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  1. See the result reporting thread!
  2. A random hotch potch of players to go against your well settled team who have not lost a game in about 50 matches? Fuck off mate, sounds like a shit deal.
  3. For info, I'm gonna be announcing the fixtures etc tomorrow.
  4. Sorry chaps, not gonna make it tonight. Good luck!
  5. Cup tomorrow. No player restrictions. 9.30 start. Two legs. Town v Wanderers Athletic v City Winners meet in single game final.
  6. Address all complaints to UEFA. You ungrateful curs.
  7. Group A France - Luseth Switzerland - ikilledyanan Romania - Sladey19 Finland - Jamin Group B England - AlfromSleep Russia - kiko kylz Scotland - mackenie Wales - Steely Group C Germany - KriessG Greece - superstarbeejay Poland - Timmo Northern Ireland - BiGBaZ96 Group D Spain - Alison94 Norway - Josh G Czech Republic - MardiganX Turkey - Meerkat Group E Belgium - Bleeders Italy - Baring Sweden - gooner4life Republic of Ireland - Bennette98 Group F Portugal - Buchy Austria - Fennas3 Hungary - SaintM Slovania - Seanfl9 Fixtures etc will be sorted out next weekend. For now, practice! Note: custom formations are not permitted, so don't go doing that.
  8. Five team replacements: Croatia = Norway Ukraine = Greece Slovakia = Scotland Iceland = Slovenia Albania = Finland
  9. Ok, Baring added to group 2 and sladey moved up to group 3.
  10. I'll draw it tonight and there will be a gap if we can't fill it. Obviously really.
  11. SaintM

    Euro 2016 thread

    Late breaking space in the 24 teams for the PS4 FIFA tourney. Please see the thread in the football folder!
  12. Here are the seeds: Pot 1: AlfromSleep Bleeders Alison94 Luseth KriessG Buchy Pot 2: Sladey19 superstarbeejay kiko kylz ikilledyanan Josh G Fennas3 Pot 3: SaintM Timmo gooner4life MardiganX smithstock mackenie Pot 4: Jamin Seanfl9 Bennette98 Meerkat Steely BiGBaZ96 I'll be doing the draw later on. Exciting, isn't it?
  13. Yeah right, you'll go and play with Brazil or something.
  14. I've already got you pencilled in as 'GerryHelmet' level, so you ain't getting any lower.
  15. I'm gonna be sorting this out this afternoon, so if you feel you'd like to plead your case as to why you should be seeded as good or bad now is the time. It won't make any difference to your team of course, but it'll be amusing to see the attempt anyway.
  16. Not reported! The horror of it all! Mac, please can you get this sorted today? This is your free warning chip cashed in (I believe it's a first offence, but the admin girl is on maternity so I've not got the paper work to back that up).
  17. Many a big name from overseas has floundered on these shores. I expect him to do the same.
  18. Ignoring the repeated attempts to put words in my mouth, the idea that teams can pick and choose when to follow the league rules is not acceptable. There is no justification for doing that, so jamin can see the season out and then won't be accepted as a manager for future seasons. Luseth, your mistake is accepted as described and I'm happy it wasn't deliberate. If if you don't agree with these decisions, feel free to PM me.
  19. SaintM

    Euro 2016 thread

    Blatant I know, but I'm running a FIFA 16 (PS4) Euro 2016 tourney in the football league folder. We've got a couple of spaces left, so if you fancy some summer-time FIFA to help pass the time until England go out then please add your name to the list!
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