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  1. I've restored my base from a pre-next save and have the mission to find a base overseer. Follow the sign to a space station and can't find the bugger anywhere.


    Also have been stuck in the same system since my return as can't find any copper to make chromatic metal. I have the terrain manipulator, do I just dig loads of holes?


    Despite this am loving the whole ambience of it. Don't know where the time goes when I'm playing.

  2. Also on the Gunfighters, when the Doctor said "Lucky I didn't need to have my tonsils out" after inexplicably going to the 1800s wild west to visit the dentist, someone wrote "OR AN ENEMA"

  3. I actually enjoyed two episodes of the Gunfighters, which I doubt many people can say.


    Also when they get into the shite golf cart at the end of the Ark to get driven back to the TARDIS, someone wrote "THUG LIFE" 

  4. Think I'm going to leave this and come back when more content has dropped. They've finally revealed some details such as they're working on the progression system and career after some 'soul searching'. Apparently the team working on this is bigger than the first game and there are a lot more seasons, maps and characters to come. Also all the maps from the first game are likely to make their way into the second. I may be setting myself up for disappointment but I'm daring to hope...


    In the meantime, back to Witcher!

  5. I didn't think Finn Jones was that bad, but the writing and structure in this were shocking. The story went round and round, while evil Meachum guy had no motivation other than to be a Sunset Beach level bad guy and explain his motivation constantly to whoever was nearby. And the Kun Lun scenes looked like they'd been staged by me and my mates in my back yard.


    Went back to the second half of Luke Cage once I slogged through this so I'd be all caught up for the Defenders and the quality gap between the two is amazing.

  6. 1 hour ago, scottcr said:

    So thats me finished the original series and time to start The Return,


    As I understand it, if that's possible...


    coop had to go to the black lodge and wait 25 years, so Laura could tell him about BOB, so coop could capture Leeland in series 2. Coop gets into the BL and offers up his soul to BOB in return for Annie.  Coop, through his bullet wounds has 'a hole' to allow BOB in.


    as the original series ends, there's a doppelgänger Coop possessed by BOB while the result Coop waits in the BL.


    we're now 25 years later...


    is that kinda it?

    Make sure you watch FWWM too. If the series is fresh in your mind you should get the most out of it too.

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