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  1. For general usage its alright. You can choose between frames and graphic quality which seems to work well. I'm not entirely sure the differences you'd make would be the same as the util would - but for the most part i'd imagine the differences would be minimal for the same look or framerate.
  2. I think its fair to say PC users are used to dealing with woes. For a start with have to set up the graphics (although Nviddy Experience has reduced this a bit). In other PC News Automobilisa 2 is out proper now. This is the game Project Cars 3 probably should be but ive not had a chance to give it a proper seeing to.
  3. Arcade Puzzle games - Super Puzzle fighter, Tetris, Puyo Puyo - anything with garish colour. Sim Puzzle games - everything else FPPG (Portal, that one on Steam - Talos or whatever it called). Oh yeah Shit puzzle games - those fucking look at the screen and find a clue fucking games.
  4. I see @Rushy has left the project. He's at Avalanche games now. Wonder if their thinking of doing a more mainsteam driving game (i wondered if Generation Zero wasn't the success they thought it might be). They could do a good Driveclub.
  5. WTF?!!!! Kissy and Dig Dug guy had sad and gave birth to Mr Driller? - what kind of Fukery is this!! I get Mr Driller might be some Dig Dug sequal but WTF! I hope he didn't use the spade or if he did, used some kind of antialiasing protection!
  6. Project cars 3 does do drifting though! got viddies to prove it!
  7. Ferrari F355 challenge says hi! Don't recall that having pitstops but that was a racing simulation arcade videogame! but yeah, i'd agree its exactly where you put it.
  8. Thats the annoying thing. They're interpretation of sim is different from everyone elses. For them, its about racing immersion and rawness - not the technicalities. Yet they harp on about being the next coming. Its defo. not, but you can't deny they've carved out a niche just like DC, PGR, etc.
  9. Even if that was the case, that doesn't really excuse the lack of an option for pitstops IMO - its at least 5 months later assuming a Jan release (actually - thats wrong - V1 will likely be before that having checked so i see your point). Nonetheless.... As seen in ACC pitstops are pretty good. Esp. if theres variable weather and players are deciding to go wet or dry. Not to mention the danger of exiting the pits and the whole immersion of being in a pit as part of a race. Hmm....thats a huge immersion factor being removed. The tyre rubber layers do react to track heat BTW - so ambient temps or wet/dry conditions will obv. make a difference. And i presume if, for example, you have light rain and/or wet spots then the track temps/rubber contact temps will change accordingly. I frakkin' hope so anyway - reading the blog seems to suggest they will, but you just won't have the initial laps where tyres are cold. Or maybe you (via option!) will and tyre temps and pressure will change IF YOU WANT.
  10. I buy everything racing. Apart from NFS. As a gamer i think you have to appreciate and support those who push genres forward and IMO they do do that in raw racing. I got the last two free anyway as i beta tested the first and got the second as part of the deal.
  11. Yeah someone said that to me on Twitter too. Dunno though. I mean ABL2 and Reiza are respected in the sim community but i don't know if they're that well respected given most of the track content is pretty unknown and not used much outside South America. Whereas PC2 had a damn strong base and circuits too die for. Modded games aside (although they might play a part) it had the best circuit list out there IMO. Seems silly to take away those simlike aspects. I get that they want to make it intense and PC2 does do the best racing experience in that respect - rawness, et all, but still. If the options there you cater for everyone. Its like they were nearly there and suddenly pulled it all down again. I'm still going to buy it anyway - looking forward to seeing what they've done but Mr Bell kept going on about sim this and sim that and yet again its a bit of a fingers up at the sim community he was also supposedly aiming for. I mean, ffs, given the shit they've taken you'd think he'd learnt his lesson. Unless there was some other internal politics. Annoying, whatever the reason.
  12. PROJECT CARS 5 - We've removed the steering as well as the accelerator and brake from PC4 so now you just watch a video. Its so immersive!
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