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  1. Junior Bake Off is one of the best shows on TV. The way Quique described how much his teacher meant to him was beautiful.
  2. It's a weird film. I enjoyed it enough I suppose. It's what you might want from a Goonies/Ghostbusters type of movie. I could leave it on in the background on a Saturday afternoon and be fairly entertained. But it feels like it was made by a computer algorithm and a group of marketing managers. It does that pretty well I guess? Good if you're into that sort of thing.
  3. Thanks you guys, it looks like I may have left it a little late before xmas but I'll see if I can find one in town.
  4. Hi please excuse my ignorance. I'm looking to get my nephews a steering wheel (and pedals) for xmas that will work on Xbox and PC for about £100-150? Can I get anything with decent feedback like in the arcades for that much?
  5. We have a whole thread about Joe Pera Talks With You on All 4. Come join us
  6. A couple of episodes from Season 3 on YouTube as part of the Adult Swim festival here
  7. Bit mean of the BBC to put this up against Stath Lets Flats on C4. Certainly as Natasia Demetriou is in both.
  8. My PS4 has PT on it. Who wants to swap their PS5? lol
  9. Laughing so much at episodes three and four. Laughing so much I'm going to have to re-watch them so I can hear the gags I missed from laughing.
  10. Beat the Chasers is the best thing on tv at the moment.
  11. Poulter is a brilliant actor, and he's funny. No way they plucked him out of a hat. Will probably turn out to be a great casting.
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