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  1. Come to think of it Alien Isolation did a similar thing with the monitors to some degree, although not with the rest of the game. It's weird because it's so prevalent in Shenmue, and it's so long since I played it, it feels like a pretty fresh/cool mechanic...
  2. I'd completely forgotten that whole looking at something and the game camera auto zooming/focusing onto it aspect - for instance when you're checking out the signs on the houses near the beginning of the game in a certain side quest. It's a mechanic that really adds to the immersion of the game, and I have no idea why no other games really picked it up and/or used it.
  3. I remember when I first played this on the Dreamcast I literally spent five minutes just staring at the goldfish in the pond in Ryo's garden in first person mode. So yeah, 18 years later, guess what the first thing I did was (again)... Good to be back.
  4. I'm not really bothered. By this stage most of the good players know the tracks anyway. I probably just need to practice more myself.
  5. That's all I need. I only finished anywhere remotely not last tonight because you guys hadn't played the track.
  6. Top racing again tonight chaps. Mount Panorama was hilarious!
  7. I spent nearly 200k on an Aston, and literally half an hour later it gave me the same car. #Doh
  8. Erk. That's put me off. Unless you can turn it off?
  9. That's the mode I'm most interested in. But if multiplayer is as buggy/laggy as some people are saying, I'm a tad worried.
  10. It's dropped to 32.99 on Amazon for Prime members. I think they're offering a free trial of Prime at the moment.
  11. Oh my, just been reading the Amazon reviews. Not good.
  12. So is this worth a punt for 30 quid? I quite enjoyed the first one, but then I only paid £3.99 for it with all the map packs... ☺
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