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  1. The only way it could have been less subtle is if there'd been an Osgood beheading video.
  2. I seem to remember there were some quite good duck tits in that movie.
  3. Teabag


    I knew this show was back in the game as soon as they found .
  4. Teabag


    The imagery has always been a huge part of the appeal. These last few eps it's just seemed divorced from any meaning to the point where it occludes what's actually happening.
  5. Teabag


    I've loved this series since the start but S3 has really lost it for me. There's been about two episodes worth of incident among the almost pastiche levels of slomo and paintbox effects. They've also ruined Will's character. He just shuffles around and mumbles incoherently. There's a great spoof to be made with him doing that and Mads speaking in a Goldmember accent. That said the sequence in Ep 3 where the folded up skinned corpse unfurled into the stag monster to menace Will in the church was incredible.
  6. Just caught up on this. The whole thing is like a massive intro to a computer game where you play the next people from the Met to turn up at the 'deserted' town.
  7. If the film was just the last two trailers looped for two hours I would probably still be on board for this.
  8. First episode was 1 and 2 glued together. Haven't seen last week's yet but presumably the only way it can wrap up in time is either everyone dies or mammoth aids gets out. Or both.
  9. Teabag


    It was. Brilliant film, I thought. Totally captivating. Also seemed to capture what I presume is the total shitness of taking a long drive at night.
  10. I think every workplace should have a communal sauna.
  11. Working through this on YouTube. It's still incredible - it's like they got greenlit to make Wind in the Willows and decided to make Twin Peaks with the same cast instead.
  12. I just remember Dengar would never stand up properly because of his stupid massive backpack.
  13. I've got to what I hope to hell is the end of mission 17 and my flamethrower has run out of fuel. Send help. And immodium.
  14. Took me a while to warm to it but there's a joke about parenthood halfway through that's absolutely incredible. If you're a parent.
  15. It would be good if they adapted it in the order written and start on Terminus with the origins all being a bit uncertain. If they make it a big Hari Seldon on Trantor thing it could get a bit SyFy movie of the week.
  16. On mission 13 of this and absolutely gripped. I've not felt tension like in the hospital level in a game for years. I just wanted to climb under a desk and stay there. I'm almost glad I'm playing this on the council 360 version. I don't think improved photo realism would be good for me.
  17. Does he do anything except stand there mute while his wife goes on about how ace he is? Bear in mind I've only read the Guardians stuff and World War Hulk.
  18. Is Black Bolt an Inhuman? I hate Black Bolt. PS he's not black.
  19. It does contain the line "We've got so much black light we can hardly see" so it can't be all bad.
  20. He's written a nice piece for DiS on the Mclusky shows and FOTLhttp://drownedinsound.com/in_depth/4148234-reformations-eh-falco-on-the-slight-return-of-mclusky-and-being-a-lifer Seeing them in Leeds on Thursday and proper excited.
  21. The reason these sequels will all fail is that producers won't face the dark secret behind the original Taken's success, which is that people just want to see Liam Neeson punching French people.
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