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  1. He gets the ball and there is contact. In the “seen them given” category.
  2. Didn’t realise it was a thing. Just downloaded it and had a go. Got out the cell and then shat it and went to bed. Will give it a go tomorrow when it’s light.
  3. Well yeah me too, but both our CBs got crocked.
  4. Also “surely anybody has got to be better than 2 midfielders in defence”? Every team in the league would happily take Fabinho as one of they CBs IMO!!
  5. Who is available on a short term basis who’s any good? I’d rather play Rhys Williams than some 34yr old donkey. I do see your point of view but it’s difficult but I can’t see anyone that would be an improvement on our current options that wouldn’t be expensive.
  6. Crap market to buy in, and we spend within our means. I would rather wait until the summer and get a long term target tbh.
  7. Yeah if only Liverpool had fullbacks who could defend properly instead of putting balls in the box, imagine what they could have won over the last few seasons...
  8. Yeah we’re awful by our standards at the moment with 2 midfielders at CB, so not a bad point.
  9. I find it really hard to believe that anyone could give the slightest shit about the beep a console makes when you switch it on.
  10. Just finished it. What a great game. Went straight to NG+ and did Phalanx. It’s so weird just blasting through that in like 20 minutes, remembering it took me days to slowly edge my way through it first time. Also helped as there was no dragons because of PWWT!!
  11. Thanks. I was thinking I don’t remember a season when Toure was banging in free kicks every other week...
  12. I didn’t kill Yurt, I pushed him off the edge with my shield after releasing him. Never saw him again.
  13. I’m shit at these games so I intentionally did a bit of grinding, but I’ve underestimated the impact and now I feel massively over levelled. Just did the maneaters with ease (well after falling off to my death about 10 seconds into my first attempt :lol:) then did the old monk straight after. A player came into my game but by the time I’d got to the top of the stairs they’d left the game and I ripped the old monk apart. Still having a lot of fun though. The world and level design is so nice and I’m quite enjoying being so powerful.
  14. Ive always left them on. I’m not typing in my card details everytime I want to buy something!
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