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  1. I'm also probably going in London.
  2. I live in Italy,so I know how is the real lasagna .
  3. Prison Break is one of the best series ever done.
  4. It and The Simpsons are the best!!!!!!1
  5. rapstyle


    Now I'm seeing Naruto anime.
  6. Hip hop rulez!!!!!Stronger of Kanye West is fantastic.
  7. When is it coming?I want it!!!!!!!!
  8. rapstyle

    FIFA 08

    It's nice,but PES is also the best.
  9. I haven't it yet,but I'm probably going to buy it.
  10. Now PES 2008 is coming:let's see what they've done.
  11. I remember how much I liked first Rachet and Clank ...
  12. Yestarday it comes in Italy,yeah!!!!!!I wanna it!!!!
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