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  1. I think Ukraine might be my poorest showing yet in these competitions. 0 pts, 0 goals but not even shit enough to lose by the biggest margin. Can you get another new girlfriend please Pompey - this one appears to be broken too
  2. Apparently, we are the favourites to land Juan Mata Other names I've seen linked (although most fairly tentatively) are Berahino, Schneiderlin, Tello, Mandanda, Wijnaldum, Witsel and Arnautovic If we signed all those there would be a horrifically worrying chance we may scrape into the Europa league ,
  3. Right. Now lets buy some players please (Strootman from Roma apparently on the list)
  4. @Timmo and @Bennette98 - can you please get this game played so I can clear your first half inuries When playing, please make sure you use your first half squads and take these first half injuries into account
  5. Randall from Liverpool to Napoli for £4.8m
  6. Tejero from Madrid to Napoli for £0.3m Lopez from Napoli to Bayern for £5.1m
  7. Bikini. Thats all. We should at least get a bikini draw
  8. As mentioned earlier, Timmo has had an additional injury applied to his squad for failing to play all his games on time Steely has had 2 more injuries applied to his squad and Andy has had 1 additional injury Mardigan and Bennette get away with it as tried but ultimately were let down by their opponents
  9. Forgot all about this. Well done on the draw Pompey. (I like this one much better than the last) Needs more bikini (you or Emma - not bothered which) and my team is shit yet again but heres rooting for Rebrov and Shevchenko to do the business.... What do you mean they aren't playing? FML!
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