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  1. I'm mega behind-the-times on this but am just up to the final arc of season 5 on my first Clone Wars watch through and...it's awesome, isn't it? The quality goes up and down (e.g. you have to suffer four episodes of a frog and some droids before you get to what happens to Savage on Mandalore) but I am absolutely loving this series. It's everything the prequels should have been and Ahsoka is *the best* character.
  2. I thought the point to the note was that there were loads of guns but no bullets. Can't think of anyone I'd care about Boot Person being. Maybe it's Elvis.
  3. It looks like less than 185k people watched the first two episodes of this, but apparently that's normal for BBC3 now it's not actually a broadcast channel. Bit of a shame as I think it's very good. If this is the norm is it even viable for BBC3 to be making original programmes?
  4. There's already speculation that the more vampiric one looks a lot like the mystery man from Lost Highway.
  5. Lynch is putting out some very weird gifs on his twitter feed.
  6. It's like Doctor Who if it was made by Fox.
  7. Suggests they might be drawing even closer to the Abnett/Lanning comic run that inspired the last movie. Which is fine by me.
  8. ...and finished it. Brilliant ending, which I saw coming only because I was so involved in the story. Would play again, maybe with some valium.
  9. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I'm about two thirds through this and am completely gripped. Can only echo thoughts above really. I actually found it more gruelling than Alien as the tension there was pretty much constant, where as here you can spend quite a while bumbling around being inquisitive before OH GOD PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME GO DOWN THERE AND REBOOT THE ROUTER
  10. It's nice to see Meacham from House of Cards and Fisk's mate from s1 Daredevil are still able to pay the mortgages.
  11. This is owning it this season. Did not see that coming at the end of ep 2. Tommy is going to go insane.
  12. I used to like the Milkshake presenters. They look like the kind of people who'd take the CBeebies presenters to a house party and get them laid.
  13. They immediately started chewing the Boltons' shoes before pissing on something expensive.
  14. True but he knows the only reason Chuck got involved in the meeting is because Kim was still associated with Jimmy. Howard wouldn't have pulled it off alone. It's a spiteful reposte to a spiteful move.
  15. Moffat's quote that it will be "dark and sexy and right now" caused a lot of hilarity on Twitter. I kind of want it to be good but also find I don't really care about it because, y'know, Torchwood.
  16. He did turn the actress down a lot though before he succumbed. And wasn't there a girl at the Eels guy's party? EDIT which you already mentioned.
  17. I loved this but the last two episodes grated a bit - veered into Girls territory where you're meant to be sympathetic to their terrible decisions but they just start to get annoying. I thought Gus constantly turning down super hot girls was a running joke as his wife is one of the writers.
  18. It was mostly people standing in hospital rooms narrating what was happening. It could have been a radio play. I've really enjoyed this season but that was just quite poor.
  19. I have such a boner for this film that I just watched the trailer using my mobile data allowance.
  20. I thought the pre credits scene was epic trolling by the writers. I laughed out loud.
  21. Teabag

    Suede Suede Suede

    I think I place this above Coming Up right now but I respect your opinion :-) Matt Osman tweeted that they're losing money on each of the shows with the film so that might explain why so few shows. They're playing Primavera this year though...and further down tne bill is Bernard Butler.
  22. Teabag

    Suede Suede Suede

    They're playing Manchester week after next because I'm going. If they'd released these records in the nineties they'd have been playing arenas. Though to be fair Brett would probably then have completely lost his mind.
  23. Teabag

    Suede Suede Suede

    What he said. This is easily in their top 3 for me. Bloodsports was kind of their Force Awakens where they prove they can still make a good Suede album but play it safe and predictable. This feels like it's this version of the line up at the very top of their game.
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