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  1. Fire Emblem?

    I didn't think that was out yet?

    I'm not much of a RPG lover myself, but for a card based RPG it turned out to be quite nice. It's way better than Lost Kingdoms. It will keep you going over summer, but only IF you really enjoy the gameplay. Gotta like the card thing.

    Cool. Well I love RPGs, so if a non-RPG fan managed to enjoy it, then that's gotta be a good sign. I think the whole card system sounds cool.

    More opinions please!

  2. Right, I want a new game for my Gamecube. Something I can really get my teeth into.

    I've already played and completed Tales of Symphonia and Skies of Arcadia, and I greatly enjoyed them both. But as a Cube-owner there's not that much left for me in terms of decent RPGs.

    So I'm interested to know what you all thought of Baten Kaitos? Is it worth getting? Will it keep me going over Summer?

  3. I don't play all that many games on my PC, and most of those I do play are only strategy games that don't require too powerful a computer.

    However, I'm really looking forward to The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, which is coming out on PC and Xbox-360 at the end of this year. The cost of buying a PC to handle a game like that would just be INSANE.

    So it looks like I'm going to end up buying an Xbox-360 JUST to play that game.

    Oh well!

  4. I haven't seen them, but I've seen Million Dead live, who's name I keep getting mixed up with Hundred Reasons, for some annoying reason.

    Million Dead are shit btw.

    Probably because both band's names have two words, and the first word is a number which is a power of ten.

  5. I get this feeling with just about any song that I really like at the time. Once I listen to that song enough, then the feeling will go eventually.

    Or sometimes, if I haven't listened to a song for aaages then I will get the feeling when I listen to it again.

    Currently: Here In My Room by Incubus is making my spine tingle. Give it a few days though, and it will be something else.

  6. Waitrose milk and Sainsburys milk taste very different.

    I've never tried Tescos or Safeways.

    Yeah... I dunno about Waitrose milk. I never had to deal with any.

    So it looks like you're in the clear....

    ... for now.

  7. Even some crappy no name company from my corner shop makes better milk than Sainsburys.

    ACTUALLY, as someone who once spent a night shift working a milk factory, I can tell you that:

    The milk for most of the major supermarkets (I'm talking: Sainsbury's; Safeway; Tescoes) is identical. Only the packaging is different.

  8. MRWEH IS LAME. His opinon counts for fucking shit since he doesn't like DRAGONFORCE.



  9. I saw them support Muse about 3-4 years ago and they remain the shittest live band I've ever seen.

    Yeah... but you've got rubbish taste in music.

    Therefore if you say they're shit -----> they're actually good.

  10. The other night I saw the fantastic British rock group Hundred Reasons at some small pub in Exeter. It was the first time I'd ever seen a band that I really like in such a small venue; capacity was only 220.

    Seeing an act play in such a small venue makes the whole experience so much better. The atmosphere was amazing. Not only that, but you were close enough to reach out and touch the band. At the end of my favourite song, the lead guitarist reached out and high-fived me and went "Yeah!".

    Yeah, he high-fived ME. Amazing.

    So... yeah, I'm still buzzing off the evening, so I thought I'd make a thread about it.

    Feel free to discuss either any of the following:

    - Hundred Reasons

    - Watching bands play in small venues

  11. I've just listened to it, and, yeah, it's pretty good.

    It's got that classic 'anthemic' sound to it that C & C do so brilliantly. I particularly liked the guitarwork at the beginning. The new album shows promise. I just hope that all of the songs are of this standard.

  12. It's not funny that people have to listen to him whilst i'm in the vicinity. That's whats not funny. If he was killed in the army - I wouldn't have to worry!

    You see where I'm comming from now jah?

    Yeah... you're right... joking about people being killed in wars is funny after all!

    My dad was in the army and was killed in battle.

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