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  1. When you drop out of a jump and almost shit yourself...
  2. Heh, not at all, Thanks for buying my book, it sorely needed an editor who could tell me what to cut and what was missing (shout out to @Argh for helping with grammar and spellings though!), but overall I was pretty pleased with it. I must read it again actually, been a while. The story is meant to be a messed up internal monologue. The "click" was the character's panic ratcheting up like: https://youtu.be/0r16xOkVJZQ?t=381
  3. @johnj brilliant, I love it.
  4. Leyland Daf Cup for me - 1990 lost 2-1 to Tranmere.
  5. They're was a blink and you'll miss it flash of her getting out in the final episode, IIRC.
  6. I've been riveted to my sofa watching all of these the last few nights. I loved it, seriously loved it. Everything about it was amazing and with such depth. The misleading cues and bypassing of tropes, I swear they made me think that About fifty times, dangling it there for me. I was totally down with the ending too. I'm trying to get my head round what happened on her hectic trip back to Italy too. So much to think about, a superb bit of TV.
  7. If you like resource management games then Surviving Mars is well worth a look.
  8. You can link an Xbox account with your microsoft account, even on separate emails.
  9. $400m in income, in April, just from Fortnite...
  10. Been absolutely hammering Surviving Mars since the weekend. 40 hours put in in four day... and I'm still on my first go. I started with the tutorials - which are pretty good - and then moved straight onto my first go at getting a colony up and running. It was all going swimmingly, got up to 500+ colonists and then "things" happened (and I didn't realise that I had no metal until too late) and I was reduced down to just 6 and a single dome! Ffffff... luckily I got a cash injection at that point and started slowly building back up, much more careful and aware of my resources (especially the absolute essentials - concrete, water and metal). I am now in a position where my terraforming efforts mean that I can plant trees! My research is complete, and yet I still need to keep an eye on those core resources. I think they've built this into a really good complete resource management game. There's no bloat really, typically in these games you get to a stage where you can just leave them running and come back an hour later to a tonne of resources - not in this, you can't leave it alone, when you walk away you pause the game. Really enjoyable and right up my alley and as is typical of Paradox, best left until you can get a bundle of the DLC to really make the game.
  11. Check CD Keys, it was 9.99 on there the other day
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