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  1. Huge fan of guile’s iconic new “brown corduroy dungarees” look. Finally a look I wouldn’t be ashamed to cosplay.
  2. Nothing quite says “ascetic martial arts quest” like some funky guitar with a lively horn section.
  3. Turns out I still get deeply physically uncomfortable watching Maximilian videos.
  4. Rip Clive Sinclair 56k tele pls mother 😪

  5. I’m struggling with survival because it’s pretty obvious that you need blood lust in order to survive on the later stages where it’s impossible to pick up health, however I’m simply not good enough to make it very far when using blood lust.
  6. I’m also very surprised to learn that Peter Dinklage seems to have the streets of rage 2 speed run world record.
  7. pls how is coma girl

  8. Lads I bought this and have to say I'm delighted by it. But I'm even more delighted that when I dipped into this thread all I saw was JLM dropping science everywhere. I hope there will be more of that with the dlc too.
  9. Super spreader fighter Cor(o)ner carry Jabs
  10. Wuhazanshu lockdown-back
  11. thems fighting herd immunity psychovid crusher coronavirufus
  12. Lads, I've got a ps4 now, so in the 3 minutes of the day when I'm not chasing a small baby around and my wife isn't watching Ozark I might try to download and play this children's fighting videogame against you. Do I have to pay Sony money in order to be able to do "online"? I've not done video games for about 5 years so have no clue how anything works now.
  13. Delurien Imstillthecaddy
  14. PIgs in blankats Bearclaws Final Atomic Custard
  15. Man, infectious had a heck of a run at rbk. What a guy!
  16. My world has been shaken to its very core.
  17. Genuinely horrified by the special champion edition revelation lads. If I've been wrong about that for all my life, what else could I be mistaken about!?!?
  18. I'll probably be watching the evo finals live, lads, as I have a one week old boy now. Sleep-deprived fighter
  19. Saw Hegg the other week lads. He's still a handsome devil.
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