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  1. Steve007


    I'm a big fan of Ozil but he's really frustrated me this season. He rarely contributes to anything and he doesn't deserve a place just because he's a high earner. He doesn't have any hunger or desire to play well for either the team or himself. Odd.
  2. Do your own fucking research. Some right moaners in this thread. I'm just here to appreciate Rik & Ade.
  3. http://lostmediaarchive.wikia.com/wiki/Bottom_Series_Four_(BBC-Rejected_Scripts;_Mid-to-Late_1990s)
  4. They didn't have much money to make the film & it wasn't too long after Rik's accident so he wasn't at his best. Simon Pegg said he had trouble remembering his lines most of the time.
  5. The other week I finally made my pilgrimage to the Rik Mayall memorial bench which is on the same traffic island they used in the opening credits.
  6. The BBC would never have commissioned such a show in 2018. These days it's all about political correctness with the BBC. Even if they did green-light Bottom in 2018 they'd insist one of the lead characters had to be female & the other from a minority ethnic group. So instead of Richie & Eddy we'd have Imran & Julie. With no violence. Rik & Ade actually wrote a fourth series of Bottom but it was rejected by "some lesbian bitch" at the BBC according to Rik. So clearly even 10+ years ago the BBC would never have aired a show like Bottom which is just sad & pathetic. I grew up watching shows like Bottom. I saw all the Bottom live stage shows too and there really was nothing like it. Rik's performance left you speechless. It was extraordinary to see someone so much energy & charisma performing right in front if you. Rik & Ade said numerous times that Bottom was 'cartoon violence'. It's no different to Tom & Jerry violently beating the fuck out of each other with things like frying pans, steam irons & baseball bats. Bottom was so cleverly written. They got the tone perfect and never had to resort to shock-tactics to get laughs like they did in Little Britain. Rik's completely OTT acting and facial expressions had me crying with laughter. Bottom was genius.
  7. Steve007


    It was a really decent performance yesterday. I was annoyed to concede such a stupid goal but the second half display was almost faultless. Aside from a shaky defence it's all positive right now. The managerial change is what we desperately needed so no moaning from me.
  8. Steve007


    I still don't know how Ozil scored. He seemed to side foot it through about 6 people & past the keeper into the net.
  9. Steve007


    A win is a win, so I'm happy with that. Yes, the performance wasn't spectacular but Newcastle away had the potential to be a little tricky so to come away with three points is a job well done.
  10. He is different behind closed doors on the training pitches & changing room. His public image is very different to the one the players see each day. Man United's problems are down to recruitment. You've bought a lot of expensive rubbish and still expect a tune out of them. There's also no fear about United any more. Teams used to shit themselves about playing at Old Trafford, now people go there expecting some kind of result as your defence is so poor & you can't score many goals due to that useless lump up front (Lukaku). You don't have any nasty players either, just a load of walkovers. Any top side needs a few nasty bastards in the side. At Arsenal we've not had any steel for over 10 years and it shows & your lot are going the same way.
  11. Blame your players, not Mourinho. Not many of them seem to be putting much of a shift in as they don't have that hunger to win.
  12. That was brilliant and well worth a watch so thanks for the link.
  13. I'll have to give that a watch...
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