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  1. @letsbook thanks for the mask... I think... @Uncle Mike I believe I have something of yours...
  2. Got a place for my ill gotten gains...
  3. Have been watching these on and off. I think the premise must have been, let's get two people together, feed them acid, record what they say and then draw entirely unrelated craziness to go along with their words! It's crazy with a capital Z. Fun though.
  4. https://turnip.exchange/island/e6acd60b Friend has 408 if anyone is interested.
  5. Thought this was pretty cool
  6. My gates are open to friends. There's a cash prize at the centre of the maze, for those brave enough to enter.... And if you'd like to water the flowers on the patches next to the plaza, I would very much appreciate it
  7. No, it was me... 30 mins to get on island, sell one load of turnips and get off again. Gotta raise your hat to Nintendo...!
  8. Maybe shouldn't kick me from the queue before I'd actually left.... Stuck at airport with new people arriving....
  9. Is she the island owner? You gotta do some graft to get most of the bits that really open up the game. Inviting islanders to come stay, paying off your mortgage, spending money in the shop, convincing Ables to open a shop.... It's definitely quite heavy on the grind early on, but more villagers tends to mean more stuff going on and more presents and conversations. Bigger shops mean more clothes and items to buy and eventually the ability to terraform your island.
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