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  1. Is it fuck. It’s more like a top 6 prem team vs a bottom 6 prem team. It’s like Liverpool v Everton. Sometimes they manage a draw. Fucking boring though.
  2. It would be the same (possibly even longer) than what they are now doing then? It sounds like you're a bit OCD and just can't handle 45+10 which sounds like a you problem not a football one. The time wasting issue does need to be fixed, any fan of a team thats actually good will agree with that.
  3. People who play tomorrows Wordle after midnight are sub-human scum.
  4. Yeah definitely agree with this, they did it right.
  5. I'd pay for it full price when the new big game comes out for it (Halo Infinite, Bethesda's new games etc) but probably cancel in fallow months. I mean theres usually something worth playing every month but I don't get the time to play all of them.
  6. Just got an email to pre-order tomorrow. Not sure if I will or not. Tempted but also... nah.
  7. Do you not like Liverpool, baldy? They’re the most successful team in England, so I guess it’s a jealously thing.
  8. I don’t know how that would really work as FM23 would be like an alternate universe of data.
  9. It massively depends on what you’re doing. Using emulators to play old games it lasts for 6-7 hours, but a new power hungry game the fans really kick in, it gets hot and runs though the battery in about 2 hours. In generally don’t play it from 100% to 0% though so hard say when it would actually give in.
  10. I get a tiny amount of points for playing games that I was already playing anyway. I mean I pretty much only play Halo infinite online on Xbox at the moment, so I get points for playing a game pass game and that’s it. P.S. I’ll stop talking about this now as realise it has 0 to do with this thread in any way. Apologies!
  11. Could never be arsed with that MS points stuff. It’s ok if you’ve got loads of free time to fill doing boring busywork on Bing.com every single day
  12. AC Milan are crap, Spurs will do them. I can easily see Chelsea beating Dortmund as well, probably 50:50. And Liverpool have a punchers chance vs Real Madrid, got to beat them again one of these days.
  13. Well it was a reply to some pencil neck who decided to post in this thread on a Monday morning to try and goad me or something! Look I know you used to get bullied by Liverpool fans at school in the 80s (I wasn’t at school until the 90s so wasn’t able to enjoy that power) but you can give up now, we’re not your enemies. Nobody is bullying you here.
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