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  1. You've had an extra injury applied - feel free to alter perks by the deadline if this changes your selections
  2. The second half of the season is nearly upon us and starts with re-perking your shizzle Those who have not sent perks in to STEELY (I'm away with the lads for the weekend) by 6pm on Sunday will lose their opportunity to perk up - that way we get to start the window regardless at 8pm on Sunday Each squad has had the usual random crunching applied again so check your squads Master spreadsheet is here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cOaSWfEPUEB8ZJUduqIcoecxEPSP8P4ZH-URp9__xy4/edit?usp=sharing PERKS - You have 12 perks points to spend PM STEELY with your choices Perks will only be revealed where necessary, so if you're planning on using underhand tactics like injuring or disrupting players it will only be you and Wincho who know about it! If you want to shout about it if you pull off a great scheme then obviously that will be down to you You can only pick one perk from each section Mid season NB - players can only move once Transfer Window opens Sunday 12th June at 8pm and closes at midnight on Friday 17th June Non FTL window opens Monday 13th June at 8pm and closes at midnight on Friday 17th June (Usual rules apply) Second half of season - starts 7am on Saturday 18th June and closes at midnight on 2nd July
  3. Today and tomorrow to get these final 4 games played Bennette v Timmo Steely v Andy Steely v Mardigan Graham v Mardigan
  4. Wincho 1-1 Andy No injuries Andy was the better player in this one and had me pegged back for most of the first half. I started to come back into on 35 minutes though and the game was closer in the second half It took until the 81st minute for one of us to break the deadlock though and it was Andy who did it via a Ramos header from a corner I thought it might be curtains to be honest as the game had few clear cut chances however with a minute of normal time to go, Mertens shook off the attention of Ronaldo on the right wing and got his cross in deep to the back post where Benzema rose to nod home his first of the season after coming of the bench at half time
  5. Tick tock gents. Matches need to be played and reported by midnight Saturday evening to avoid additional cripplings
  6. Just a reminder that all first half of the season games need to be played and reported by Saturday at midnight
  7. I'm hoping for nips for £10 but will (begrudgingly) settle for bikini I guess
  8. Wincho 1-1 Mardigan No injuries Higuain put me ahead after Mertens was fouled. Annoyingly it was just as he got his shot off which went in! Fortunately Higuain made no mistake from the spot Mardigan equalised after a pointless push out from my keeper froma tame header which appeared to be going wide, was stopped with the chest of Yaya who then knocked it into the empty net Bit gutted not to have got all three points here as had most of the chances but it was a good enjoyable game nonetheless Napoli top scorers Higuain 8 Mertens 5 Insigne 3 Mkhitaryan Koulibaly Allan Alex Sandro
  9. Wincho 1-3 Timmo No injuries Timmo outplayed me and deservedly took a 3 goal lead with some nicely worked goals I gave myself a glimmer of hope through Higuain with 22 mins to go but it was just a consolation in the end Koulibaly saw red late on trying to break Fernandez in two after he'd tormented me all game - unfortunately I failed to injure the little bastard Napoli top scorers Higuain 7 Mertens 5 Insigne 3 Mkhitaryan Koulibaly Allan Alex Sandro
  10. Wincho 4-1 Steely Injury - Hult (Steely) Went 1-0 down to a Larsson goal but goals from Higuain and Alex Sandro and 2 for Mertens saw Napoli take the points (Steely is sponging Hult)
  11. Wincho 2-3 Graham No injuries Higuain gave me the lead on 31m but a horror 2 mins just after half time for Napoli saw them 2-1 down Graham added a third and Higuain got one back with 15 to play but Graham held on for the win
  12. Wincho 6-2 Manic No injuries Mertens put me one up after just 5 mins Farfan got Manic back on terms on 10m Koulibaly the monster put me back in control on 21m Higuain gave me some breathing space making it 3-1 3 mins later Costa spawned what ended up being a consolation for Manic to make it 3-2 Higuain again added some space with Napoli's 4th just before half time Insigne added a 5th with 20 to play Mkhitaryan rubbed salt in with Napoli's 6th and final goal with 10 to play Beautiful Fuck you Manic
  13. Wincho 3-1 Alfromsleep Injury - Hamsik (Wincho) Another game that I made more difficult than the stats suggest (15 attempts for me/3 for Al) Insigne put me 1 up but (recently sponged) Aubameyang equalised for Al Insigne got his and Napoli's second just after half time and (recently sponged) Mertens added a third on 73 mins to seal the points Sponge Hamsik
  14. Wincho 1-0 Bennette Injury - Mertens (Wincho) I made hard work of this but controlled the game with my superior team. 12 attempts and kept Bennette to two. The goal came from Mertens who had been given the hook at the time and would have come off had the ball gone dead before the goal (Sponge Mertens)
  15. Wincho 2-2 BigBaz Injury - Sviatchenko (Baz) Baz took an early 2 goal lead through Ibe on 5 mins and then Dybala on 12m. An Allan header got me within 1 goal after34m and then Higuain slid one in 4 mins later to level it I had chances to win the game and probably should have but Baz hung on in there for a draw (14 attempts for me and just 3 for Baz)
  16. Can't shift it to 9.20 I'm afraid @GrahamDunn and @Steely - I can't do 8.30 as got Baz - 8.30 Bennette - 9.00 Alfromsleep - 9.30 Manic - 10 Happy to play anyone else 10.30 onwards
  17. I'll be on from 8.30 tomorrow evening if anyone fanices playing our league match?
  18. Why have we still not appointed anyone? I appreciate the need to take a bit of time to be as sure as possible in getting the right man but they should be working round the clock to sort it so that whoever comes in has as much time with the squad between now and next season
  19. Steely has 2 Elms in his side, R Elm and V Elm - need to know which one it was please
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