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  1. FullChrome bug? Let me know if it works for you. I've tried it god knows how many times now with no joy. I've now done a few side missions, levelled up to 10, died a few times then returned to grinder and the fuckers still wont spawn.
  2. Theres a chance of getting a decent rolled weapon otherwise you're just dismantling for shards. I've got 4k tokens and 13k shards. I can't be arsed standing in front of zavala for an hour so ill just let them disappear.
  3. I'd say the biggest issue is they lead to a certain play style at lower level content that translates terribly to higher level. I think I've put that as diplomatically as I can
  4. Though I do disagree with mikey in that they're useless at high end. Add in cellular suppression and its like using blinding grenades on a full room
  5. Esoterickk - a guy? You can't really use him to prove anything. He's on another planet. He could probably solo it with just a sidearm
  6. Null Composure is a huge disappointment. I was expecting it to be a new Loaded Question but its a bit meh. Lower impact and as its void rather than arc the explosion isn't very effective. Plug 1, which is arc, can also roll with reservoir burst and while still not quite LQ 2.0 to me it feels better than Null Composure.
  7. Or just kill shit before it has the chance to kill you
  8. Old argument done a million times but still the only class that doesn't have (need) an exotic to improve their jump. That new warlock exotic sounds utter shite compared to the other two.
  9. The mother fucking dick head dragon flies. The amount of times I attempted to kill the Chrysaloid solo only to fall short when three bastard dragon flies spawn. The 50 ft monster was a breeze to deal with but 3 little dragon flies continuously bent me over.
  10. the mosquito things are the most annoying enemy in the game I finished last night also. After struggling to get through tier 7 doing side quests I just plowed on with the main campaign and found it much easier to level up. I'm probably a bit behind you still judging on the amount of hours you've put in but I'm ready for expeditions now.
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