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  1. Does my head in when they have the middle book on offer but none of others.
  2. Also sign of the times. Don’t really do opening credits now.
  3. Roberto de Zerbi new manager at Brighton.
  4. SanDisk Ultra 512GB microSDXC Memory Card A1 - £34.99 at Amazon if anyone needs more storage.
  5. SanDisk Ultra 512GB microSDXC Memory Card A1 - £34.99 at Amazon uk currently.
  6. Russian born, British citizen so no.
  7. Looks like Bournemouth are going to be the latest premier league team to be taken over by American owners.
  8. If it helps Bournemouth kept them to 4.
  9. So still better than Latifi then?
  10. https://motorsportbroadcasting.com/2022/09/09/sky-channel-4-to-scale-back-italian-grand-prix-coverage-following-death-of-the-queen/
  11. Chelsea now find themselves in a similar position Utd was awhile back with the lack of top notch managers available. There’s not even a Ten Haag or Conte available now.
  12. It’s not even race day yet:-
  13. Looks like we might have Rosberg 2.0 on our hands. No wonder Lewis didn’t want Bottas to leave.
  14. Sandbags ejected which is appropriate. I lost track of what was going on when they all divebombed into the pit lane under safety car. To think it looked like the original Ferrari pit lane cock up was going to be the talking point.
  15. Don’t forget the pigeon factor though!
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