinking he’s saying they despise the entire country and its population?
  6. Finished with it. Got a basically unlimited amount of money and success, made my own console with a potato chip and punch cards. Sure I could keep playing it forever but I’ve exhausted any enjoyable gameplay mechanics it has as far as I can tell.
  7. Just finished Game Dev Story and it’s amazingly addictive (but quite short lived). Seems they have a huge back catalogue... is there any game you guys can recommend as the best?
  8. Thought it looked like more of a nibble than a bite.
  9. If it was you do you have a full time job? Any other responsibilities? Genuine question as I don’t think I could find that time to dedicate to a game even if it was the greatest game of all time!
  10. It’s quite often the tactic in school footballer matches where the goalkeeper can’t kick it properly.
  11. The coverage of the World Cup/Euros on the BBC/ITV will never be like this as it’s aimed at the broadest possible audience. Of course we’d prefer it but they’d never go in that direction.
  12. Sorry I’m not having this. Gogglebox is genuinely one of the best shows on TV. Celebrity gogglebox is nowhere good as normal gogglebox though, granted.
  13. He doesn’t have much in the way of interesting analysis but if you can’t at least crack a smile at some of his interplay with Keane then maybe the sweet embrace of death is the next step for you.
  14. Give me him over the usual dour bald boring bastard MOTD selection any day of the week.
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