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  1. First off, I don't know what it is apart from a cocktail. An old guy who i work with came round to me today (he'd been talking to someone and they said that I loved all the old arcade stuff) and said he had an old machine he's had for years in his garage and described it like this and he thought it had asteroids in it. I just talked in general to him and explained my history with games and having upright machines in the past. Told him about how i played moon cresta on one in a hotel lobby in Paignton when i was little. He started talking more and more saying he had the old cigarette dispensor and some ball dropping machine his mum used to love playing. Anyway he said that he'll try it this weekend and let me know if it works and if so you can have it if you want. I tried not to look too excited. I was thinking driving home and was wondering (as i have an arcade psu for my supergun) if i should tell him not to power it up and i'll bring my newer psu and use that. Any other advice apart from check caps etc. I just don't want him to blow it up if its something really good....or not good even. Obviously I'm going to tell him how much they are worth if its what he says, as I'm not a scumbag. But I've got my fingers crossed
  2. Also in Liverpool. Took the family (all over 18) and really enjoyed it.
  3. I think its more that he said they had a tendancey to over voltage. There used to a be a good supplier in france i think called retrogamesupply but since brexit he doesnt ship to the uk anymore. But i bought a psu for my mega cd and mega drive off ebay and one of them started to melt down as well. You takes your chances i suppose. Keep hearing good things about triad power supplies though. On another note (and i know its not related) when the xbox super capacitor problem appeared, i checked through all by og xboxs and found a couple where the caps on the psu were starting to bulge. Old consoles need maintenance.
  4. The guy who maintains and repairs my consoles has said for the last 3ish years that old megadrive power supplies should be thrown in the sea lol
  5. i'd be interested in a PGR4 night, loved those games.
  6. I just forked out for the poor mans version, so i must not be worthy lol Spinner worth it?
  7. does anyone know where to get the artwork for the marque?
  8. My Gameboy i won from Frosties (the cereal) in 1993. My daughter was born that year and i was working away when it turned up at my house. I still have it as well as all the cards i scratched from eating far too many frosties. Nowhere near the most expensive item i have but something that means a hell of a lot to me.
  9. When i looked it was 21000 yen in total
  10. The PC engine is a minefield when it comes to hardware, look at all the replies you had. PC engine RF out only (will display b/w unless you get an RGB adapter in the back. Core Grafx Composite out ( not sure about b/w but again use the RGB adapter on the back. To play cd games on these you need the IFU (briefcase) and the CDROM2. You lose the option of the RGB adapter and have to use composite. The cd drive is very temperamental. Also you will need the system card (looks like a hu-card with more memory) (min 3.0 , money no object get the arcade. Looks gorgeous though You could just stick the terraonion SSD3 or the SSd3+ of HD whatever it is and play CD games that way. No need the system cards and if you get the HD i think that does SuperGrafx (follow up system) games Everdrive was fine but doesn't play cd games and cant replicate the system cards. Duo is cd based. Make sure it has been recapped as they are a nightmare. Not sure what system card in in these, RGB mods are around for these as well as region mods. I dont own one of these Duo-R again cd based. Does not suffer the nightmare capacitor problems. I think this comes with system card 3.0 built in. I did have to buy the arcade card for mine Duo-RX not sure what the difference is. RGB mods and region protection like the Duo are available. There is also the core-grafx mini available as a convenient alternative with some of the best games. Do not put a strong amperage PSU on these as you will blow out the USB chip on board. TV usb will power it fine. I was just like you about 5 years ago. Brilliant system and looks nice as hell. Rondo of blood is worth it alone. LRG are at some point releasing a reissue of rondo in english which should be popular. I'm sure I've made a few mistakes on here but most of the above is what i learnt
  11. 20 years is retro.....OMG i'm so old I do love the OG xbox though. Can't wait for this issue
  12. See my post just above, seems i'm not the only one then.
  13. HI all Got a problem with my USB board which is a v1.1. I use a NeoGeo ps3 stick for playing everything i can. Since the CPS2 cores come out i bought a cheap ps3 fighting stick. Since then i can see the usb lights light up but sometimes the controllers stop responding and the lights go out. A reboot usually sorts it out but its a bit random. I so far haven't changed anything (psu or usb board). The psu is a 4amp job which has been fine since i bought it, but i suppose that could be an issue. Any suggestions?
  14. i got an email telling me to pay the import duty about the same £36ish i think. Jailbreak firmware went straight on the super NT and i didnt realise you can copy game saves which is nice. Still waiting for my DAC though its on its way
  15. Just opened a ticket, strange thing is i ordered the dac separate from the NT and i had to pay taxes on the dac but not on the NT. I'm assuming im going to get hit on the way in to the country. Ordered both on the day of restock as well
  16. did you order yours the other week? I'm waiting for and NT and Dac and no shipping details at all
  17. So what was that Taxes that was added at checkout?
  18. my sony crt doesnt like the DoDonpachi core either, it goes all scrambles for some reason. I have only just bought my analogue board so i could have a .ini issue somewhere. Also didnt like the neogeo core either, but cps2 was perfect.
  19. Ok just placing this here. I decided to throw the +5v down the VGA port via the jumper. It flicked to RGB straight away, but also put it into 16:9. Changing to +3v switches to RGB and leaves it in 4:3 Thanks to everyone that chimed in to help
  20. could this be my problem? https://mmmonkey.co.uk/avrgb-auto-switching-tv-problems/
  21. It does indeed seem that the cable isn't switching to RGB mode. Is this a cable resistor mod or something to fix.
  22. I've set the comp sync but i seem to have a really dark screen in black and white. I can just about make out the mister menu. Any ideas? Anything else i need to set?
  23. Can anyone tell me what i change if i'm going to use a RGC scart with analogue IO board? Not going into anything fancy just a bog standard CRT. Also is there a way of quick switching between .ini files so i can jump between CRT and LCD with changing it everytime?
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