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  1. see thats my problem with marvel there is just so many characters that every time something happens its just a few seconds of everyone all over the shop...I was given onslaught awhile ago and it just confused the shit out of me!bahhhh humbug!
  2. Does "deadly" mean good? I liked Ultimate X-men, but it's really gone down hill... yes it does. Pardon me oirish soul! sure isnt it a common word from the Emrald Isle..begorrah. dont tell me X-men gets shit...
  3. obviously this has all ready been answered but sure I want to put in my eight cents. I thought Strikes back was good...not great but fuck it give it a read it wasn't terrible...IMO. Hush I think was my favorite and Red Hood was a good continuation of it, they would be my first on the list! Also the whole BANE shenanigans got me into Batman so I would give them a whirl (Knightfall). Just read the wargames ones and have to say not too impressed they seem to be doing a shit load of underworld gangster secret meetings which all end the same way....not very exciting. Also read ultimate X-men vol.1 over the weekend and thought it was deadly pity I had to read Marvel zombies versus Evil dead afterwards....Dont get me wrong I love ash in the films but I thought this was SHIT.
  4. no no not new at this comic book game just looking for new stuff. havn't read swap thing or invisibles though...would you put them up there with these other modern day classics? if so I will have to get on it. I have been giving a friend Preacher reading each one again before I give them to him and needless to say he loves it, just gave him all hells a coming today...I freakin LOVE the look on his little face when he looks at the cover its like he is five and its Christmas or he is thirteen and just squeezed some boob for the first time. favorite character? its gotta be Herr Starr "put your head in the toilet I'm about to come"
  5. oh thanks a bleedin' bunch.Now I'm going to have to buy it tomorrow, so much for trying to save. I only got Volume 1 of Y but I likes it so far
  6. I've never been too into Marvel but the Ultimates are the fucking shit! a bit more realistic than the usual everyone having a massive super powers jerk off. Splashed out for myself and got 30 days of night (a tad short but good) and 'Y' the last man which I thought was just plain super. what is that walking dead like? 'cause I was very tempted to get that too, maybe next week...I think I'm addicted
  7. I read the spider man one and to my amazement I actually liked it. I was amazed because I think Spider man is a utter twat and the worst super hero out there full of quips and smart comments I wish Batman would kick the shit out of him.
  8. does anyone love Preacher by Ennis and Dillon as much as me? I would recommend it to everyone.
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