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  1. You should be able to disable the controller speaker in the UI. Push Home button > Sound > Turn Down Controller Speaker
  2. Just taking a litmus test, which new console(s) did everyone plump for?
  3. Same here and @Thread Astaire too. Really good game, seems to just keep getting better as well. Haven't had a chicken dinner in a while but definitely up for more forum games if anyone fancies?
  4. Just a question for you folks... Has anyone found a good PS2 emulator for Retropie/Android please? As in, one where the performance is pretty playable and is easy to setup.
  5. Have we got a rllmuk Regiment? If so, just wondering how I join please?
  6. Week 1 - I said the MK2 is one of the best weapons in the game. It is incredible, especially when you get into the rythym of its reload.
  7. Has nobody else on the forum picked this up? It's absolutely brilliant. I've sunk a whole load of time in Keep Talking and Town of Salem but this is on another level in terms of depth, tension, variety. £20 might seem a stretch but it's a steal.
  8. Shipment Domination is mine - it's like playing Team Deathmatch with 4 x tickets. I roll with a shotty and molotovs then place down a barriers to lockdown the cargo junction at B.
  9. Just in case anyone fancies a PS4 HDD upgrade, I'm selling an unused 1TB in trading.
  10. Selling a digital copy of FIFA 20 (PS4) in off topic if anyone fancied it.
  11. Nah, the MK2 is incredible. It's got a rhythmic reload and kick back you have to tame. That's the trade off for likely one of the most powerful guns in the game.
  12. Has anyone trying the MK2 Marksman Rifle? Christ, that thing is amazing in Hardcore Mode. I was using the FAL religiously until I unlocked that. It's got a slower fire rate and more kick but if you can tame those traits, it's incredible in mid-long range 1v1 - near enough every impact is 1-hit kill. Slowly levelling up my way to 47 in order to get the SCAR, tried that in single player and loved it. Felt like a fully automatic desert eagle.
  13. I only started going to the cinema alone recently and same as mentioned here, I don't find it weird at all. No distractions and no pestering from others. I lived in Paris for a short while and it helped pass the time when I was there. Now, there's a Vue a stone's throw away from work and a bunch of decent films came out recently, I've wandered along and thoroughly enjoyed it.
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