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  1. Yeah that happened to me the other day - Wong > Mystique > Gambit > Hazmat Lost 4 cards then the remaining ones had -4 power.
  2. Here you go, it's a variation on what I posted a few pages back. Currently hovering around Rank 40 with this: If you can - play Nova > Deadpool in that order to ensure the resolve order buffs Deadpool. Beast is great for making all the 1-cost cards free, or pulling Venom/Carnage back out of play to buff further or avoid a bad lane (e.g. Cosmo, Armor). I haven't tried Taskmaster (yet) but I have found that if Arnim or Death doesn't drop, it's very difficult for me to win multiple lanes - as I'm relying on location RNG.
  3. I almost always clone a maxed out Venom, or whatever the largest damage card is (Death, Carnage etc). Another really good combo is - Deadpool > Beast, this makes Deadpool 0 cost and you can buff him a lot with certain locations in play. You can also use Moon Girl to clone the 0 cost Deadpool. Killmonger is a good card to destroy multiple Deadpool's or Nova which gives a good earlier game buff to Deadpool. Then clone 0-cost/high damage Deadpool with Arnim Zola. Another one I love, opponent dependent, is if they play Hobgoblin in open space and have a few gaps on their side. I play Arnim Zola, destroys Hobgoblin - creates two more -8 cards that fire themselves over to the opponent, who is inevitably smug at their original choice. Yeah it's random. I intentionally try to keep Venom or Death solo. Venom cleans up all of the other lanes anyway when cloned. I have also cloned Arnim Zola with Arnim Zola to stack multiple random cards.
  4. Here's a belated game review for the first game I ever worked on: Love to see the positive sentiment in the video and this thread.
  5. I think I had a similar deck* @moosegrinder, which was carrying me to Rank 50 last season and @Mitchell has been using. I'd suggest some changes: Zero is amazing for cancelling out the abilities of most of the cards (typically Maw and Lizard) but is also situation dependant - combine with Mister Fantastic or Klaw when the Bar with No Name location drops. You can also bait Shang-Chi from the opponent by placing Warpath, and then adding a card to the 3rd lane on the following turn. It's very easy to play and it pretty effective this season. *This deck is very similar to a MTG Green Deck with Overrun where seemingly mediocre cards get buffed right to the end
  6. Strongly disagree. Leader is not S Tier at all. A destroy deck, which a lot of people are running, and cards like Arnim Zola or Aero can screw that choice over. Cards like Morph or Daily Bugle location can provide a lucky break to see what is in the opponent's hand. I won one game the other day by playing nothing when Leader came out. Leader is a very strong card, but I don't think it's as good as you are making out.
  7. Yeah that's the way I read the original article too, it's 50% off, not free.
  8. Venom strikes again... When the deck works, it really works.
  9. Yeah somebody did Gambit and Hazmat back to back the other day. Destroyed 4 cards and the remaining ones had 4 less power.
  10. Wong is probably my most wanted card. I've not had him drop from a cache or seen him in store. I've not even had a random appearance of him from Agent 13. Mystique is another I'm keen to get too.
  11. I haven't got Deadpool (yet) - Sabretooth is the more expensive and less rigid alternative. I'm up to 36 with the deck I posted above. Death is a great card, but there are more powerful cards out there - like Dino, if you focus on stacking your hand as much as possible. I've already noticed a few inconsistencies with Destroy decks. For example: - Yondu gives +1 destroy buff to Death, but this isn't reflected in the 'Destroy' stat. - If a location is shielded, this prevents cards being destroyed - but it doesn't prevent that location from being destroyed (i.e. Ruins) Luke's Bar (as mentioned above) is a field day for Yondu and Agent 13 - and you can also buff Carnage with it, if you can move (not play) a card into that location.
  12. Just a general question... I absolutely loved Yakuza 0, but was fatigued by playing another (Kiwami) immediately after. Following a break, I quite enjoyed playing Like A Dragon - but haven't gone back to finish it (yet). What advice would you give about going through the entire franchise (+ Judgment) which I feel, for the most part, covers a lot of similar ground over subsequent games?
