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    I am fucking psyched for this. He still looks like Brett Anderson though.
  2. Totally this. It's even tacitly supported in the show, with a sort-of Pythia appearing in Timothy Dalton's high council even though they don't refer to her as such. Either that or Chancellor Flavia had a really bad divorce.
  3. Brilliant episode. Terrible childcare.
  4. I'd be happy if they just made this season Tales of the Governor.
  5. Well I didn't see that coming.
  6. I finished that today as well. Surprised myself by how much I enjoyed it - especially the stuff with the sixth and seventh doctors with Ace and Peri. My autocorrect wanted to call Peri Period. I almost kept it.
  7. Yeah, gonna miss these Sprite.
  8. I love it when the Doctor fakes the signatures right in front of the army clerk.
  9. So many ridiculously good concepts and set pieces in this though. The servants that march out of the secret compartments at 8pm, the insect husks in tuxedos and the spaceship powered by thought for a start. Not a moment is wasted. Marc Platt is wasted on Big Finish.
  10. Despite the fact I had to buy the script book to figure out what was going on, I reckon Ghost Light is one of the few late period stories to pretty much get everything right. I love the Doctor's lack of compassion when he finds Gwendoline (I think) turned to stone because she'd enjoyed killing people too much, despite being under Light's control.
  11. From the way he got wasted at an award ceremony last year and started slagging off all his fellow 6music presenters on Twitter because he didn't win, I think he may be a bit of a dick.
  12. If she's got them out again I may be able to bring myself to catch up on this series.
  13. That reminds me, isn't there a bit in Curse of Fenric when they were supposed to blow out a door and some windows, but they accidentally blew the whole (presumably plywood) building up and the cast all wet themselves?
  14. This is a really good one. Full of great moments and imagery. Love the half buried robot in part one that comes to life and grabs Ace, and of course McCoy's legendary stroll out of the exploding tent at the end. Mags's transformation is proper scary too, at least in my memory.
  15. I like the gold coins catapult chase scene through the warehouse and I don't care who knows it. Having said that I cringed as a teenager when Richard and Lady Peinforte got picked up by the weird Texan lady in the limo. I cringed a lot back then though so I might quite like it if I saw it now.
  16. My folks used to watch Corrie so they'd record Doctor Who for me. Then they accidentally recorded Corrie so I got evil Alan being hit by a tram instead of the first ten minutes of Ghost Light part three, which is when all the explanations happen. I was basically fucked until bought the script book two years later.
  17. Ghost Light is possibly the best story since Androzani, though a very different beast. Even the Times gave it a good review when it went out.
  18. This is the good shit. Having so much dalek action in a school when most of the intended audience probably still go to school was a great move. Loved the extended chase with Ace smashing up the science lab, culminating in an almost Pertwee-esque rescue as the doctor turns up with a maguffin and some soldiers.
  19. That's good, I was wondering if they'd released it early because they'd heard DWM were going to slate it or something.
  20. One more to go Sprite. You can do this.
  21. Yeah, this is the nadir. Next season is like a completely different show though. It may be impossible to believe but it does get really good again before it ends.
  22. Agree. Next season for Sprite sucks balls, but then it comes out fighting.
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