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  1. Or just kill shit before it has the chance to kill you
  2. Old argument done a million times but still the only class that doesn't have (need) an exotic to improve their jump. That new warlock exotic sounds utter shite compared to the other two.
  3. The mother fucking dick head dragon flies. The amount of times I attempted to kill the Chrysaloid solo only to fall short when three bastard dragon flies spawn. The 50 ft monster was a breeze to deal with but 3 little dragon flies continuously bent me over.
  4. the mosquito things are the most annoying enemy in the game I finished last night also. After struggling to get through tier 7 doing side quests I just plowed on with the main campaign and found it much easier to level up. I'm probably a bit behind you still judging on the amount of hours you've put in but I'm ready for expeditions now.
  5. You're a titan aren't you? Double banner shield will make monkey happy
  6. Me and monkey will be having a pop at some point over the weekend. Both 1310 (without artifact)
  7. We haven't done one yet this week so will be trying to sort something.
  8. You're on blade barrage 99% of the time! The need to res me assumes I'll die in the first place. Youre confusing me with a titan
  9. Granted, capes are cool and useful. You can use it to cover yourself when twizzling your sparkle stick
  10. For me its there as a counter to the high mobility, sliding shot gunner. I have it available every min or so let's say, the sliding shotgunner is there every fucking second :D. Where's the real problem? Also they've nerfed the fuck out of the warlock melee. Break out is almost instantaneous . Titan charged stasis melee is a bit shit. Hunters have fucking throwing stars that bounce off walls, can insta kill and have a buffed recharged rate. Again, where's the real problem? In trials you'll come up against 80% Hunters I reckon. In general crucible it must be 50%. PVP has
  11. I'm on my own on this but stasis is not the biggest issue with pvp. I dont mind it all tbh as it does what I think it was designed to. It slows the game down and provides counters to the real problems that pvp has had for years. The big problem is hunters. Bungie have given them so many tools in terms of mobility and ways to disengage from a fight that other classes don't have. The only one that has anything comparable is top tree dawnblade and its still not close to what a hunter can have. Improve pvp? Just fuck off hunters, its easy. The other main thing this season
  12. Master presage on xbox tonight if anyone else needs it. More the better. @pledge @Swallow what time is best for you?
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