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  1. Game is still brilliant. Took out two level 56 lads the other night and took all their gear. The feeling of getting off the map with it was like no other game.
  2. ah bugger. About 12 bells was it? i thought I saw something when i closed it down. Time zone a bastard.
  3. 100% a better player. the difference is notable. We have also learnt from you, dont be modest. Forcing ourselvs to play as a group is pretty satisfying. I love moving as a group and taking down players in this game more than any other (Its on a par with Arma KoTH)
  4. Point taken on the realism. I suppose I should have said it isnt a run and gun game, there are elements in game to restrict that, you either like that or you dont, I think we all like that edge as long as its not too restrictive. The game will be marginally harder by not getting access to Flea until lvl 15 but, I see that as a challenge, am I alone here? Everyone will have to deal with that. Remember too that you still have your scav option, these guys can go in and find serious gear that potentially could get you through a few rounds without access to Flea. This game did my head in at the start, i couldnt believe what it was asking of me, the grind was part of the love affair for me. Its like every bell curve scenario, struggle at the start then it starts to level out. I'm sure that bell curve will still be there. Join us you grumpy bastard and grind together, thats the way to do it
  5. yes, @Herbalizer uses it. Sounds great Lvl 15 for flea is to hopefully keep macro lads (Like Sacriel) away as they were just getting to lvl 5 then farming apparently.
  6. No issues there that I can see. More exfils a good thing on Interchange. The energy buffs are fine too, as long as they arent too restrictive. Its a realism game so, not too bothered. Looking forward to the next wipe I have to say, starting again, for the third time lol
  7. Its a pleasure Len. Welcome to the team.
  8. ive pretty bad tinnitus too and its only come on in last 12 months. I think I need much better head phones, that will sort it out (I hope)
  9. Dead right about running, I rarely do it only If engaged or am spotted. You also have to take advantage of the off line mode to figure out where extractions are on new maps. My routine at the moment is log onto shoreline at least twice a day and leg it to resort. If you get a good spawn, run to resort and go to the gym in basement, look in lockers to see if red key has spawned. 20 odd million right there so worth checking a couple of times a day, minimum load out. Do at least one mission a day or part of. minimum load-out Loot run with PMC and team, fat lad load out Scav runs
  10. Im doing a LEDX give away on the stream later
  11. Just sold a THICC case for 17 million Roobooolooouees
  12. yea, pain in the hoop. On the up side though I just killed a lad with smashing gun when I did get in.
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