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  1. Until reading this thread just now I didn’t realise it came with a base. I did think it was a bit weird that it rocked everytime I touched it.
  2. I think “shithousery” as a word has had its day. It’s used far too often now (and regularly totally incorrectly) and it makes me cringe now when people use it.
  3. Mate I’d probably have stayed out of the thread for a bit after making this prediction
  4. Are you not going to apologise to me?
  5. Do none of you think it’s a bit distasteful to be outraged at someone being sent off for that? Like maybe just keep your thoughts to yourself whilst there’s a kid with a career threatening injury on his way to hospital.
  6. His foot wasn’t where it should be. Horrible for him. Some very classy Leeds fans singing “always the victim” at an 18yr old whos just broken his leg, doesn’t get much lower than that.
  7. Nah preventing a goal with a handball is a red, that’s the law. Also it kinda is like he scooped it out.
  8. dizogg

    Predator Online

    I invented Predator: Hunting Grounds 16 years before it’s release.
  9. Rashford isn’t a recognised centre forward? Martial? Greenwood? I know they have all played a mix of wide positions as well but to say you have no centre forwards apart from Cavani is bollocks tbh.
  10. Yeah and VVD and Allison’s jobs are to stop chances/make saves. Chelsea will be a different challenge though, will be interesting to see how we do.
  11. Well she looks about 14 there…
  12. Don't really get what you mean by saying shes a plant. They're all planted there by the show to make the most drama as possible. Chloe just has a bit more of an interesting personality than the usual contestant.
  13. Food in “significantly cheaper to cook yourself than to eat in a restaurant” shocker!
  14. Trying to find something to play that you basically switch on and get right into from the first moment. No intro cutscenes, no long tutorial portion, just straight enjoyable gameplay. So many games I get bored of before they even get going. Maybe I have ADHD. But there must be plenty of stuff like this, maybe indie titles? I’ve been playing Fall Guys a lot because I know I can just switch my PS5 on and play it for 30 mins with no other bullshit.
  15. The original GTA demo on PlayStation. I remember playing it at a sleepover at a friends house and we took it in turns to play it over and over. You only got a few minutes but as a kid playing an “open world” game like that was like a dream come true.
  16. Yeah Five Guys is a decent burger place. Don’t get the “it’s expensive” thing because it’s no more expensive than any other similar level chain food place e.g. Nando’s etc. I think it’s just seen like that as people compare it to McDonalds and it isn’t McDonald’s.
  17. I'd be surprised if this wasn't just a placeholder date and closer to the time it'll change to be sent out for release day. Could be wrong though.
  18. I stayed at a farm as a kid and their sheepdog was an amazing keeper. Seriously absolute dynamite. Fucking shocking distribution though.
  19. Yeah, I thought he meant the entire country on first reading the post.
  20. I mean it is a joke. And also she’s crying about a football team losing, not anything serious.
  21. I think Simmy is talking about them hating the England football team and the rest of you thinking he’s saying they despise the entire country and its population?
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