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  1. Thanks for this, I very much am.
  2. I've been playing a lot of London (Martin Wallace) 2nd edition recently. Slightly multiplayer solitaire feeling but a really good card driven tableau builder, with some taste decision making to be done in trying to mitigate poverty, whilst buying property/developing/managing loans in order to generate money and prestige (the final victory tally being prestige). Certainly fairly easy to get into by Wallace's standards. (And quite cheap in it's Osprey games edition). Recommended Also played loads of Race For The Galaxy (two player variant). I'm pretty sure this is my most played game of all time. It never fails to disappoint, and it is surely the king of the engine buildng tableau games. Am playing first three expansions, and considering the 'reset' of the next expansion at some point, but for now it's just so satisfying as is, I'm not itching to do that. (We don't play 'takeovers', didn't really enjoy that element)
  3. Ooh aye. Thank you. Although the reviews are not stellar.
  4. Oooh! My fingers are crossed for it not being crap. Please don't be crap. Please don't be crap.
  5. Well I consider your work a success! I found the game challenging but not impossible.
  6. Interesting to think of sequels. Sometimes I want "more of the same" (more levels, more challenge). But often that's almost disappointing in reality. Portal 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2 ... both superb... but obviously lack the novelty and surprise if their forefathers. Other times I just want to return to the world/chargers l characters. Broken Sword, Shenmue, The Sentinel (ZX spectrum, etc) A sequel, or a modem update really. Sometimes make this please. Blast Corps. (N64, Rare) Although I'm not sure what the sequel would be. I think I just want more of the same. Space Station Silicon Valley (N64, DMA design) I liked the 'inhabiting other beings' in this, and would love a fully fledged sequel. The 'inhabiting' bits of Driver San Francisco and Dishonored reminded me think of this. Sheep (GBA) A bit of a leftfield (ho ho) choice but I really liked this little entry into the underpopulated round-em-up genre. Go go! Beckham! Adventure on soccer Island (GBA) I just wanted more of this quirky platformer. Grim Fandango (PC) I want to catch up with the clown suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome! Fez (Xbox 360) It's not going to happen. But I'd love this to happen. Ico (PS) I loved the puzzling here, and the aesthetic. Moreso, I think, than Shadows of the Colossus. Psychonauts (Xbox, etc) I want to return to this world, and it's cast of characters. But not the meat circus. That can fuck right off.
  7. Some great world cinema things that immediately spring to mind (and that I don't think have been mentioned). Happiness of the Katakuris (a Japanese black comedy horror musical. Utterly bonkers, but brilliant) Tears Of The Black Tiger (very stylish and highly stylized Thai take on the Western genre) Shaolin Soccer (you neither need to be into football or martial arts films to enjoy this ridiculous film) Life is Beautiful (laugh out loud funny, then utterly heartbreaking. A very human take on the Holocaust. Worthy of the Oscars it took home). Il Postino. (If you like your heartwarming comedy drama bathed in Mediterranean sunlight, this is a good shout) I know it's been mentioned before here, but if you're watching Cinema Paradiso (and you should, it's probably my favourite film ever) then the much much longer directors cut is the one to watch. There theatrical cut basically edits out the second half of the film. It's great to see My Sassy Girl mentioned. This is a fabulous Korean rom-com and seems to have been sadly neglected by the west.
  8. Wombling Free (1978). Live action kids film. With the wombles, and lots of songs. As an adult the songs are the best but, but the nieces and nephew enjoyed the plot and definitely engaged with the environmental message of the film. So the film worked on that level. The "Japanese" businessman is a horrific piece of casting/writing/acting that I'm surprised was made, even then. 2/5 (me) 4/5 (niblings) Peter's Friends (1992) Kenneth Brannnah directs his friends in a film about a bunch of University students reunion at the house of one of them (Stephen Fry, as Peter). I'd never seen the film before, but found it worth a watch (and quite appropriately seasonal, although I didn't know that beforehand). It is also a good reminder that all of this lot can act. And makes you Google "Tony Slattery" to see what happened to him. 4/5
  9. I know it's difficult to talk about, without spoiling things, but I'm currently half way through the Rise Of Fenris campaign for Scythe. So far the tweaks to each game goal, and the rewards/perks have been really fun, and the narrative - whilst not amazing - has at least been engaging enough to remind us why the changes have happened from game to game. Overall rather good fun, and I'm feeling rather attached to my tricked out Saxony faction that I'm playing as.
  10. It's early days, but the backstory was fun, and the "win conditions" for game two have been modified by game one, so we're looking forward to that. I'll not spoil anything here.
  11. I've just begun The Rise Of Fenris campaign for Scythe. Quite exciting to have seven more games booked, and staying with the one faction (aside of any tweaks the game throws at us). The single use "perks" look a fun addition, and the vote for how the world changes at the end of the first game didn't go as I'd hoped.
  12. From the BGG bargains Europe forum, I jumped on Hit Z Road for £9 from Amazon. I'm a sucker for Martin Wallace's games.
  13. I wonder if this'll be any good. I'd happily let my "tabletop gaming" subscription lapse, if I had a better alternative.
  14. It's interesting that this is getting such love. Hard to see it, to me. Perhaps I'd have to play it. (I certainly don't like Brawl, if anyone remembered that game, and maybe that's souring me). But maybe it's me. I bought "Normandy Undaunted" recently on the strength of reviews. Found it ... Okay. But games just outstayed their welcome, when trying to wear down the opponent's deck, and then replenishing. Might sell it on, if it doesn't click soon.
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