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  1. drthvader wins the thread.
  2. It's a good job Film 2010 has finished its run then. The whole set was blue and orange. I don't remember a single review as I was too busy staring over Jonathan Ross's shoulder thinking 'blue and orange, blue and orange, blue and orange...'
  3. Teabag

    Frightened Rabbit

    I love this band. I'm seeing them at Koko next month and am very, very excited.
  4. Have finally left this alone two levels into round 3. I got the one gun achievement, but not sure I can be arsed doing maxed out...loved it from start to finish, though. Tempted to try Extraction now, but am moving on to Mass Effect first in my Games I Missed Out On Which Are Now £11 On Amazon marathon.
  5. Apparently there's one coming up with Frankie Boyle presenting and Richard Herring guesting, which will hopefully be quite good. Unless it's been on already and I've missed it.
  6. That's a shame, as I just caught up with last week's haunted house one which is easily the best they've ever done.
  7. Glen easily had the line of the series when Malcolm was trying to make amends by helping with the speech. 'I feel like I'm part of a therapy group being run by my own rapist'.
  8. I didn't get to it last night either. However I'm up to the bit where you have to . I realised on the way to work yesterday that I could probably also that come after me while I'm doing it. And got quite excited as a result.
  9. Killed the , now into mining. Had to make myself turn it off and go to bed last night. Agree with what Vulgar Monkey said about the scripted events - the headbanger got me too. Not to mention the
  10. Picked this up for £12 on Saturday and it just ate my weekend. I'm on chapter six already (I think - the one in ). I second what everyone's saying about the atmosphere and particularly the sound design - there have been countless sections where it's really put the fear into me. Parts are a real ordeal, but you keep going as you're so immersed in it. I love the way the audio logs drip feed you the story too. I don't think I've been this wrapped up in a survival horror game since Resi 2 all those years ago...
  11. Teabag

    Halo 3: ODST

    Just to say I'm also new to Halo, playing the original on the 360 and completely loving it. I even enjoyed the library level. Am now partway through the one following and finding the flood/covenant battles very entertaining. The shotgun is fantastic.
  12. The trailers make it look terrible...I've a feeling they just don't know how to sell it to people who haven't read the book. The clip of the was particularly bad.
  13. In other news James Moran, one of the Torchwood writers, has decided to stop writing his (fantastic) blog after being trolled by Twitter nutters going batshit after .
  14. This is the most dreadful thing in the history of dreadful things. It's realised quite well, but the writing and plotting are just rubbish. My favourite bit was when the villainess (Isabelle?) said "Bring me their heads! I want them alive!" If they'd actually followed through on that it might actually have been pretty good.
  15. Downloaded the original Halo from live arcade - it's taken me a while but now I'm loving it. I think it won me over the second I climbed into the Scorpion, after getting through half a level with almost no ammo. There's some very nice level design. It eats time though.
  16. Possibly a bit obvious, but Cracker series 2 where My folks used to record it for me as they were always watching something rubbish on the other side, and I'd watch it the following morning before going to school. I still remember the walk after I watched that, just totally stunned.
  17. Noel Clarke is in this too according to his twitter account, but I've no idea who he plays.
  18. In terms of the ending, I'd agree with this guy: http://leethomson.blogspot.com/2009/03/gre...ll-some-of.html All in all I liked it. I was expecting far worse.
  19. I so want it to be good...but it's going to be rubbish. This is what it was like watching Doctor Who in the eighties.
  20. After my posts above I'm almost ashamed to say that I watched the last episode and now want to know what happens next. But only because
  21. Hera is going to turn into some magic space fairy and fix everything. It's going to be just like V the miniseries.
  22. Finished the second series last night - in fact did about seven episodes in a two-night marathon. It's awesome. The episode where Tony goes for his university interview was aces. And not just for the tits.
  23. I saw this in the cinema on September 10, 2001. I then went to Pizza Express. TRUFAX.
  24. That's pretty much what I was doing, and sticking to hisec. Admittedly I was fine for quite a while, but then had a rash of two or three incidents of having my stuff nicked. Although one guy I managed to make friends with and persuade to give the ore back, which I suppose is in the spirit of the game.
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