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  1. I think this is done isn't it? Congratulations to Timmo on the title and well done to those of you who played most of your games or at least made the effort to get them done Shame on those of you who didn't
  2. Wincho 1-2 Dunny Injuries - Hamsik and Benzema (both sponged) Callejon gave me a deserved lead in the first half but I failed to capitalise on a couple of guilt edged chances and paid the penalty in the second half after Dunny first equalised through Gerrard and then got the winner with Podolski. Not sure how I came away with 0 pts in this one but thems the breakS Napoli scorers Higuain 10 Mertens 5 Insigne 3 Mkhitaryan 3 Benzema 2 Hamsik 2 Callejon Koulibaly Allan Alex Sandro
  3. Only just seen this. Can sneak on now in front of Andy
  4. Wincho 0-2 Timmo No injuries Closer than our normal games. At half time there had been just 1 shot between the two of us and the score remained 0-0 By then end it was only 4 shots from me and 3 from Timmo but a decent goal and then a pen which was given for nothing separated us Well played Timmo
  5. Wincho 2-0 Andy No injuries Higuain on 25m and Hamsik on 39m put me in control of this one and the score stayed 2-0 until the end. First half was a bit lopsided with Napoli taking control but Andy evened it up a bit in the second half which was a much closer affair. Well played mate Napoli scorers Higuain 10 Mertens 5 Insigne 3 Mkhitaryan 3 Benzema 2 Hamsik 2 Koulibaly Allan Alex Sandro
  6. @Timmo, @Steely and @GrahamDunn - any of you on tonight?
  7. I'll play you at 10 tomorrow night Steely 10.20 tomorrow @andy_s?
  8. I might struggle this evening as the missus has been away all weekend with the two youngest and is back at about 9.15 tonight. I am expecting to be involved in watching tv and/or bedroom duties tonight if I'm honest
  9. @Timmo, @GrahamDunn, @Steely and @andy_s - any of you 4 about this afternoon?
  10. The season is supposed to be finishing today but given some people haven't even posted in 2nd half (Yes @GrahamDunn I'm aiming that at you) I'm going to extend by a week Can everyone make a concerted effort to play their games by next weekend please
  11. Manic 1-1 Wincho No injuries Manic was on top for the first half but I got in at 0-0 and changed formation for the second half I got me rewards just 4 minutes in when Mkhitaryan gave me the lead after wriggling through on an angle but finishing well curling in at the far post The game was much more even in this half however disaster struck just 4 minutes from the end when I passed the ball straight to Benteke who squared for Sturridge to knock in for a sweaty cunts goal Not happy with my 4 point haul against Manic - just feel like he's my 6 point banker in these FTLs Napoli top scorers Higuain 9 Mertens 5 Insigne 3 Mkhitaryan 3 Benzema 2 Hamsik Koulibaly Allan Alex Sandro
  12. BigBaz 3-0 Wincho Benzema injured for Wincho (Sponged) This game was about two playersand unfortunately they both belonged to Baz Dybala got a hat-trick and went close a few other times Craig Gordon in goal for Celtic was simply out of this world. Could not get anything past him
  13. @GrahamDunn, @Steely, @Timmo, @andy_s, @Manic Minor, @BiGBaZ96 - when would you like to play?
  14. Lets get some games played please everyone @GrahamDunn, @Timmo, @Steely, @Bennette98, @BiGBaZ96, @andy_s, @Manic Minor, @MardiganX, @AlfromSleep
  15. Thats a week gone by without some people even posting to try and get games arranged Step it up please lads
  16. Wincho 1-2 Bennette Injury - Naldo Bennette was superb here dominating my much stronger side despite having Joe Cole sent off after 19 minutes He stormed into a 2-0 lead through Armstrong on 24m and then Gadzhev added the second on the stroke of half time via a nasty deflection I changed the formation at half time but the damage had already been done and depsite having more of the ball, I struggled to create any clear cut chances until the 80th minute when Benzema broke free and pulled one back It was nothing more than a consolation goal though and Bennette held on for a deserved 3 points (Naldo sponge please)
  17. Wincho 3-1 Mardigan Ismaily injured for Mardigan Not quite sure how I won this one. Went 1-0 up with my first attack on 15m, Higuain slotting home. Mardigan rallied and dominated the half and should have had a pen but it wasn't given. He equalised through Ibra just before half time though The second half was more even and I took the lead with a Mkhitaryan thunderbolt on 65m and then added a fortunate 3rd from Hamsik 5 mins later after a massive goalmouth scramble that included one of my shots coming back off both posts. Napoli top scorers Higuain 9 Mertens 5 Insigne 3 Mkhitaryan 2 Benzema Hamsik Koulibaly Allan Alex Sandro
  18. Right, I'm back from Portugal so ready to move things along lets get cracking please everyone. I'll be about over the weekend to get as many games played as possible Alfromsleep has internet issues but other than him, I'm not aware of anyone else with issues getting games done so have at it
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