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  1. All the rostas have been finalised. Your NON FTLs have been added. The final transfers have been made and the window has closed It's gametime! Play everyone once and report the results WITH ANY INJURIES FOR EITHER SIDE in here as quickly as you can once the game has finished. (You can edit in a lovely match report afterwards) I'll try and keep the table updated so that it's as live as it can be Deadline to play the first half season of games is two weeks. Any games that go unplayed or unreported by midnight on Saturday 11th June, will see injuries to star players for the offending manager/s Anyone interested in being part of a whatsapp group where we can arrange games 'en masse' so to speak, send me a pm with your mobile number and I'll add you to the group
  2. Yep - sorry mate. Didn't even think to check the other thread All good - Giovinco and Gerrard are sold to Graham WINDOW IS CLOSED
  3. Sold These two have fallen through as you don't have the wages to cover them i suspect you had forgotten the free agents you bought when calculating what you had left?
  4. @GrahamDunn and @MardiganX - tonight is last night of transfer window. You need to nominate any non ftls by 11.30 if you plan on using them this window
  5. Can everyone make sure that before adding and removing players you've bought and sold, you've downloaded the latest squad update As an example, Steely's rostas did not include Sakho for Liverpool and thats because he's been removed recently for being a cheating dirty red drug taking cunt Manic did not realise this. If a player isn't in the rostas on Steely's sheet then DO NOT play him Punishments will be severe (very severe - I'm bloodthirsty after so long away from FTL)
  6. Free agent K Boateng 0.104 Ps - fuck all y'all
  7. Just realised that this needed to be an English pick for Bennette so Van Dijk is being put back in the 'available' pot and Bennette will have to re select someone
  8. He's here everyone! Prepare for your 3 day old pms to be replied upon!
  9. Whats that coming over the hill, is it an Alfromsleep? Guess what folks? - Alfromsleep is coming on shortly In the meantime, we did a deal via text - Bernat from Bayern (Alsleep) to Napoli (Wincho) for £11m
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