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  1. They look like their dad's just caught them playing the biscuit game.
  2. I am really looking forward to that.
  3. I remember thinking the Mysterious Planet was pretty solid, and wishing it was standalone rather than being bogged down by the trial. The survey robot busting through the hut wall to kidnap the Doctor was also pretty good effects-wise. I'm relatively underwhelmed by what I've been able to infer about the 50th too. I'm hoping my lowered expectations mean I'll really enjoy it.
  4. Yeah, so much better McCoy than Battlefield. At least it wasn't Time and the Rani.
  5. All the bad shit that goes on in Nigeria and they could have been watching Doctor Who.
  6. Web of Fear and Enemy of the World I've heard. EDIT lesson to myself, refresh before posting.
  7. It's been a few years since I saw this but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed episode 1 before the whole thing went to shit in episode 2.
  8. You should read the novel. There's a superfluous scene where Chessini kills a watchman with a gas injection that's so horrible it makes Alien look like Merlin. I think someone may have even quoted it earlier in the thread.
  9. This is one of the few classic stories I've managed to get my wife to watch as it was on UK Gold or something one Sunday morning. About the third time the Dastari and the bad guys lost the Doctor and completely changed their plan for no reason she was like "These people are fucking idiots". Oscar's death is horrible though. And the fact a mutated second Doctor is in on it is even worse. Then the mutation wears off and they're all like "Oh well that's fine". We've done a good job of lowering your expectations for this season, meaning you seem to have enjoyed the first three stories on their own terms (I'm a big fan of this season too, simply because I loved it as a kid). I dread to think what you're going to think of the next story though...
  10. Gallifrey Base has gone mental, as you'd imagine. Well, more mental.
  11. Couldn't make it through the pilot - it was just boring. I liked some of Coulson's Wheedony lines, but he coasted through every scene with that smug 'ho boy I got a series!' smile on his face. Just like Marion wore all the way through Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
  12. Varos is definitely one of Colin's best. As an impressionable nine year old it was the Governor being tortured by the green beam when the vote went against him that affected me the most.
  13. I think that in the face of the awful costume, terrible artistic choices and dodgy stories Colin did as well as anyone could. There are two stories in his first proper season I see as passable (see if you can guess which)... Can't help wondering what would have been if Davison had done another season though.
  14. I always root for the underdog.
  15. Colin was my favourite Doctor for ages when I was younger. I think it was partly bloody mindedness and partly because my main reference point for him was the John Ridgeway comics in DWM during the hiatus. *prepares for negageddon*
  16. The sequence at the start of part four where the Doctor is chased out of the wrecked ship by bastards with machine guns only to be saved because the whole landscape starts to convincingly explode is also epic. Perfect send off, dropping the most innocent optimistic Doctor into a super bleak narrative full of dreadful people.
  17. End of part three may be the high point of the whole series.
  18. Yeah, I'm itching to post about it but don't want to drop any spoilers.
  19. When Turlough is carrying a sopping wet Peri in her bikini while wearing Speedos I want to know how many takes they lost because he had a boner.
  20. It is good. I'm pretty sure they're drinking.
  21. Especially towards the end when it starts spewing green goo.
  22. Yeah, there was a crack in the wall for you. It's a great idea - a small village with a 50 ft Satan buried behind a wall.
  23. The Myrka is one of the famously bad Doctor Who monsters. That and the Taran Wood Beast. And maybe the Garm. The next story put the proper shits up me when I was a kid though.
  24. Regarding Time Flight, the first cut from the airport to Kalid freestyling his weird chanting over his cauldron is one of the most unintentionally funny scenes in the whole series. I can suspend my disbelief over pretty much anything but when that came on I completely lost my shit. I think I rebound it about five times.
  25. Is Black Orchid the only classic story where they get out of a scrape (in this case the Doctor being accused of murder) by taking the cops into the Tardis and saying "Look, we're totally time travellers, we didn't do nothing" ?
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