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  1. I think she popped in for a visit as she was doing a Casualty episode. Unless it's all a big cover story and I've been sucked right in.
  2. Five good episodes in a row. When's the last time they did that?
  3. And Tracie Simpson is back as line producer, a couple of years after being allegedly sacked by Beth and Piers, the fallout of which apparently led directly to the split series 6.
  4. It's what the Star Wars prequels should have been.
  5. I love it for just the reasons Ulala describes. Sometimes the story is good, sometimes the production values are good, sometimes the acting is good. The charm and talent of the lead keep you going while waiting for the rare occasions that all three coincide.
  6. Pertwee's first and last series are my favourites, even if they lack Delgado's best-ever Master.
  7. I really wanted the bespectacled Unit engineer to go postal and shoot the Doctor and the Brigadier as soon as the force field came down. Episode 3 is pretty much just Pertwee standing there going "You're a TWAT! You're a TWAT!"
  8. I used to love it (almost all the early VHS stories I got were Pertwee adventures) but I saw the Daemons recently and he just comes across like a bullying prick.
  9. Seems like people who wank lots think it's a wanking joke and people who sex lots think it's a sexing joke. I think it's a wanking joke.
  10. It sounds like the name of a shit hedge fund.
  11. Teabag


    Makes you wonder if they were half expecting to get cancelled as it would have been a hell of an end to the series.
  12. I'm starting to think this might be acceptable.
  13. Teabag


    Yup, reported as definitely renewed.
  14. Hamm's said this season is about how Don rises to the occasion when he's down-and-out. I'm well up for that instead of emotional breakdown no #3.3. Haven't seen the latest ep yet but loved the end of the last one when he accepted their terms. They have no idea what they're up against. Also what's with Joan's hatred of Don now, they used to have a lot of mutual respect. Is it all about him throwing away Jaguar last season, ruining their chance of floating the company and becoming millionaires?
  15. They'll have to do the battle of Meereen next season. Otherwise they may as well have shot all the Dany scenes for next year already, it's just a year of her sitting on a balcony looking sad.
  16. Yeah, Hoat dies of gangrene after Brienne bites his ear when he tries to rape her. I think the Mountain cuts his feet and hands off when he takes custody of Harrenhall (this is all reported rather than shown though).
  17. I'd rather have Bran's Craster's capture than the bloody kingsmoot. Though I was hoping Hodor would just break through the wall and hulk out at the end.
  18. Someone post the gif which I can't find of her wiping her palm after shaking hands with GRRM.
  19. Haven't seen the last one but took the nipper to see this on Saturday and we both loved it. I laughed more than she did, and I thought the songs were brilliant (and I hate musicals). Everything evil Kermit did and said was funny. Everything.
  20. First truly bad story of the new run. And I even like bits of Trial of a Time Lord.
  21. Yeah didn't Valyria use them like JCBs building roads and the like? That's exactly what I'd use dragons for. What's weirder is that Westeros has these ten year summers and lunatic winters while over the narrow sea the weather's always dandy.
  22. Rebecca Keatley is ridiculously, ludicrously attractive. Whenever my kid's watching Let's Play and Sid wins the Let It Be Me song I feel like turning the TV off in a huff.
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