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  1. Good update. Rose's stage music sounds like a classic. Kate Bush X Ryu theme, although she looks like a nightmare to fight against. They seem to be having fun supporting this version. Enjoyed the Dan jam at the end. Maybe @joffocakes should come up with some lyrics for Dan's theme.
  2. LeighCb

    Disco Elysium

    I've been looking forward to this for so long. A friend of mine described it as breaking every spoke in her soul. But the controls are truly awful. I had to turn it off it was breaking the imerssion so badly. I'll have to come back to it one day.
  3. I'm all up for watching adverts for this sort of thing but that was truly rubbish
  4. Every game so far has already been announced
  5. The YouTube algorithm is so clever that after collecting data from me for over 10 years I am not allowed to watch this trailer.
  6. Loving the little clues in every episode during the credits.
  7. Looks based on the Nottingham Joker instead of the comics.
  8. The standard version is also down to £40 which is tempting. Anyone know if there are any performance issues with the Switch version?
  9. The IMAX screens I've seen at cineworld use the correct IMAX aspect ratio for films shot that way, so none of the image is cropped. There can't be more than a few screens in the UK showing actual 70mm film and the size of the screen will just vary depending on the space in the building. Anyway, just curious. I must have been lucky at the couple I've been to.
  10. Can someone explain what fake IMAX is please? It's a brand, so I don't understand what people mean. It's like saying fake Dolby or fake BBC. Or is it fake because they produced a digital version of their own technology?
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