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  1. There used to be a tiny video store in our village called Mrs Video

    When we were 13 we were desperate to watch the 18 rated horror films but they were pretty strict in Mrs Video and it was struggle to even get them to rent us 15 rated movies using the family membership card. 

    That was until one of my mates voice broke. We knew we didn't look 18 but this lad now certainly sounded like he was 18 on the phone

    We concocted a plan that he would call up, pretending to be the card holder (his own dad) enquiring if Child's Play or Waxwork was in stock (they only had one copy of new releases in those days so it wasn't unusual to call up to check stock)

    When the owner confirmed that it was indeed available to rent, the next question was "Appreciate it's an 18 but is it alright if I send my son down on his bike to pay and collect it for me?"

    It worked like a dream for months and only ended when the store eventually went bust 

  2. 10 hours ago, Commander Jameson said:

    I've noticed a bug in this. Quite often, about twice a game, I'll go to shoot and it will try to throw a frag. I've seen this when I've run the clip down to empty but I'm seeing it now at random and sometimes straight from spawning.


    Very annoying.

    Not had this bug


    Are you playing on Xbone? Time to reassemble the Pirates? 

    (I bet you can't wait to unlock those Claymores)

  3. The team really wasn't that weak last night and as easily strong enough to get the job done against Norwich.


    Delofeu has impressed every time I've seen him of late so it's disappointing that he did not take advantage of a start last night because he has all the talent to become a top top player. 

    I also like Lennon - he was superb last season and can usually be relied on to put in a shift


    It was a poor performance but lets not start writing off decent players and throwing them on the scrapheap just yet

  4. Looks like Stones is on his way to City for £50m. Thats a lot of money but in the current market where Koulibaly is going to cost over £40m, not sure it represents as good value as it first seems

    Disappointed not to have brought anyone in yet but amongst all the names I've seen linked I think Sigurdsson is the one I like the most (Witsel a close second)

    I would love me a bit of Gylfi - closest thing to Tim Cahill I can think of

  5. On 31 May 2016 at 22:33, Wincho said:

    Wincho 6-2 Manic

    No injuries


    Mertens put me one up after just 5 mins

    Farfan got Manic back on terms on 10m

    Koulibaly the monster put me back in control on 21m

    Higuain gave me some breathing space making it 3-1 3 mins later

    Costa spawned what ended up being a consolation for Manic to make it 3-2

    Higuain again added some space with Napoli's 4th just before half time

    Insigne added a 5th with 20 to play

    Mkhitaryan rubbed salt in with Napoli's 6th and final goal with 10 to play




    Fuck you Manic


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