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  1. I'll leave this here lol https://www.balls.ie/rugby/rassie-erasmus-burner-account-477721
  2. I was about to say, that was the most short lived try out of Tarkov so far lol
  3. Pretty good this wipe i have to say, enjoying it
  4. @MattKB I like your style. Rushing him at the end was the right move although you had other rush options but on the front foot, I like it. You and your buddy are right to run around together for a while and get used to the maps, weapons and movement of scvas/players. @Len and @Adrock did/do something similar, I think when two players are at a similar level the learning experience increases for the two of you. When you play with more advanced players it can almost be too fast and a little daunting so this is the right approach to take. Look forward to playing with you both when you feel like a squad run. We had our best squad run only the other night and thats after probably, 8 or 10 weeks of playing together? This game is hard and actually, I think its the hardest wipe Ive played yet.
  5. I might be on from 9 now on. Kids ratted me out to my Mrs, said I was too loud. Lots "FUCKING HELL" screams, dont blame them
  6. If you any of you get stuck in matchmaking, see If picking servers with ping lower than a 100 on launcher helps
  7. Game would need to be redeveloped to use with controller (I think) You'd lose so much aswell. I was once a controller, console gamer and made the switch about 8 years ago. Its night and day the difference but it did take me a very long time to get used to it.
  8. The wipe will be a great leveler for everyone.
  9. Hey man, we'd love to have you, when ever you feel up to it, good group of lads here to lean on most nights. Keep the faith!
  10. I'll believe that when I see it, such a tease.
  11. Ah yes, they were a massive pain in the arse but I got to know @Herbalizer alot while stuck for 10 mins every raid lol.
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