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  1. I did'nt bother finding the broadsword, instead I killed the guy with the handlebars and his mate too. Got an A rating on my first playthrough YEAHHHH!
  2. Random tip: Obtain the anti magic field miracle, use it on 3-1 and the wardens become useless!
  3. Give it to me, I cant afford a copy but would so love to play it
  4. Is there a section for this in the independent video section on Xbox live? I can't seem to find it. Love the show, made me chuckle a few times, thumbs up from me, good work
  5. slimbot

    Dwarf Fortress

    Hey folks, I just caught a forgotten beast in a cage trap. Can I tame him? Chain him up near my entrance? Will two forgotten beasts fight each other? What are my options here? My fortress is going good. I have 78 dwarfs and about 200 cats and dogs(most are war dogs!). No food or drinks problems. As it is my first proper fortress, its a bit messy with rooms and corridors everywhere, I have just finished construction of a huge stockpile room which will have lots of specific stock piles making it easier to see at a glance what I have. Construction has been started on an above land castle structure, mainly to use all the stone in my fort and to give my lazy dwarfs something to do. I have discovered two underground caverns which Im going to exploit in a year or two, going to build a pit and a retractable bridge and a few other things first just incase something nasty comes up from the depths, theres already a forgotten beast down there waiting for me, fun!. My mayor demads a bronze bed but is that even possible unless its an artifact? Speaking of artifacts, I have a table artifact which is in my engraved legedary dining room, the dwarfs love it. I have a scepter artifact but what good is that? I would like to make some armor but Im scared that I will have to make each individual piece, how does this work? Seems very complicated Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  6. slimbot

    Dwarf Fortress

    Okay thanks, hopefully third time lucky will get those pumps online.
  7. slimbot

    Dwarf Fortress

    Folks I need help please, I cant get my screwpumps working. Power from my windmills(20 power each) is not being transferred to my screwpumps via my horizontal axle. Here is my setup Btw, is a Voracious cave crawler dangerous?
  8. slimbot

    Dwarf Fortress

    If I kill the next Elven caravan that comes to my fort will they send forces to attack me? Im playing on a small region and have'nt been attacked at all, just a couple of kobold thiefs which are no problem.
  9. Happens to me sometimes, I assume its my interweb connection running too slow and so the game does'nt allow you to join any games.
  10. slimbot

    Dwarf Fortress

    Only been playing a week and of course loving this game loads but have a few problems with my current fortress. Immigrants have bumped my pop up to 50 which is too much as it is but if I get anymore immigrants Im thinking of sending them into my spikey death pit, would this make my dwarf's unhappy? I have several babies now and some are insane, would this be because I dont have a fresh water supply yet? I should have one setup shortly. Next time the trader elve's visit they too will be sent down to the spikey death pit, repercussions? I dont mind if they send thier military at me, I havent been attacked since I started my fort 3 years ago and would like to spill some blood. My fort has a perimeter wall above ground and the only way in is across a retractable bridge.
  11. slimbot

    Dwarf Fortress

    How long until my fortress gets attacked? Im currently on my second year and its spring
  12. Is it proper 256 player battles in this or are you split up some how?
  13. Along came a spider, try the demo, a very good platformer. Costs 400 points and only has 20 levels and no replay value but if you have some points and dont know what to spend them on then this game is worth a purchase. Be warned though it can be finished in day.
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