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  1. Live football feed dropping every few seconds for anyone else?
  2. I gave up on the Wii version of this game due to struggling with the controls and I almost did this version too. I am a great supporter of waggle and feel it often works very well indeed in many different games. But in this one? I must slice up to kill the enemy, slice up, up, UP! So frustrating. I found I was also recentering the controllers all the bloody time too, maybe I just shift around too much while I play. Anyway, I gave up on the motion controls and what a massive relief that is. Now I can slice left/up or whatever whenever I want, my flying or other control doesn't go whipping off the screen as soon as it starts and I can start to really enjoy the game. Anyone else getting frustrated, I highly recommend switching to standard controls.
  3. Someone should do this... https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/public-and-players/page/report-something-in-confidence They may not be aware that this stuff is happening.
  4. Yeah I totally get that. Also did Rick
  5. Ho hum, I never thought we'd get to the final, let alone take Italy all the way to penalties. Disappointed we didn't turn it on when it really mattered. But this team have otherwise been brilliant.
  6. Maybe try Satisfactory? That's a fantastic resource gathering - processing game that is first person also.
  7. I've ended up with £37 for my original £30...! So cashed the £30 out this morning. Yeah consolation bets need to be either you lose or your team loses - don't chase that ghost!
  8. Wish my dad was here to see it, but then he saw them win when he was 18 so there is that. Can't believe it, so happy! Never thought we'd get to an actual final. I'm happy now, whatever happens.
  9. Take it to the Copa America thread I'll not be listening to the radio or watching any telly or reading any articles today. I need to ignore it all until 7.55 tonight. I might read this thread, but otherwise nothing. My nerves are shot, I still can't believe we beat Germany, let alone strolled past Ukraine. Like a few of us here, my first tournament I can remember was 1986. We've been through the wringer so many times since then, it's hard to think positively now. And I'll not make a prediction now either, committing it to words seems too much like tempting fate. I do hope we do it. I really do.
  10. Of course the most important thing about the game tonight is that Italy are the current Unofficial World Cup holders, they been champions since they beat The Netherlands in September 2020 and have defended their title for 24 games since. https://www.ufwc.co.uk/results/
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