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  1. Am I the only one who finds him pretty annoying/cringe? It’s weird... I really like the shows, the way it’s shot, the places they go and the interesting food spots they visit. But he just grates on me after a while.
  2. Tbf when was the last time you tried to sign a relegated player? It usually happens pretty smoothly as it’s often a pretty beneficial deal for all parties.
  3. I think that team would get relegated tbh.
  4. No, he’s pretty pale if anything.
  5. Fergie really is outstandingly red. Is there a more red man alive?
  6. I reckon he’ll be targeted next season as your most creative player so will have to work a lot harder to be as effective. Your other players can definitely benefit from that though.
  7. Yep, this is generally a forum of old cunts so the hate is of Liverpool. People my age (34) it’s Man Utd. Kids these days it’s probably City or Chelsea.
  8. A page of non-Liverpool fans repeatedly talking about Liverpool fans and how annoying it is that they always talk about Liverpool. It’s such a coincidence there’s a massive rise in people complaining how annoying Liverpool fans are since the last couple of years of wild success!
  9. The thought of you watching Liverpool repeatedly this season and kicking your dog when they win again and again is great
  10. Nah, football clubs are hopefully hundreds of years old establishments, players (not matter how good or loyal) will be playing for 15 years max usually. You should always be prepared for new players to come and eclipse your previous players.
  11. That’s fucking amazing
  12. Is that really surprising from an international audience like you have on Reddit?
  13. Thats bollocks, they talked about it not being a foul repeatedly on the commentary. Do you need to repeatedly spoon-fed to you at half time as well?
  14. Love that, makes it better. The secret ingredient is subterfuge.
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