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  1. 5 hours ago, Jamin said:

    Cheers, missed the tears, went football-less on Saturday! Video evidence has confirmed it, so... 




    Dry Your Eyes Mate 

    First player or manager to start crying during/immediately after a match: £10

    (Cueva, Mexico, tcharliel


    Cueva doesn’t play for Mexico. He plays for Peru

  2. Jamin - what the fuck is going on with your hair? It belongs on a glue sniffer


    Also, have you and Laura just met? This had an air of ‘first date’ about it. If it was then I’m fairly confident you won’t be getting another


    Right, I’m off again for a year or so - bye


  3. We are surely not going to pass up the chance to sign Dembele from Celtic? Appreciate that there is a monumental difference between EPL and SPL but for circa £20m in the current market it seems like he is the best value bet available

    We desperately need his pace and he is knocking around the edges of France squad which is no mean feat given the wealth of talent they have at the moment

    Can’t see £20m being better spent on anyone else

  4. Whilst my last post was absolutely toungue in cheek, we aren’t seriously entertaining the prospect of Rhino getting the job permanently are we? 

    Appreciate he knows the club inside out and all that but with the investment and plans we have now, an unproven manager cutting his teeth in his first job would be a huge backwards step in my opinion


    Make a statement and get Ancelotti in

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