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  1. I'd like to take a stab at Darby Carter. I see her as a smart-ass nosy/sassy sort. Borderline annoying at times. Or Dustin, he sounds a tasty geezer, even if he's a bit mysterious at this point.
  2. I've actually realised that Next Wednesday (the 13th) might be problematic for me. Flipping heck. Normally Wednesdays are good though.
  3. (I can also do Wednesday, if that suits better).
  4. I snuck in a couple right at the end of 2020: What lies beneath - Adam Croft A Midsommer Murders style mystery set near where I live in the county of Rutland. And a huge hit with the locals. But it's rubbish - here's why. 1. the plotting actually means the investigator doesn't really solve the case, and somewhat breaks the rules of this kind of novel 2. the novel gleefully repeats information at the reader (for instance the history of Rutland water) as the investigating officer 'thinks about what she's learnt'. 3. there is an awful amount of mentioning local detail - loc
  5. I’m a strong maybe depending on timing etc. Never played Unknown armies but am interested in it too. So, basically what he said.
  6. My Anachrony was delivered today. "Infinity Box" is about right. It's sodding huge!
  7. I'm also nervously following my Anachrony delivery. Going to pick up a missed parcel from the local sorting office is hassle enough - having to go to Poland if I get a note through the door is slightly too far!
  8. Also, surely the scathing Shut Up And Sit Down review of Etherfields won't help them with this.
  9. If this is true then I refuse to acknowledge it. An evening of TS should be preceded by hours of mental prep, getting ready for the four hours of painful brain burn as you try to choose which is the least unhelpful card to play at any moment. It should be followed by a night of lying awake, replaying moves in your head trying to work out when you lost the political battle and accidentally pushed us all into Global Thermonuclear War. I'm not sure that can, or should, be distilled down.
  10. Tides of Time/Tides of Madness are small and lovely looking (just 18 large cards. Probably both parent friendly, and couple friendly, I'd have thought.) There's a fuzzy line where the distinction between boardgames and card games lies. I think Tides of... is probably on the cardgame side. As suggested, Carcassonne is a great relaxing play - and very easy for anyone to play. Re parents it might be easier if you know a theme that might interest them. Twilight Struggle - very in depth, very long and utterly brutal ... but is also the BEST TWO PLAYER GAME EVE
  11. I'll throw into the ring : Sprawlopolis (1-4 players, co-op. Variable set up. Pocket sized and priced.) Epic Card Game (1-4 players - though 2 player is best. Magic:The Gathering style, but without the money sink. Loads of game in the box - even deck-building.) London (2-4 players. A mid weight Martin Wallace Tableau Builder. Bizarrely is only about £15, despite being nothing like 'stocking filer' sized.) And, a curveball Tides Of Madness (2 Player only, very beautiful trick taking game.)
  12. The Alan Dean Foster situation is disgusting. (And I really enjoyed his Alien Nation novelizations). Back on the topic of novelizations I recently re-read Gremlins, by George Hope. (Which I thoroughly enjoyed as a kid, in lieu of being allowed to go to see it at the cinema). Revisiting it as an adult ... It's alright, and nothing like as the Back To The Future novelization. BTTF by the same author is gobsmackingly crackers. It's like Gipe was working from a different screenplay, but also completely reinterpreted the characters of Marty and Doc to make them utterly unlikeable.
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