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  1. Episode 1 of Kinda is amazing. It's like Twin Peaks.
  2. Cigarettes. I couldn't believe it.
  3. There's also a bit in Mawdryn Undead where you can see right down her top.
  4. Ghost Light is brilliant. Though if you zone out when everything gets explained at the start of part three you're fucked.
  5. I only ever saw pictures of the Marsh People but they put the shits right up me. Them and the Malus.
  6. The one where he was an actor in a murder mystery evening nearly killed me too.
  7. Teabag


    I'm on the Sky schedule for this but am totally hooked. Pretty impressed with the level of gruesome they get away with, particularly this week's eye-gouging.
  8. I had no idea Gilly was Cassie from Skins. Maybe because she never speaks.
  9. It's been a good day for salacious gossip in Doctor Who. First the reviews of that JN-T biography reveal such gold as when he spat in Peri's face at a 1996 convention, then I read in Private Eye about Moffat having a stand up row at a trade event with just-quit producer Caro Skinner, yelling he was going to erase her from Dr Who.
  10. Oh yeah, the Invasion must be much later then. Been a long time since I read the episode guide in my 20th anniversary Radio Times special.
  11. Does that mean you've got the Invasion next? Good times.
  12. Teabag

    Mass Effect 3

    I should possibly take this to the Mass Effect 1 thread but I'm still loving my evil femshep playthrough. Feros, message from Joker: "Captain, the possessed colonists are trying to get into the Normandy". Me: "Kill them all". Joker: "Er...maybe I'll fire off some warning shots". Me: "Kill them all".
  13. Teabag

    Mass Effect 3

    Started my space bitch playthrough of the first game last night. Maybe it's because I'm normally such a liberal white-hat in RPG games but it's hilarious. You meet some Eden Prime colonists and one is just gibbering because he's traumatised and his meds haven't kicked in yet. So instead of talking him down I just punched him in the face. Even my squad were like "Er...wasn't that a bit extreme?" and I was like "He asked for it" and they were all "We guess you're right". RESPECT. I might start living my real life like this for a while, see how it goes.
  14. Teabag

    Mass Effect 3

    ....and finished. All in all...could have been a lot worse. Time to go back to the first game for my space-bitch playthrough now. And to do some multiplayer when I get the internet back next month.
  15. Teabag

    Mass Effect 3

    Spike thrower in the face and intermittent cowering sees to Banshees. As I'm sure you're aware.
  16. Teabag

    Mass Effect 3

    I just feel like emailing customer support and saying enough with the Brutes already.
  17. Teabag

    Mass Effect 3

    Wow, the final mission is a real joyless slog, isn't it? First time I've felt that in three Mass Effect games. It's like an FPS made by people who's strength isn't FPS games. It's so bad I keep expecting Boba Fett to appear.
  18. Teabag

    Mass Effect 3

    Sweet. Definitely going to give MP a go but it will have to wait for my renegade playthrough.
  19. Teabag

    Mass Effect 3

    I'm just before the final Cerberus mission and am set to be without internet till mid-November so can't do any multiplayer. I have the extended cut - is my ending going to suck regardless?
  20. I thought this was ace. Joe Dempsie as John nailed it - I loved his voice and the character's backstory.
  21. Plus they are missing her entire childhood. This would probably have bothered me less before I was a parent though.
  22. I'm absolutely loving it, but wonder if making it so arcy was wise given that they also split the season in half. By the time we find out what happened in two weeks' time it'll be a long time since we saw the Doctor get shot in the first ten minutes of episode one. I still think it's the best it's ever been though. I can't wait for the box set.
  23. Yeah, Moffat's said he's going in the other direction next year as the current series has been as 'arcy' as they can possibly be. Think the lowest rated new-Who was one of the Satan Pit episodes which was 4 million or thereabouts (this is from memory). Consolidated figures for this series are averaging around 7 million I think, though the overnights are suffering. And being beaten by Family Fortunes on Saturday must hurt, even if there was only about 0.3 million in it (Who at 5.9, FF at 6.2). Anyway, it's not going anywhere. Next season proper will have to fall through the floor to endanger its future, even if it doesn't start till next Autumn.
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