  13. So folks, I've already mentioned this to @Mitchell and @MardiganX but I wanted to put the Double Death* deck on the radar. I'm currently rank 27 but someone I know used a similar deck (with America Chavez instead of Arnim Zola) to get to rank 100. I've finished every season at rank ~50 so far with other decks that I don't think have been as fun or have as much potential as this. *For those familiar with Magic the Gathering, this is equivalent to a black sacrifice deck - hence the backing Deck spoilered: STRATEGY So the deck has 3 main strategies - it is fairly straight forward to play but does require some intermediate knowledge of the rules and forward planning: 1. Increase Venom's power as much as possible 2. Reduce Death's energy as much as possible 3. Clone one or both of the above via Moon Girl and/or Arnim Zola The deck is mostly made up of destroy cards or those that have destroy potential. Generally speaking, you'll want to play destory cards as early and as often as possible to buff Death. Then try to stack multiple cards in one location to play Carnage (buffs Death) then Venom (who also buffs Death), ideally in that order. If you have 4 cards in hand, and Death is 3-cost or less and you have Moon Girl in hand - play Moon Girl for the benefit of Double Death on turn 6. Finally, try to keep one location with a single card (ideally Venom) or empty (for Death) in the instance that Arnim Zola can come out, to clone the only card existing in that space. Arnim Zola effectively sacrifices one location, to try and claim the other two on turn 6. Throughout all of the above, make sure to keep an eye on your deck probabilities throughout all of the above to make informed choices based on what has/hasn't drawn. I instantly snap almost every game, and even if I lose - I tend to win more than I lose at a higher gain. This is an excessive example of what's possible when the stars align: BENEFITS - Due to the low cost of cards (i.e. strong energy curve), you'll rarely be in a position where you can't play anything and it also devalues the need for Sunspot - Because there are multiple strategies, you aren't necessarily beholden to the RNG gods as with other metas- but you might have to change tack part way through a game (more on this below) - If your opponent is playing a 1-cost clone deck or destroy deck, then that also works to your advantage by buffing Death - If you come across Leader on turn 6, it can be self sacrifice for the opponent which tends to make them much worse off - Killmonger is the secret weapon of the deck, especially if your opponent has lined up lots of 1-costs, as well as yourself - insane buff to Death LOCATIONS I think it's genuinely easier to list the locations that doesn't benefit this deck - shields, deck swaps, Ego automatically playing the deck for you or TVA ending the game early can be a pain. Negative locations initially start painful for low cost cards, but you can power stack Venom and Death to have those locations be more appealing due to higher power. Automatically play a card from hand locations can be hit and miss. - Anything with creatures (e.g. squirrels, raptors, monsters, rocks) is good to buff Carnage or Venom. - Any destroy locations to buff Death. Copy locations for high power cards. - Reduced cost / energy gain locations make most of the 1 cost cards free, with the added benefit of them still being 'worth' 1 on the battlefield, so Killmonger can destroy (buffs Death). - Anything that buffs power will be dominated in late game. - The Raft is especially good for giving a free 6-cost card (can stack with strategy if you're lucky), line up all your 1-costs and then have preferably Carnage or Venom destroy for best of both worlds. - Single cards in a location, or preventing cards being played can be circumvented by Arnim Zola. - Luke's Bar or Cloning Vats is really good for Yondu, play 1-cost, destroy, return to hand, repeat. This is also a great approach for destroying Shang Chi or Armor, and can give you insights into the opponent's deck. DEFICIENCIES - Armor | obviously almost entirely negates the strategy - Shang Chi | the core counter when you're buffing one or more cards - Mantis/Cable | opponent stealing a card that you don't know about, affects your strategy and draw probabilities - Aero | can be annoying to move Venom or Arnim Zola when you've built up the existing stack - Wave | Changes card cost to 4 at the end of turn 3, this is okay for Death and Arnim Zola (though too early to max their potential) but terrible for everybody else - Agatha Harkness | if you get a random drop of this from Agent 13, it's a pain, it's happened to me a few times on turn 1 or 2 - Heimdall | Or move decks in general, tend to have unpredictable outcomes which can affect the intended result for that particular turn IMPROVEMENTS I'm always keen to optimise decks and I think I have a few suggestions for improving the deck further: 1. Swap out Sabretooth for Deadpool = A like for like substitution. Flattens the energy curve, whilst effectively providing a potential increased damage/destroy benefit for a guarenteed lower cost 2. Swap out Agent 13 for Beast = Removes RNG from the hand. Gives the added benefit of pulling a buffed Venom or isolated Sabretooth back into hand with a reduced cost. Can also be used to counter against cards that move to, or are stuck in, undesirable locations (i.e. shields, negative zones) 3. Swap out Elektra for Knull = A wildcard alternative. Removes a low cost, hard-read card to one with a high cost/high damage potential. It mantains 'max four 1-costs' which is a decent rule of thumb. Although I'm not too sure how often this change would pan out because Knull likely relies on sacrificing Venom in late game (via Carnage / preferably Arnim Zola), which means that it's only going to viable to dominate a single location on turn 6 with Shang Chi and Leader benefitting from it's existance (opponent deck and location dependant) TL;DR Copy the above deck and have some fun. Use https://snap.fan/ to review the card behaviours above. Kotaku has the Marvel Snap Locations List. The energy curve (aka mana starving / mana flooding) can be read about here: Finding The Perfect Energy Curve
  14. Yeah ranks reset each season. I'm collector level 1,400+ now. I think level 40-50 is probably the top end for a lot of people, unless you have a ridiculous deck (Wong/Mystique/Odin/White Tiger) or cards that can turn the game like Leader. I snap pretty much every game instantly now. It's a risky strategy because if they don't snap you can win 4, but lose 8 if they do. Sometimes I've made the mistake of a last minute snap, only to lose on the final card.
  15. Yeah for Devil Dinosaur you need stuff like... Mantis, Agent 13, Cable, Sentinel, Moon Girl etc Beast is good for returning cards to hand too. Also use or win locations that give you extra cards. The Clone locations are great, Luke's Bar returns a card to hand but plays it's effect first etc. Moon Girl is definitely the best though I think, and you have to get used to not necessarily playing cards because that weakens Dino's strength. I recommend keeping 5 in hand where you can, or have 3 remaining after playing Moon Girl. Discard decks or cards like Moon Knight, Black Widow and Ronan work against players who hoard cards in hand.
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