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  1. Only 68.5 GB.?! Must be missing a loading screen!
  2. Dimahoo


    Nice...but despite popular opinion its not a strictly a sequel to Terra Cresta as that already has sequels. In fact theres 6 games in the series... Moon Cresta Terra Cresta Terra Force UFO Danger Robo Terra Cresta II Terra Cresta 3D Terra Force is fantastic. Its got a really nice feel to it. Very smooth. Also, one of my favourite shmup musaks (Level 1 theme).
  3. Gutted to hear about Biz. The Fly like an eagle stutter intro to Nobody beats the biz was a defining musical moment in Hip Hop for me.
  4. No Milkshakes in USA? Thats like France and Germany. Rubbish!
  5. Even though i own it, I can't wait for this to come out...properly!
  6. some of us are souz old we can't bplay like were used to. i used to be able to button press 17 times seocnd bak in my dayz. Corse i dndn't mattr back then as mnygames could only fire once. Or twiec if it aws a nuw one!
  7. Well i'm assuming those 4K videos are from some patch. I always felt it looked a bit rough...but only in resolution. It looked amazing...just low res.
  8. No....it was the 4K graphics that blew me away. Didn't realise a patch had been done.
  9. Oh, Ps4 pro. Right. I didn't realise they'd done a DC patch.
  10. That doesn't look that same on the Ps4? No damn way - its pretty blocky on my PS4 unless i've missed a recent patch?
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