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  1. It's fine now, I had just copied the files into the wrong folder somehow.
  2. I just tried to transfer all my stuff following deKays guide and none of my downloaded games were transferred. Any obvious steps I could have done wrong?
  3. Does anyone want an Ambassador 3DS who didn't get one? I think I will want the XL, so anyone can have my one for what I paid for it. I've never turned it on, just checked everything was in the box.
  4. I have my Ambassador edition at home, but I can't decide if I should open it or send it back coming from an XL. What's the general consensus from those who had an XL previously?
  5. Pikmin 3 stresses me out too much, it's lovely but I feel like the multi-tasking nature of it isn't for everyone. I should probably try and get into it again.
  6. Link Between Worlds is probably my favourite Zelda game. It's beautifully paced and perfectly suited to the format. I vastly preferred Skyward Sword to Twilight Princess, but it's a very marmite game. It has some of the most memorable moments from any Zelda game, and (if your motion plus works properly) is great fun to mess around in. I can see why people don't like it, but I never found it repetitive. It has probably the worst realised overworld of any 3D Zelda and a lot of handholding, but for me its well worth it for the high points and the combat.
  7. I loved everything about the sandship. It's up there with my best Zelda memories. I say it every time, but if people were having trouble with the controls, I really struggled with the gold wiimote that came with it was completely fine with any of my other wiimotes. I think a few other people found the same thing.
  8. utopastac

    Mario Kart 8

    I feel like all i'm contributing at the moment is messing up the chances of people better than me of winning. But still loving it, I can't think of a track that I don't like, the new ones are all superb.
  9. utopastac

    Mario Kart 8

    Need to actually get some practice in, got completely schooled in the three races I had time for
  10. utopastac

    Mario Kart 8

    I really hated the structure of Sonic Transformed, it just felt like a massive grind to me. Probably didn't help that I didn't like the game at all either.
  11. Wonder why they didn't go for a full on conference. Probably best ever in terms of announcements.
  12. I'll absolutely eat up whatever they show later. Everything they've released since 3D Land has been pretty close to perfect. I hope we get to see Zelda and that they keep to what made A Link Between Worlds so good.
  13. Speed issues aside, I think the Wii U OS is just about my favourite to use (for the features I find useful).
  14. That's a pretty niche flow. I don't think that has much to do with Nintendo's strategy as a whole.
  15. Even though it's obviously not exclusive, it's still the best Vita game I reckon.
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