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  1. My expectations were low. Not low enough it would seem. Dreadful
  2. That’s because she is trying to get her rubs though
  3. I’m just playing the first one through again and there is a bit where Ellie is about to get chopped up by David the canibal and she bites him before going on to tell him that she is infected and that now he is too In part 2 in one of the fight scenes, Ellie bites Abby on the arm to get free
  4. Played the first game and loved it but sold my PS4 a few years back and moved over to Xbox. I bought a PS4 Pro a few days before release of part 2, simply so I could play the sequel I know full well the PS5 is coming and that I’ll probably not use the console again once I’ve had another run through or two of this game but if somehow the lord gave me a second chance at that moment...I would do it all over again Worth every penny
  5. You seem to be addressing points I didn’t make. If you go back and read what I wrote you’ll see that I said it is amazing and the best we could have hoped for To answer your question “How can this not be amazing for Everton?” If he doesn’t get the team playing better and doesn’t get us winning games, I’d say that would ‘not be amazing’. I don’t think they dish out points just for having a good CV so I stand by my comment that I’ll judge him on what he does with the team between now and the end of this season. The signs are good with 2 wins from 2 games but there is a long way to go
  6. Sent to my mates when asked my thoughts on him “The fact we can get someone of his calibre is amazing and pretty much the best we could have hoped for. However, rather than wank him off now just because we’ve been able to afford him, I’ll avoid getting really excited about it until we see what he is able to do with the side between now and the end of the season He may have won every trophy there is to win but this is Everton ffs and it’s not the same as taking over teams who were largely favourites to win things anyway Shortened version: Happy but lets wait and see...”
  7. I’m on Xbone. PIR8 reunion? @Commander Jameson too?
  8. That’s a bit harsh. DCL is a decent player but not a goal scorer and therefore should not be getting played as a striker. That said, I’m not sure what position you could play him in but when he is that bad at finishing he needs to be kept well away from centre forward for sure On a separate issue, I’m a big fan of Andre Gomes but that was quite possibly one of the worst centre midfield performances I’ve ever seen
  9. Is there a forced spell he must serve before playing again like there is in Rugby? Next test starts Thurs and they are like a one man team when it comes to batting
  10. How come the Aussies swapped Smith out for the second innings (with the replacement top scoring for them!) but we didn't replace Anderson when he got injured in the first test, leaving the remaining pace bowlers having to cover all the overs he would have bowled?
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