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  1. Nah. I heard the devs said they won’t go on sale, but will focus on adding free dlc instead.
  2. Bought Shooty Fruity, Trover and Apex construct in a splurge of vr content catchup. Trover is all I expected it to be and more.
  3. Besides the quest and it's slightly annoying tendency to lose tracking now and then, the most annoying bit for me is that the leaderboards don't have separate boards for the different modifiers. I wanna chase higher scores, but it seems like I need to do it with the difficulty mods applied in order to get better. Just cheapens it a bit for me. No biggy.
  4. I’m going through a similar transition. I’m trying to not swing backwards much now to see if keeping the controller more in front will help things.
  5. Cheers guys. I’m saintm and have sent requests to a few names from this thread. I expect ill I’ll have to really up my arm flailing game now.
  6. I’ve been really enjoying this. Beat Saber is pretty amazing all in all, but also games like super hot and shadow point are playing to the cable-less strengths of the device. Im also going through a few games in PSVR and the hassle factor in setting that up is worlds away.
  7. Hey there. Its all true, I still end up playing FIFA 18 like a down and out desperately glugging Lidl brand whiskey. Im not intending to get 19 for a bit, just bought Spider-Man so best give that my time first. I'll give it a season for the expectant patch to fix all the horrifying bugs before I leap. As @Jamin has rightly suggested, I’m not really up for any sorta admin role, but would be ok with helping on the technical side if needed (whatever that might entail).
  8. I'm not sure if Baz touched me inappropriately or not (it's a blur), but could probably do some BAP tomorrow night.
  9. Database backups nabbed. The sites will go in about a weeks time. Sounds like Smithstock is going to usher in a new age, so best of luck with the leagues and see you around
  10. Aye, I've got the source code and will be taking copies of the databases in the next few days so if we do re-host the site it should be relatively unscathed.
  11. I'd say if, by some miracle, it was decided to restart the league(s), alternative hosting should be located to bring costs waaaaaaay down.
  12. It's worth noting that in 2 weeks time the site goes dark. It's £50 for the hosting for the year and £15 for the domain. Given the likelihood of the league restarting, I'm intending to let it run out.
  13. Kind of you to say so. I'd be up for restarting things if we had the numbers, but I'm not sure that we do. Was thinking about doing a bespoke WC2018 thing for old time's sake.
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