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  1. Ecuador vs Senegal is the one to watch now shirley?
  2. Yeah it was. Pretty sure he didn't.
  3. Danster

    The Bookies

    Lost my bet last night because there was one too many corners, lost another this morning because of one too few cards and lost this afternoon because of one too few shots on target!
  4. Concentrate on powering up a couple of weapons, rather than having six weak ones.
  5. Excellent finale, I just wish there was more. Brilliant series.
  6. My daughter, now 19, watched all the Saw movies on her phone using a dodgy streaming site when she was 11. Then told us she had watched them and that they weren't scary. She's more scared at movies these days than she was when she was eleven.
  7. Get on with it! I've got a meeting at 3pm...
  8. Oof, not sure we needed a super slow closer of that.
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