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  1. What's your mining setup? I had an osprey and mammoth - I'd jetcan mine with the former, then come and pick it up with the latter. But I got disheartened by too many griefers putting my jetcan into a cargo container of their own, in the hope that I'd open it allowing them to destroy me. Not sure I can be arsed to just fit a mining laser on a badger...if you lot are enjoying mining I'd be interested to hear how you do it (honest question, I'm not being facetious).
  2. I'm three episodes into S2 and can vouch for the above so far - it's awesome. I really liked S1 too, though some episodes were light years better than others.
  3. You were pretty awesome. Even if you did flip out when I called my miner Scargill I should start again, just because I left my main in what was BRUCE space. God knows who'll be there if I log on now...maybe if I beg they'll let me back into empire space.
  4. This is making me want to give Eve a third try. Last time was quite nice...I never had time to do it properly, but I was there in my newb capacity when Apple folded and we all joined a 0.0 alliance. Ara, Pulse and others were extremely supportive (and generous...) Ngk...must...resist...
  5. Oh, I'm probably thinking of something else then. The bit I referred to was when Baltar was being beaten up outside of his religious refuge and she kind of helped him up (or he fell into her). She was trying to persuade him to fulfil his messiah role and be less of a douchebag. Alot of the first half of series four is a blur though to be honest - them splitting it up threw me right out of whack.
  6. I think I read somewhere that Ron Moore admitted on a podcast head Six holding up Baltar was just an accident in filming which slipped through, and it wasn't planned at all. Baltar must come centre stage soon though. It feels like they're ticking off plot resolutions to give the final episodes a bit more room to breathe.
  7. Surely . Playing it safe with the spoiler tags there.
  8. I'm way older than their target audience, but I really liked the first series (haven't the second yet but will get round to it). In the first episode of season one you knew that . I felt old just watching it but they were at least engaging characters and I ended up watching almost half the series in one sitting. You could even believe in the adults with some slight suspension of disbelief. This was dreadful though. I can't believe it was written by Bryan Ellsey. I know all the other writers are 21 or under, but it was the same for the first season and it managed not to insult your intelligence. This felt like it was cobbled together by the link writers for T4.
  9. This was me aged 12 too. And the wrong cyberman on the cover would peturb me even then. I keep telling myself I'm too old for action figures. But I can't believe you can now buy a Star Wars figure sized posable sixth doctor. If I get one, the damn will burst and the missus will come home to find I've spent the mortgage money on filling the spare room with Doctor Who action figures. It's not fair.
  10. I can't even remember which film I was going to see - I was in the small local cinema with a mate when we were about 12 or 13...and one of the trailers was for Back to the Future 2. I can still vividly remember the clip with the holographic shark and when Marty bursts through a door in the 1950s, knocking his earlier self unconscious. BTTF was one of my favourite ever movies I didn't even know they were bringing out a sequel. I'm not kidding, I nearly shat myself with excitement.
  11. Teabag

    Fable 2

    Despite all of the gripes I think there's a lot to love in this game, with most of it derived from the general randomness. At one point in Bloodstone I was trespassing in someone's house and rifling through their bedroom cupboard when she turned up, went mad and started shooting at me. So I apologised, gave her a necklace and then shagged her.
  12. Have to agree...I enjoyed this, but it was so full of holes it was ridiculous. A few favourites: Gardener/roadie discovers that his employer has brutally murdered his new wife. Does he vow revenge or even shed a tear? No, he keeps on doing the murderer's gardening. Sheridan's mate at the start - was she an orphan? Nobody even missed her or called the police. Sheridan finds the murder warehouse by stowing away in the back of a sealed truck. However when she gets locked in a trunk a bit later she's able to text Jonathan the address and directions. The aforementioned immediate recovery after being dumped in a water tank full of corpses (including that of your friend). And best of all, once it's found there's no implication that ANYTHING is done about it. No cops, forensics etc...by the end I was shouting at the old woman 'Never mind that painting, you've got a CORPSE TANK in your HOUSE!'
  13. This may be old news to everybody but there's a really in depth article on Microsoft and the RROD here: http://venturebeat.com/2008/09/05/xbox-360...e-console-woes/
  14. They never really handled Nyssa's character very well - , let's not mention it again and get on with our adventures shall we? The only nod is in Castrovalva (I think) where she says 'I hate that face' when the Master appears on the scanner. The wife watched Caves of Androzani with me on Monday. She's not really into old Who but I had to laugh just after Peter's regeneration into Colin. I've always thought it was a pretty awesome introduction to a new doctor. Her reaction: "He seems like a dick."
  15. It's proper old but I've just got back into Dune 2000, which will probably be about £2 if you can find it anywhere.
  16. If we're talking Orwell I really like Coming Up For Air - it was written in the thirties but the feeling of being intimidated by modern life feels really er...modern. I think that may be the one he wrote where he pledged not to use any semi colons as he thought it made for a more immediate writing style. I'm reading the Gathering Storm by Winston Churchill right now. It's awesome - like Lord of the Rings, but real.
  17. It was also scrawled when we got the first shot of it in its scaffold.
  18. I think there are two things at play here – one thing is that the movie is set (out of necessity) in a different era from the others. Indy isn’t some maverick 30s adventurer now, he’s . It wasn’t made a big deal of, and didn’t matter when he was in the thick of the action, but it was always going to make this film feel slightly different from the first three. As well as being awesome, with , the first twenty minutes pretty much scream at you ‘THIS IS THE FIFTIES!’ The other thing is that a lot of us grew up with the first movies and can’t lose ourselves in a new film quite the way we used to. I was a kid when I saw ToD and could vividly imagine being torn apart by crocodiles after falling from a rope bridge – I wasn’t just being entertained, I was there. And judging by the vocal reaction of some of the kids in the screening I saw, they were having the same experience with KotCS especially with stuff like .
  19. Please don't tell me C5 are doing lame entertainment news pieces in film ad breaks now as well. Thought it was just ITV2, 3 and 4... If John Lennon had just got shot I could understand it, but seeing as it's always just a string of press-release-cribbed rubbish then why bother? Do you hate your audience that much?
  20. Alex Kapranos is in his mid thirties.
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