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  1. Ignoring the repeated attempts to put words in my mouth, the idea that teams can pick and choose when to follow the league rules is not acceptable. There is no justification for doing that, so jamin can see the season out and then won't be accepted as a manager for future seasons. Luseth, your mistake is accepted as described and I'm happy it wasn't deliberate. If if you don't agree with these decisions, feel free to PM me.
  2. SaintM

    Euro 2016 thread

    Blatant I know, but I'm running a FIFA 16 (PS4) Euro 2016 tourney in the football league folder. We've got a couple of spaces left, so if you fancy some summer-time FIFA to help pass the time until England go out then please add your name to the list!
  3. Please be aware I've decided to put the league on ice for the duration of Euro 2016. Matches were bound to interfere with games, so easiest to avoid it and start afresh in July. I'll repost in here when it's ready to ramp up again.
  4. Thanks for the responses all. I'm gonna pause the league schedule for a month or so, what with the Euro's and all, so congrats Town you get to be the kings of summer I'll refresh the start up thread closer to the restart time (mid July).
  5. Really? I'm amazed you'd talk about courtesy after tonight!
  6. No protest, we're having issues with it not sending.
  7. I've never seen team field a less 'real-life' than Athletic did tonight. Afros all over the place.
  8. I've not thought about it so far. Maybe at the weekend.
  9. Not sure. Does that have an impact on things, or just curiosity?
  10. I'm pretty sure we've never gone into the final fixtures of the season with any team still able to win the title before.
  11. Start prodding team mates please chaps.
  12. I admit a small child getting told off by their dad for giving a gloating goal scorer the finger isn't quite as common as a fat, shaven headed 40 year old shouting obscenities at teenagers taking throw ins, but I thought it was quite amusing.
  13. It pains me, but I have to be cheering on Man Utd today. If they win Southampton go straight into the group stages of the EL.
  14. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that may be only slightly worse than painting the match day mascot kids blue to promote the same film. The marketing department at Man Utd will stop at nothing to make a buck.
  15. Ok, we have 4 spaces to fill before the teams can be drawn! Send out the word, get them filled!
  16. The final games have been put through the pools panel. Also, one guy was removed as he had played less than 50%. I apologise for the farcical admin this season, I only really started the season as a technical resource with the understanding others would run the admin of the league itself, but it's not really panned out like that and in the end it's been shit. I can assure you though that the next one won't be allowed to wallow in its own juices like this one. I'll be more hands on and ensure things are appropriated progressed through the season.
  17. The pools panel has decided the unplayed games.
  18. The pools panel has decided the unplayed games.
  19. I think it's fair to say, Steely has been quite 'hands off' with his admin duties. The pools panel will determine unplayed games. Watch this space!
  20. Hi, Please add your name to the list if you're up for the summer challenge of the BAP league! The exact setup is yet to be determined (see/vote in the recently added poll).
  21. Please feedback your opinion.
  22. They've already done defending, so defenders just stand around and let attackers walk through. They've introduced passes that go to the opposition in 16 regardless of direction held or intent of the player. That leaves shooting. I expect you'll need to hold a few more buttons when shooting, just to keep it in the stadium or something.
  23. Lol, shows I didn't even understand the bet in the spirit of inter-forum relations, I'll still make the donation
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