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  1. Have you been slagging off the game then? Why - whats wrong with it?
  2. RCD Espanyol 0 - 0 Derby Derby 2 - 4 RCD Espanyol Virtually lag free!!! First game a real dire affair - Goalkeepers on both sides made some pretty good saves but were not kept that busy. Fans would have had to have been given their money back Second game much more open and the scores for both teams would have been higher but for some poor finishing. Donkey has a bit of an excuse as his strikers are not all that but mine was just poor play. Pearson put Derby in front after 20 minutes, converting a through pass and finishing well under the keeper from an angle Jonatas equalised on 28 mins for RCD with a cracker running deep from midfield ith the ball before unleashing a drive from outside the penelty area into the bottom corner. A comical goal on 32 mins, from RCD CF Tamudo (via an unfortuante Derby defender) put RCD in the lead Luis Garcia then made it 3-1 to RCD in the 40th minute, first hitting the post from a tight angle before the rebound was turned back to him to put into the empty net. Derby scored a second in the 58th min - a nicely worked goal where the RCD entire back line were chasing shadows before ?Macken? (I think - hard to tell from shadow!) stroked it home Luis Garcia then popped up on 75 minutes to score a header which squirmed through the Derby keepers hands when it was easier to catch it than let it in. Derby continued to push for the last 15 minutes but RCD held on to the 2 goal lead until the final whistle. Cheers for the games D0nkey - you deserve alot of respect for picking your home town team despite knowing it means a long, tough season. (It would have been easier if you lived in Barcelona or Milan!!!) Hope you do well - good luck
  3. Miner - you seem to be sitting on the fence here - Do you like it or not? (Just so we are all clear) I've not seen you this mad since I (deliberately) shinned one through your legs when one on one in a pre season friendly - I think you blamed that on lag or teleporting or something...
  4. I would just like to make the point for future reference that any and all goals I concede (and there will be many!!!) in my debut in the league will of course be the fault of 'lag' and 'teleporting' rather than the result of my skills at the gameand my playing prowess.
  5. Nice to play with but they only have 12 decent players which means the foramtion pretty much picks itself - heres hoping they don't get crocked too easily as there aint a lot of choice off the bench. (1 out and out CF & no CB's at all!)
  6. Got to say City were my top pick - played them a few times and they are pretty good - plenty of choice if one or two get crocked.
  7. Too late now - made the choice - gotta stick with it...who knows?
  8. Added most of you with exception of themomentbefore and strawd0nkey as it says your friends list is full. Played with my second choice tonight (didn't have time to play as them before selecting) and they were pure and utter shite. Not sure what I was thinking but heres hoping some other poor sod picking before me has them high up in their list too preventing me from being lumbered.
  9. Cheers - after years of PES on PS2 I've finally made the move to 360. Still going through the post PS2 blues but getting there.
  10. Please add me to waiting list for next available league Cheers Gamertag - Wincho09
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