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  1. Quite liked A Call To Arms myself. Think the music was done by the same guy who did Crusade. Franke must have been done in doing five years on one show!
  2. Going to do the movies? Such a shame tnt dicked JMS about to cancel crusade!
  3. For some reason episode 15 season 3 interludes and examinations won’t stream. Tried ipad and iPhone neither work. Weirdly episodes either side work.
  4. Shame Crusade isn’t up on IMDb
  5. Except they weren’t ‘true’ engurland supporters and just thugs out looking for trouble. Taking the piss with that, but suspect an element of truth.
  6. Fair play to the players for pointing it out so quickly as well.
  7. Second season syndrome or what happened with Sheffield Utd. Other teams have figured you out. Also for the first time in ages, Norwich aside there don’t seem to be any obvious teams (depending on what Newcastle do now) for the relegation places.
  8. As long as it’s not your team they are playing against!
  9. That’s what they said about football and look what happened there.
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