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  1. Yes and no. Takes some time to get used to but may be easier on the back and forths you mention. Some arcade sticks are quite easy to modify. You can buy the fancy buttons and sticks online for a few pounds and then add them to a cheaper unit. I'm still using this thing which I used with SF 4 on the Xbox 360 with bits swapped out. Fun easy project if you want to get into it. No need to spend hundreds. Also makes you feel like a big boy down at the arcade.
  2. I was placed Silver *** on launch day. Fuck knows why. I'm having a miserable time all of my matches are like this
  3. Have you ever dreamed of riding an demon goat in a narrow alley? Dream no more!
  4. As an example, I could land air SPD with Gief pretty much 100% but now it seems basically random.
  5. My inputs feel waaay different to SF 5. Is this a thing or am I just shit? (I am shit)
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