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  1. finally! Was I surprised that it was a dead branch / corruption run that I finally beat ascension 20 with? nope!
  2. Amos is so bad ass, and Bobby and Naomi and Peaches... love this show
  3. Or watch MrFreeze running through a Master SASO like he's playing on casual difficulty.
  4. Had a £20 voucher on psn so have pre-ordered on ps5. I already have 1 & 2 installed, which currently uses 125 GB. I assume I should remove it before the 20th and download the lot again with the new sizing. I have two more missions in the main hitman 2 game to get master saso on and then I'll be ready for 3 can't wait!
  5. The thread will still be there, it's just hidden from everyone but Mods. Users can't delete any posts, if you really want to remove your content from the site then you need to go through and edit your posts blank. If people really want it back then ask a kindly mod to restore without the OP changed.
  6. They gotta spend their Fortnite money somehow...!
  7. Ayup, my name is Danster and I'm a Spireholic... It first started for me when it was voted highly in a forum annual vote - I thought I should try it. It was a spire-al from there on...
  8. Game of the Year A1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Shout out to the flower posse! Helping out for the mega sparkles everyday for weeks (months? ) until finally we all got the elusive blue rose A2. Astro's Playroom - What a wonderful love letter to Playstation history and the music! Wonderful A3. Crusader Kings III - It's like CKII, but easier and yet more complex, amazing achievement to make such a complex game so user friendly. A4. Fall Guys - I won a single crown and yet I kept playing right up until everyone learned all the levels and it got too hard! lol A5. M
  9. I've really enjoyed the first two episodes, hope it keeps up the structure and the characters coming. I can imagine it could be hard for anyone who hasn't read the book.
  10. Yep. It copies over just fine and runs silly smooth too.
  11. Up from A16 to A19 with Ironclad after switching up my card choices a bit, got a fun finish with Snecko Eye and Dead branch: But when this happens you can only shrug and start again:
  12. Had to laugh at motd showing Shearer's handball. :Lol:
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