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  1. I saw it at the cinema, and I thought it was boring as anything.
  2. I download all of them. Go me!
  3. That's probably the worst post I've ever read.
  4. I'm with Squall on this one. Not only do I agree with a lot of his points... but he's pretty funny too. You go girl!
  5. I played on a PSP once. It was pretty cool. As for people watching me when I'm playing something on the bus, I just ignore them. It's not that hard.
  6. If you like Tool then chances are you'll like A Perfect Circle too. Get their first album,"Mer De Noms". But then, if you're a fan of Tool, you'll probably already have heard A Perfect Circle...
  7. Hey, hope I'm not too late. Do you want anyone else to help design levels? I would love to give it a go. Thanks.
  8. Mrweh

    Feel Good Music

    Definitely. The Ataris are good for that too. Superman by Goldfinger has to be the most feel good song ever. Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind is a good one too.
  9. No way! My name is Tom C too! In real life, I mean.
  10. Yo Mr Spew, recommend me some good tracks from this new album to download.
  11. Everlong by The Foo Fighters is so beautiful. The acoustic version, especially.
  12. Mrweh

    Glastonbury 2005

    Good news. I got my confirmation. The panic is over, everyone!
  13. Mrweh

    Glastonbury 2005

    Right, how do we get to this page where you can change the number of requests? Thanks!
  14. Mrweh

    Glastonbury 2005

    Hmmm all I see is a page giving booking information, and can't get to any booking form... Help....
  15. Mrweh

    Glastonbury 2005

    Hey how do you get to the booking form from aloud.com ? I can get to the booking guide, but can't see any links to a booking form. Where is it???
  16. Yeah another vote for Conker's Bad Fur Day. That's the closest I've ever come to crying at a video game. I felt myself welling up when I watched that ending, and still feel sombre even thinking about it now.
  17. They've changed the start time? When to?
  18. So I'm going to see Jimmy Eat World in Bristol this Saturday and I was fairly excited about it... ... and then I rung the box office and found out that the support act is Hundred Reasons, a band which I like as much as, if not more than, Jimmy Eat World! Woo! Now I'm literally twice as excited about it all! So has anyone else ever liked a support band more than a main act? Or has anyone ever seen either of these fine bands live?
  19. Mrweh

    Funeral Is Out Today.

    I've got this album. I found it a bit boring. Actually, yeah, pretty damn boring. Fairly unobjectable though.
  20. I like FFAF. Here are some other bands that I like which are similar to FFAF and which have yet to be mentioned in this thread: Hundred Reasons Senses Fail Story of the Year Alkaline Trio Matchbook Romance A Perfect Circle Avenged Sevenfold Motion City Soundtrack Dashboard Confessionals And the following bands have already been mentioned but I think deserve a second mentioning: Thrice The Used Finch Thursday GO!!
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