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  1. Sadly we needed to replace Baines. One of my favourite players ever to grace the shirt but all good things eventually come to an end I feel like this new lad is going to be a great signing. With Coleman back on the right too (there is not a better RB in the league in my opinion) we just have the small issue of needing 2 CB’s and thats the defence sorted
  2. Lovely player but £50m? Wow! I think we are paying £20m of ‘angry Watford tax’ there
  3. How has it taken until now for a player to be booked for simulation? Had to be a dirty Spurs player didn’t it? Worth it to see the Germans sent packing
  4. Cueva doesn’t play for Mexico. He plays for Peru
  5. I thought Cueva who missed a pen against Denmark was blubbing at the end of their game?
  6. Jamin - what the fuck is going on with your hair? It belongs on a glue sniffer Also, have you and Laura just met? This had an air of ‘first date’ about it. If it was then I’m fairly confident you won’t be getting another Right, I’m off again for a year or so - bye
  7. As soon as Silva got sacked I was telling people that we should grow a pair and pay off Fat Sam and get Silva in. Still cheaper than they compensation deal we offered Watford that they turned down Now it looks like happening I am starting to second guess myself on Silva
  8. Looks like the bestest film eva made. Take my moneyz now!
  9. We are surely not going to pass up the chance to sign Dembele from Celtic? Appreciate that there is a monumental difference between EPL and SPL but for circa £20m in the current market it seems like he is the best value bet available We desperately need his pace and he is knocking around the edges of France squad which is no mean feat given the wealth of talent they have at the moment Can’t see £20m being better spent on anyone else
  10. No Rooney. Not even on the bench! Resting his aged bones I suspect No Holgate either and for some reason Martina is still in the side. I can only assume he must have pics of Kenwright in some sort of uncompromising position In more positive news, Bolasie is included in the squad
  11. Had Gylfi to have 2+ attempts on target at 7/2, Gylfi to score from outside the box at 10/1, Calvert Lewin to score and Everton to win at 3/1 and then Everton to win 3-1 at 20/1 Best night of betting I’ve ever had - That’ll pay for the wife’s Christmas present. Lovely!
  12. Whilst my last post was absolutely toungue in cheek, we aren’t seriously entertaining the prospect of Rhino getting the job permanently are we? Appreciate he knows the club inside out and all that but with the investment and plans we have now, an unproven manager cutting his teeth in his first job would be a huge backwards step in my opinion Make a statement and get Ancelotti in
  13. Dear RK Can you please sell Barkley and Niasse and then sign Gylfi, Mahrez, Matuidi and either Giroud or Benteke? We can then close the window and start the season thanxbye Wincho ps - if you want to get another top CB too then go ahead (you have my permission)
  14. We' e already been told we could have Rooney for nowt so not sure how he comes as part of any Lukaku deal now We are holding out for a deal worth £90m apparently
  15. So Jordan Pickford, Davy Klaassen, Henry Onyekuru, Sandro Ramirez and now Michael Keane in already Giroud, Kone, Rooney and Gylfi all on the radar
  16. Wow, already two transfers in. This is not the Everton I know Well pleased with the keeper although we had to pay silly money for him. Not seen much of Klasssen at all so can't comment however any player originating from Ajax academy is automatically quality
  17. Goober - Congratulations on the birth of baby Graham
  18. Gueye is one of the most under rated players in the Prem He might not be quite as good but he is as close to Kante as anyone is going to get Not sure why but I thought he was a kid up until this weekend but pans out he is 27
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