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  1. Imagine the reaction if Star Trek voyager were announced today!
  2. Shame no one mentioned that to JJ ala rise of skywalker. Watched part 1 and felt I’d seen most of it in trailers (same feeling with Clarksons Farm tbh). Enjoyed it well enough.
  3. When is part 2 out? Also perversely I started watching the 2002 version last night.
  4. Clue is in the program title. That aside there’s another masters of the universe series that is He-man related coming as well.
  5. Just twigged that it’s “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” and not “He-man Masters of the Universe: Revelation”.
  6. Also Masters of the Universe part 1 out tomorrow.
  7. How many players would the signing of Mourinho and subsequent sacking have got you instead? Spurs to me always seem to be a nearly club. A few players in the right places would have seen you kick on, but instead you either hold or slip back a little so the next season see you play catch up again. What do you think happens to the Kane money if he goes? Replacement players or quietly absorb the amount into running of the club?
  8. When all is said and done the real winners of yesterday’s race will be the F1 chiefs. They must be loving the reaction.
  9. Fight, or paper rock scissors?
  10. Then moan about the lack of overtaking.
  11. Tell that to yourself after the next steam sale.
  12. Do the first 100 come with Half Life 3 pre installed?
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