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  1. Some episodes of Totally Football Show are just bliss to me. Used to listen to the Ramble but there’s way too many to listen to now. Guardian is ok, depends who’s on. Sometimes I like Barry but other times he’s such a contrary twat it’s just boring.
  2. No, if you're playing a game at a decent volume I really challenge you to notice it/be distracted by it. I've had a PS5 since launch and while I have heard it (more often when I first got the console) its really not a big issue.
  3. What was the score in the replay? Can I just confirm that your reply to me taking the piss out of Man Utd and their shit manager is Liverpool drawing 0-0 in the FA Cup almost 5 years ago (which we won in the replay). I mean really mate…
  4. Also I’d be interested if he has any significant other or even children? What’s the rest of his life look like? Paint the picture for us.
  5. Would you mind posting about every goal please? My BBC Sport/TV/Twitter is down and you’ve led me to believe it’s only 1-0. Half arsed.
  6. The cynic in me says the premier league clubs love an opportunity to flash their away kit off at home to increase its exposure and sales. It’s a win/win for the club financially and PR wise. They could just donate all the days gate to homeless charities instead? Or replace the sponsor on all kits to ‘Shelter’ for the day? But that’s a bit much isn’t it, actually impacting on their contractual obligations and bottom line.
  7. In a moment of weakness (I say a moment, what I mean to say is 2 days of closely monitoring stock levels) I’ve ordered an Xbox Series X. I’ve not owned an Xbox since the 360 - is there anything essential I’ve missed since then that needs to be played? Hoping if there is it might be on Gamepass? Also talking of Gamepass it seems like the cheapest way of getting it is for an initial outlay of £120? Seems a lot but I guess is seriously offset against the amount of free games over 3 years!
  8. Man Utd fans posting screenshots of them getting beaten 3-0 to point score because they used to be managed by David Moyes who is now successful?! There’s falls from grace and then there’s THAT
  9. He doesn’t even sit next to his wife and children when he goes to the cinema with them, his views in this thread are the least of his issues
  10. Very glad that the team I glory support have claimed the Moral Victory today I will watch the open bus parade with great pleasure from my armchair.
  11. Lol gonna enjoy smashing West Ham after that awful decision.
  12. The vision to see it and to pull it off with exactly the right trajectory in the moment.
  13. Well it all depends who they replace him with. There are definitely other problems though (one of which being would you trust them to find the right replacement, probably not).
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