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  1. Yaah maybe...just i thought with a full table you wouldnt want anyone messing up positioning.
  2. Dimahoo


    Grand Cross ReNOVATION is on sale too. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1808900/GRAND_CROSS_ReNOVATION/
  3. Anyway path tracing it's where it's at now according to NViddy... https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2022/03/23/what-is-path-tracing/?ncid=afm-chs-44270&ranMID=44270&ranEAID=kXQk6*ivFEQ&ranSiteID=kXQk6.ivFEQ-F84o1GQoxuourPlT8CGkUg
  4. Ah fair enough. Still. Have you seen the number of Doom clones? I bought about 8 on that Humble Bundle. Anyway I thought many PC's could run RT Minecraft? Thats more intensive then Doom? Mores the case we need a new graphical excuse to spend 1000's on those 4080TI's! Aint gonna get it from Resolution because that would require many more 1000's and even new rooms or houses to hold the 80+" screens. Suddenly that 1000£ graphics card doesn't seem so bad
  5. Its a bit of a shame because it'll probably sell better then the total FUCKTON of doom clones currently making a comeback.
  6. I can't really pick a stand out driving or racing game. At the moment GT7, Assetto Corsa and Automobilista 2 are my go too's. AC has replaced Rfactor as the sim i can play modded tracks and cars from history which i really like doing but ABL2 feels like thing else out there. Best FFB and by extention intensity by a mile (unless Rf2 has improved...i've not checked). GT7 is nice but FFB isn't great and you know...MTXs or whatever the kids call em. Historically I enjoyed all of the good ones as i tend to adapt myself to enjoy racing games rather then play one and make a decision. A few standouts i loved that arn't listed were Powerdrome on the Amiga, Slipsteam 5000 (PC), Screamer (PC), Shox (PS1), Total Drivin' (Ps1), C3 racing (ps1) and NFS Porsche. Oh and all the Synetic shit too. I adored Mercedes-Benz World Racing. Even now it feels quite different. It was like TDU before TDU. And the crashtimes series. I loved Pure and FUEL too. I'm trying to get Pure working again but struggling at the moment. I won't comment on Davilex.
  7. Its quite the circuit with its 2 blind and flat corners (although they're more like not gradual curves!). The second corner before the dog leg sections had me stumped until i realised you floor it hard early out of there. The second dog leg is a killer too - flat out through it then straight down to 2nd for the finish straight alll the while the car is shaking like mad!
  8. That roco brake sensitivitiy seems really high on that track.
  9. Different tracks, different car series thou'. I felt the two would have complemneted each other really well. Still theres always Pcars 4 I just set this up on my new McClaren wheel. Didn't realise they'd simulated road effects so well. The cars are fantastic.
  10. Is a shame SMS never did get Project Cars right. This was what it should have been given it uses the same engine.
  11. Would kinda be a natural progression ex Synthwave.
  12. I played BotW and didn't enjoy the start much although its a lovely game with some great mechanics. Elden Ring i can't put down. Its mental because everything i hate about open world genres it puts to bed. Hard bosses become addictive and you seek and farm the entire world to level up. Normally i'd hate having to do that and see everything first. But its fantastic. The monsters and art style are stunning too. You want to play to see what kick ass monster its going to throw your way. Not to mention the level monsters which are sometimes so freaky. Its so good at making you feel uncomftable that i spotted a flag waving through a castle window and thought it was a huge boss.
  13. When you play Elden Ring 2, leave the training hub with a pointy stick and this is the first boss you see...
  14. Yeah but lightening is stronger. The physics are THAT good. I don't know what affects gravity though. Maybe its stronger if your closer to the sea. Or at night....because.....moon.
  15. The Katana? Small swords and knives work well for the bleed damage and LB combo moves when they're duel equipped. Today...i shall mostly be doing subequests.
  16. God. The effort in the weapon moves that have gone into this. So many weapons and then they combo differently once duel wielded. In fact the animation is partly what makes this so good. And whats the betting some sad'o (or sado) completes this with just their fist.....or the torch?
  17. Its really big. Stunning game though. I don't usually bother with hard bosses but somehow this is gaming crack. I did that fire magma Wrym cunt for the Katana this morning and found that fantastic river from the well in Mistwood. The tactics in this are amazing. So with Magma Wrym cunt i didn't use any summon ashes in the end because you realise its unpredictable. It'll turn against you as the aggro changes. What game gives you NPC helpers only for them to actually be a hinderance? Obviously Tom Clancy Wildlands but thats a different thing.
  18. In tokyo south you can feel the paint effect your tyre grip as you come out the docks on a right hand corner.
  19. Just as well it doesn't have snow and ice. Could imagine Polyphony then giving you a robin reliant without tyres and asking you to do the Ring' in under 10 minutes.
  20. Oh you top man. The jazz music in this is fantastic.
  21. Btw ...This Doesn't feel fast? Circuits are wide so it won't Look at real racing cams. It feels the same unless it's a street circuit like Tokyo. And the Zonda feels fucking fast.
  22. Are you sure? Is it a Fanatec? IS your BrH setting wrong maybe? It should be set to low. Not a high number.
  23. Yeah the loading times makes a huge difference. Also it's nice to be able to replay the race after you've been paid for the previous race. On the same screen. You don't have to faff like you did before and then wait while it all loads. Another thing is whilst I hate Micro transactions (and the shite roulette payouts) the higher cost of the cars married with their improved handling and physics doesn't half make them feel worthwhile as items and rather forces you to use them more. The AI seems rather better too (playing on hard) so the racing is all rather more enjoyable.
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