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  1. If you take the time to look around the city's intricacies are astounding really. Up there with GTA. Something like Spiderman seems to pale in comparison and yet people were instantly blown away. Even when this arrived with its bugs you could see the work that had gone into it was mental. I know theres some repeated stuff (even real cities look mostly banal) but with things like the multi level sidewalks and stuff like the glass/colour effects its truly stunning. I mean its no surprise it had bugs. The work involved must have been so immense.
  2. I know how you feel mate. I always step away and they draw me back eventually. Heat was alright - it had a nice city ambience in the lighting but was mostly dead otherwise. I preferred the Crew 2. NFS games are very hit and miss hence why people feel the way they do. Some of us know this series from the classic Car and Driver and NFS on the 3D0 and when every game did something new. Now they just focused on teenage racers and whats worse is they don't really care. Like Heat i'll get this cheap. I'd rather pay full price for games Wreckfest or the Crew 2. Whatever you think, at least some love went into those games.
  3. Interestingly i see Digital Eclipse are based in Emeryville. Didn't the original VCS carts show Atari or Warner as being located there as well? I'm sure i remember seeing Emeryville on the old 1st gen cart instructions - or theres some connection? When i was a kid it seemed like a really weird place to call a city for what i thought was such a huge company.
  4. Oh okay. I didn't recall many Atari branded games om the ST. I knew about Tengen - but i recall Domark doing most of the publishing? That was all the arcade conversion stuff right? I recall most of it wasn't that great.
  5. Did Atari themselves release any ST games? I thought Tramiel closed them all down? I guess Warner still hold the rights.
  6. Haha...i've got a videogame Hip Hop track... As featured on my old Streetbeats mixes back in the day. I mixed it with the 4 hero track "Something in the way".
  7. Thats how a dedication should be done. Fantastic compilation and history. I hope DE decide to do all the arcade companies eventually. I can't think of a collection thats been better done. Fair play. I've twatted' Jeff to see if he'll release a Llamasoft collection. The soundtrack alone would be worth the cash!
  8. The heavy bass driven musik would suggest something urban and "gangy". gangy /'gangy'/ adjective made of, or has some gangs in it. "croydon was very gangy"
  9. Dimahoo


    I was playing this last night and totally agree. I don't understand why they didn't have a typical campaign mode either. This is a Chinese game isn't it? They seem to be a new overpowering force in videogaming - at least if Steam is anything to go by.
  10. Just sitting in the plane as the rain falls has a certain meditive ambient quality.
  11. ppfft. 60fps. What is that. 1000 fps. Hmm...Cheaper then an average driving set up though. And you can fly the world!
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