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  1. SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Xbox Wireless Headset This is what I have - works flawlessly with both. Just make sure if you do plump for them, that you get the Xbox version of that headset.
  2. I don't even think that's 25% through. But equally, I also don't think there's a relative difficulty spike like that for the rest of the game, until Malenia.
  3. For those on Steam Deck - set the fps to 60, resolution to 1280x800, rendering scale to 50% and graphic quality to Low. It makes the text almost unreadable, but still perfectly playable. Though I suspect that it's hammering the battery life because I didn't get a lot of mileage out of it.
  4. This is my take as well. I think it's much better than I was expecting it to be, but I'm not getting carried away (not yet anyway). I'm playing on Steam Deck and it's great on that, one enjoying it so far - only a few hours in. It reminds me of Solar Ash and The Pathless.
  5. I've been playing this on a 3070 and had to knock down a whole load of the settings, and put it to fullscreen mode to get 60fps. It can't be that demanding can it?
  6. I'm sure there is reference to a video game bosses episode, but I can't seem to find it? Have I been misled or is that a bonus episode or something?
  7. Clear and obvious error? Not convinced.
  8. Spider-Man Saved by the Bell Buffy The Vampire Slayer Dinosaurs Hercules The Legendary Journeys Xena Warrior Princess Father Ted Friends The X-Files The Crystal Maze
  9. I haven't seen enough love for The final episode... The season overall... Great stuff all round, the fact it is sitting on a 5/10 on IMDb is a travesty and is, ironically, the reason why the show exists; to spite the haters.
  10. Yeah Matt Smith and his rival YTS underling is awesome.
  11. Totally agree. It was a dour note on an otherwise great series. I liked how they tried to humanise the real heroes associated with the club, rather than inflating the screen time with hollywood ego's.
  12. I think you just go into the settings on the main menu (it's buried) but called "EA SPORTS TRAX" or something, and then I think you can individually disable the tracks.
  13. Apparently so for other modes, but not clubs, yet...
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