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  1. I stepped away from this thread for a few hours and madness ensues; 'Microsoft significantly ahead', my word. Let's just hope Sony move away from £70 price tags and instead goes for a more palletable premium subscription that amps up their current offering.
  2. Haven't read the full thread but I think the ideal for me would be along the lines of: - Continue with Network Access - Continue with monthly PS+ Games - Roll in PS Now catalogue - Add Sony Back Catalogue (PS1, PS2, PS3) - Add Sony Handheld Back Catalogue (PSP, Vita) - At least 1 first part game per year included - An extra little nugget for subscribers (themes, avatars etc) Charge £90 a year, jobs a good'un.
  3. Just finished this, loved it throughout - especially how it dealt with the disappointing ending last time around, whilst introducing Clancy Brown as a fantastic character, but also However, is it just me or did I miss something?
  4. So apparently - Ralph Macchio is 60 and Thomas Ian Griffith is 59. What on earth.
  5. Totally agree, Terry Silver is absolutely awesome. I couldn't quite take his eyebrows seriously though, I honestly wish he had of dyed his hair black, There were a couple of nods towards next time around.
  6. This appeared a few weeks ago, well worth a watch. I think there's a couple of nice anecdotes about the franchise and it could coax new people into EDF5 (currently on sale) or the recent reveal of Arc Raiders seems to scratch that itch too: Official broadcast #6 appeared before Christmas: Seems to be that EDF6 was also in Famitsu Weekly with many of the things covered in the above video too. Also, could we update the title of this thread to be dedicated to EDF6 please?
  7. Totally agree with this. Strange how the more of this Marvel stuff that comes out, the more I get into it. I wasn't bothered about the whole Avengers arc, but I'm hooked
  8. There's already two documentaries: Nintendo one called "Playing with Power" and the Sony one is called "Bedrooms to Billions - The PlayStation Revolution".
  9. This is basically where I'm at. I'm not an F1 fanatic at all, far from it. I jumped on the bandwagon this season after watching Drive to Survive and then following the drama for each weekend. The races weren't so captivating for me; it was the stakes, the personalities and the tension between two heavyweights. However, after seeing the end of the race yesterday - it might as well have been a WWE Pay-per-view. It was the F1 equivalent of the Montreal Screw Job. How can someone be ahead for the best part of 57 laps, have several cars and 11 seconds worth of daylight from second place, and then lose the race on the final lap due to, what I would describe as, malicious incompetence by those who are intended to be the F1 regulators? I think it tee's it up nicely for a revenge story next season, but I definitely think that has taken precendence (feeding Netflix for global reach) over fair competition. As it stands right now though, I don't think I can take the sport seriously anymore. The history books will say Verstappen but I don't consider him the champion at all.
  10. This would be amazing. Especially if it's a Mercedes 1-2 on start, Bottas running interference, handbrake turn into Perez who then clips Max. Bottas: * shrugs * "it wasn't me"
  11. Same here, first race I've ever watched from start to finish after jumping on the F1 bandwagon for the first time ever this season. I totally agree about the WWE comment earlier too, it's almost pantomime. If, in the final race, Verstappen wipes out Hamilton (and himself) - what happens then? They both have equal points and Verstappen has win advantage. Can they disqualify a driver outright or dock points?
  12. Crazy how there's only a dozen or so posts in this thread. I've literally never played LoL and only got into playing Valorant this week, but got a recommendation to watch this. Great from start to finish - it's kind of hard to describe how masterfully crafted it is. Not just from the art and animation, but the weaving narratives, the world building, introducing a broad cast of characters etc. As someone with total ignorance to some of the gaming source material, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  13. Over 2 years since the last post, sad times. I might make a club if anyone fancies joining at some point? I've barely touched clubs, fancy getting back into the odd game.
  14. Right... I've got 4,600 EA Points to spend. Can someone advise me on what is the best thing to do with them please?
  15. Yeah I laughed at them trolling the VR guy. I liked the black and white segment too. I think it's actually got some potential, almost in a early-Top Gear kind of way.
  16. Die Another Day in B Tier? It's comfortably the worst Bond film isn't it? I haven't seen them all for a while but I think GoldenEye and Skyfall are nailed on for S Tier. Tomorrow Never Dies and Man with the Golden Gun underated.
  17. New trailer: Lots of discourse about how they've tried to from this footage.
  18. That is basically the conclusion I came to before I ordered, I've got a 512GB card ready to go.
  19. Exactly - Gen3 is decent but there is SATA interface which is ~600mb/s. Either way, glad I plumped for the stock model.
  20. Have Valve actually released the specs for the NVMe speeds yet?
  21. Saviour - much appreciated.
  22. Scratch this - I can't seem to load up the app on Xbox Series X. Keeps shutting itself off out of the app? Anyone else got it working on console with Game Pass Ultimate?
  23. Yeah I have ultimate but still couldn't see it - is there a web link or something? EDIT - think I got it!
  24. Is this free trial thing available for everyone on game pass? I can't seem to find where/if I can download it on Series X.
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