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  1. Saw Childish Gambino freestyle over this beat and was reminded of this. Amazing song <3 Also, might as well include this, it’s fire:
  2. Currently reading “a mercy” by Toni Morrison. Have read several of her books several times even, but somehow hadn’t read this one before so it was about time. We lost a tremendous writer when she passed away. Such an inspiration.
  3. I only just started it, so about 1/3 in, but I am enjoying this book so much. Might end up my favourite Fitzgerald too. (And I’ve always been such a fan of Gatsby) -I absolutely love these modernist writers. Putting “Wonderful Clouds” on my readinglist too, as it sounds like something I’d might enjoy. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. Currently reading “The Beautiful and Damned” by Fitzgerald, that I’ve never read before.
  5. I’d say either «American Gods» or «The Ocean At The End of The Lane» Both very different in genre and in style, but both great books. I’ve read the last one several times, it’s so goddamn beautiful and is also up for winning «Best of the Best” choice award at Goodreads as one of the best books to have been published in the last 10(!) years. Go, get;)
  6. I work as a teacher and am sometimes given books to read through & decide if we want to buy them in for our school library for our students to read in their English classes, so have just started reading “Never let me go” by Kazuo Ishiguro for work to see if I want to recommend it. Not read enough to have gotten a real impression of it yet, but will report back later. Also reading a non-fictional book on psychology (mindfulness & compassion) that also includes a practical section with exercises. Was recommended this book by someone I know who works as a psychologist and had found it very useful , so have decided to give it a go. It’s written by a couple of Norwegian women though and so hasn’t been translated into English yet. Looks very interesting so far. So yeah, those are the two books on my nightstand tonight:)
  7. Tickets booked for Wednesday. Can’t wait! Also worth mentioning that if you’re into rap/hip hop, the soundtrack to this movie is awesome. (Produced by Kendrick)
  8. I noticed a thread in the “Film, Tv & Radio” folder called something along the lines of “the greatest lines in cinema history is” and thought it might be nice to do a book equivalent where we can post up some of the lines or excerpts from books that has made a lasting impression on you. I for one often find myself getting hooked on sentences that I find particularly beautiful or true or just well crafted. Seeing as I was working with The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald in class recently, let me start off the thread with one of the most memorable endings to a book that I know of: “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” I’ll be back with more quotes later but just wanted to get this started, so join in & quote some of yours:)
  9. Saw this a couple days ago, it has everything! So in love with this movie <3
  10. I often put on music when I’m trying to go to sleep & need to unwind. For reasons unknown I’m hooked on this ambient piano track: So relaxing <3
  11. Massively looking forward to this. It won’t be in theaters over here until the 16th of February I think, so a few more weeks yet. Can’t wait!
  12. Watching the 4th episode right now, this stuff is golden! Thankfully on the Norwegian Netflix it isn’t dubbed so they’re speaking German and I get Norwegian subtitles. It’s a must watch for any fans of Stranger Things.
  13. Agree with the ppl that mentioned Lagavulin & also really love Talisker that share some of the salty & smoked qualities of Lagavulin (although not quite as rough around the edges) but I absolutely favour Oban these days. It's definitely worth a try if you haven't tasted it, just melts in your mouth.
  14. Not sure it's been mentioned in here yet, but Joey Bada$$ dropped his sophomore album last Friday "ALL-AMERIKKKKAN BADA$$" and it's definitely worth checking out. Taking things in a different direction compared to B4DA$$ but I'm still loving it: Currently stuck on that Kendrick tho:)
  15. Humble on repeat. I fucking love Kendrick.
  16. I agree actually, he does that exceedingly well, but I liked this one too. Feelgood vibes all over that thing. Also he's seemingly been working a lot lately (creatively) so exciting to see what the follow up to B4DA$$ is gonna sound like
  17. Ok so it's just January, but I'm just gonna go ahead & pronounce this album of the year for me. Hah I give you: Anderson Paak - Malibu Honestly tho, I'm loving this to bits! (it's up on both Spotify & YouTube; so go check it out) To give you a taste, here's a sample track: live performance of "Am I wrong" Tl;dr: this guy is fire http://bit.ly/1RPuB0o
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