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  1. There should be a few on from the clan at that time. Were on from 8ish to 4 man the horse so after that we should be able to sort something out if needed
  2. I'll be on at various points this weekend. If you're struggling give me a shout, GT is Rusty S Badge. Will try and get a vog going too
  3. Integrity What should I do scruff? Not enjoy a win? Not go to a match? I can sit here and twist myself in knots about the brutality of SA but it makes no difference. I can't disconnect myself from the team I've supported for 40 years. It's not rational is it. That doesn't mean I'm a cheerleader for SA. It doesn't mean I wouldn't prefer another billionaire owner but that's not up to me.
  4. He's squaring being left wing and loving a sport that's sees people being charged fortunes and players earning vast amounts of money anyway. Saudi Arabia doesn't come into it for me. I feel positive about my club for the first time since Bobby was sacked. Chelsea fans don't care how Abromocivh made his money, Man Utd fans weren't tearing up their season tickets when they formed a business partnership with SA a few years back and they also weren't taking the moral high ground when it was rumoured the PIF were looking into buying them. They don't boycott Disney or Starbucks so why is it on us to be the moral gatekeepers of football? It won't make a difference to SA's standing in the world if they buy us or not. Politically we're not going to make a difference either, that chance has gone. If its sports washing they're after they'd surely see better results from buying a newspaper or other media outlet. So fuck it. Wake up one morning to find out you're the richest club in the world, I'm along for the ride.
  5. FullChrome bug? Let me know if it works for you. I've tried it god knows how many times now with no joy. I've now done a few side missions, levelled up to 10, died a few times then returned to grinder and the fuckers still wont spawn.
  6. Theres a chance of getting a decent rolled weapon otherwise you're just dismantling for shards. I've got 4k tokens and 13k shards. I can't be arsed standing in front of zavala for an hour so ill just let them disappear.
  7. I'd say the biggest issue is they lead to a certain play style at lower level content that translates terribly to higher level. I think I've put that as diplomatically as I can
  8. Though I do disagree with mikey in that they're useless at high end. Add in cellular suppression and its like using blinding grenades on a full room
  9. Esoterickk - a guy? You can't really use him to prove anything. He's on another planet. He could probably solo it with just a sidearm
  10. Null Composure is a huge disappointment. I was expecting it to be a new Loaded Question but its a bit meh. Lower impact and as its void rather than arc the explosion isn't very effective. Plug 1, which is arc, can also roll with reservoir burst and while still not quite LQ 2.0 to me it feels better than Null Composure.
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