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  1. 20 years is retro.....OMG i'm so old I do love the OG xbox though. Can't wait for this issue
  2. See my post just above, seems i'm not the only one then.
  3. HI all Got a problem with my USB board which is a v1.1. I use a NeoGeo ps3 stick for playing everything i can. Since the CPS2 cores come out i bought a cheap ps3 fighting stick. Since then i can see the usb lights light up but sometimes the controllers stop responding and the lights go out. A reboot usually sorts it out but its a bit random. I so far haven't changed anything (psu or usb board). The psu is a 4amp job which has been fine since i bought it, but i suppose that could be an issue. Any suggestions?
  4. i got an email telling me to pay the import duty about the same £36ish i think. Jailbreak firmware went straight on the super NT and i didnt realise you can copy game saves which is nice. Still waiting for my DAC though its on its way
  5. Just opened a ticket, strange thing is i ordered the dac separate from the NT and i had to pay taxes on the dac but not on the NT. I'm assuming im going to get hit on the way in to the country. Ordered both on the day of restock as well
  6. did you order yours the other week? I'm waiting for and NT and Dac and no shipping details at all
  7. So what was that Taxes that was added at checkout?
  8. my sony crt doesnt like the DoDonpachi core either, it goes all scrambles for some reason. I have only just bought my analogue board so i could have a .ini issue somewhere. Also didnt like the neogeo core either, but cps2 was perfect.
  9. Ok just placing this here. I decided to throw the +5v down the VGA port via the jumper. It flicked to RGB straight away, but also put it into 16:9. Changing to +3v switches to RGB and leaves it in 4:3 Thanks to everyone that chimed in to help
  10. could this be my problem? https://mmmonkey.co.uk/avrgb-auto-switching-tv-problems/
  11. It does indeed seem that the cable isn't switching to RGB mode. Is this a cable resistor mod or something to fix.
  12. I've set the comp sync but i seem to have a really dark screen in black and white. I can just about make out the mister menu. Any ideas? Anything else i need to set?
  13. Can anyone tell me what i change if i'm going to use a RGC scart with analogue IO board? Not going into anything fancy just a bog standard CRT. Also is there a way of quick switching between .ini files so i can jump between CRT and LCD with changing it everytime?
  14. bwi

    PC Engine Mini

    I can ask him tomorrow when i go to pick them up if you want?
  15. bwi

    PC Engine Mini

    Thought I'd post this here as a note to everyone who ends up in a similar situation to me
  16. Well that may pay the booze bill at the daughters wedding next year I think mine has a phase5 which was an 040 and when the guy recapped it for me asked if i wanted a 060 in it it and i thought why not. This was about 6 years ago now mind.
  17. I used to use amibay years ago. The guy who fixed my amiga was from there, generally good people iirc
  18. Jesus are those really the prices, what the hell are the 4000's going for now
  19. i haven't had a problem with the dpad on my 351. Mine is basically used as a ngpc machine. Battered the hell out of it with match of the millenium. Only thing i have noticed is that surrounding the pad its going shiny.
  20. bwi

    PC Engine Mini

    Well did a lot of testing last night via a friend and hes ordered the ic that controls the USB ports. Some of the voltages were all over the place and he did say there doesn't seem to much in the way of over voltage protection. Spec of the IC says the chip is capable of taking upto 5.4v so the PI psu should have been fine. Chips will be here mid may so will let it known on here if its fixed or not.
  21. bwi

    PC Engine Mini

    Bought from amazon last June. I took shots of the conversation. Two different reps have now said this to me. I'm pretty sure they know there is a major issue with these, each time i was passed onto a tech person. Each time i was asked if you had any cleaning alcohol. I imagine most people haven't but as most retro owners know, that stuff is a life saver. I even suggested using deoxit gold but they didnt know what that was. At this point i was getting pretty antsy having sat thorough a 1 hour 15 minute chat last night and getting nowhere. and this is where awesomecycles.com come in. Its all getting weird now. turns out it maybe Konami i'm just confused now. My typing was failing me here and i meant to say... "that's a US number and I'm not in the US" Then she calls me Brain and here i think we both lose the will to live. So this is where I am, I've message the motorcycle training school to see if they can help me with my Core Grafx mini.
  22. bwi

    PC Engine Mini

    Amazon will not replace mine for me and offered me a £24 refund, told me to message webmaster@awesomecycles.com to get help. This is a US based motorcycle training company but do appear on a konami services list. I'm well wassed off about this as it isn't even a year old
  23. bwi

    PC Engine Mini

    Anyone been able to fix a mini where the usb ports have gone? Bought two 8bitdo controllers on friday to use with it and just never worked. Tried the original controller and nothing. Messaged amazon and they were no help whatsoever even though its not quite a year old
  24. I'd like Space channel 5 pt 2 when you come to sell it, just lmk when you put it up. Never played the 2nd.....tbh i didn't know it got released on Pal
  25. I've bought an amount of LRG games and also pix'n'love. I only get games that are fully patched and finished. Celeste was a big exception iirc as the dev decided to release another DLC for it, and they then delayed it for over a year to make sure they sold a complete game. I do think people were offered refunds if they didnt want to wait. Newly released games are not normally fully patched. I've also heard that super meat boy will be there last vita release but are holding it back to compete with eastasiasofts releases.
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