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  1. Is this a what if movie? Like...what if Trump actually bought it?
  2. Jesus....that moments in Love remix thing is woeful.
  3. I much prefer reading about how retro games were made and the technical problems faced and resolved. DF is great an all, but there are few technical issues that ever get reported about because middleware solves them anyway. Its kinda dulled it a bit really. I think we are reaching a graphical pinnacle in resolution and possibly even framerate as 4K is about as good as most will go and 60 is fine. Even here people are saying they're happy with 1080 because their rooms only allow that. My studio wife only allows a 4K size screen. 8K? Its not needed. and i sit much closer then most (2ft ex screen). I think i have one more PC upgrade in me and thats my lot unless VR takes a huge leap and even then, my next PC will probably handle that anyway. I'd imagine the next NViddy rigs will deal 60fps @ 4K w/RTX.
  4. Maybe the Arturia MiniLab MkII? More knobs. And drum pads if you want them.
  5. Yeah my thinking was they wouldn't be needed as they worked with standard controllers anyway and people in the UK wouldn't be that fussed about the controllers - esp. given it would be a budget label and many budget buyers probably wouldn't even know Taito (sad...but true?). More the case that it was train related. I wonder if Xtreme express or A-Train 6 ever sold well? But heyho if SCEE stopped it then thats that.
  6. Could this have not been circumvented via a budget label - similar to those that hit the supermarkets like Tesco's? Simple 2000 or The best was a Japanese equivalent. I know there was Midas or 505 - but i guess as you didn't work for them...not sure whatever happened to them either. Well...obviously 505 are still going for it.
  7. I'm sure i've written about the series somewhere. Theres quite a story behind the Densha De go thing and the series is still strong as the latest arcade game attests. You have Densha De go professional 1 - which features all the lines from DDG, DDG2, and some (Kanto) areas on the Takaido line. Its not quite as difficult as the arcade version as Taito sought to bring it to the Japanese home market. This is the new game by Taito/Square Enix running on Unreal 4 - heres hoping it comes to Steam... There was actually 2 seperate series from Taito and Ongakukan (the devs that did the photo realistic PS3 train driving game). The Ongakukan series is nearly all using in-cab movie footage which sync's with the controller and what the player is doing - and their train driving sim history is even larger then Taitos. Sadly DDG never made it to Europe - a shame as given the niche for MS Train Simulator at the time i reckon (certain professional 1 and 2) would have sold quite well.
  8. Reckon i'll skip it. Was late quite a bit last time and have to devote to other things.
  9. I'm done. I've got to admit i didn't get the chance to listen to everything. https://streak.club/u/dimahoo
  10. Finally finished this 52 tracks thing with all weeks complete - if a bit late. Not all great production values given experience and time but much was learnt. These were the last two.. One dub techno.... And one moody techno... Here were the rest....mostly techno, dub but a few analog soundtracks and hauntology. https://streak.club/u/dimahoo One of them (Timers I) should get released on a Hello Strange compilation if all goes to plan...which is cool.
  11. Oh shit...i've missed this week.
  12. Well, when you write in DAWS its common to have tons of ideas floating around.
  13. Some of us are doing the 52 tracks a year thing and barely making that! It kinda died off a bit.
  14. Hmm....wonder how this will pan out.
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