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  1. Mrweh

    Zelda Cel-Shading

    Amen to that. You managed to say what I say what I was trying to say a lot better than I was able to.
  2. Mrweh

    Zelda Cel-Shading

    Well Zelda always could make pretty accurate prophecies.... why not let her be a mind-reader too? Maybe. Er... hello? Nah, you're right there. Overall it comes down to a choice between forcing Link to have a voice that the player might not feel comfortable with him having, or having him as some sort of anti-social mute.
  3. Mrweh

    Zelda Cel-Shading

    Good point, and it would have to be implemented carefully. But in most Zelda games Link never talks at all - not even in text. In Oot, people are always asking him his name, and then there is just a silence and then they say "So your name is Link eh?" or something. This doesn't seem that weird, I don't think the same thing with voices would be much weirder.
  4. Mrweh

    Zelda Cel-Shading

    I don't agree with you there. I don't think that Link should have a voice because it is giving the player a voice, a voice which might not represent the image (or rather, the sound) of Link's voice which they have in their head. Indeed, in the large majority of cases, having a voice-less playable character is preferable to giving them a voice which can destroy the illusion that the player IS the character that they are controlling. However, I see nothing wrong with giving voices to NPCs, as long as they don't give Zelda some silly, whiney, American teenage girl's voice. In summary: Giving Link a voice = bad Giving the other characters voices = fine
  5. Mrweh

    Zelda Cel-Shading

    OK, perhaps it was more a case or revolution than evolution. Either way, WW is unlike any other game in the Zelda series. It felt, to me at least, like a new and fresh experience.
  6. Mrweh

    Wall Jumping

    Young Link in SSMB on the Cube can do it too.
  7. Mrweh

    Zelda Cel-Shading

    Hmmm... so what you're saying is HAD Nintendo opted for a more realistic graphical style for WW then it still wouldn't have made the game realistic because the Zelda universe itself is a fantastic one? I personally think that the cel-shading was the right style for the game. The graphical style COMBINED with a game that is very different to any other Zelda game shows that Nintendo was trying to take the series in a new direction. The cel-shading was just a part of this. Taking the Zelda series in a new direction was the right thing for Nintendo to have done. What's wrong with the Tomb Raider games? What's wrong with the FIFA Football series? Why are the Final Fantasy games so boring? It's because developers fail to realise when it's time to move the series on, to prevent it from stagnating and becoming tired and cliched. I'm not sure whether or not this new direction was the right one. In some ways WW really shines - the sense of freedom when you are on the vast, vast ocean is unlike almost any other. But at the same time it would have been really nice to explore a massive Zelda landscape, which is something the largely empty ocean in WW doesn't really offer. What is important though is that Nintendo did move the series on. And the graphical style played a large part in the evolution of the series.
  8. Mrweh

    Zelda Cel-Shading

    I really like the graphical style of WW. It gives the game a certain charm unlike any other and makes the whole game feel more special. Had Nintendo simply tried to make the game look as realistic as possible it would have left it feeling like 99% of other adventure games. Ocarina of Time did look good for its time but I don't believe anyone who says that they prefer the 6 year-old graphics in Oot to those in Wind Waker.
  9. I think someone already said this same thing, but the best settings are: License to Kill, Pistols, Facility People would just hide behind door frames and keep ducking out to take shots. It was ALL about having the quickest reactions. Games could go on for hours. This game worked so well for team games as well. 2 v 2 games were great, but playing 3 v 1 was the best. Because it is License to Kill the person on their own has a fair chance, but they have to stay on their toes all the time. Some of the best multiplayer sessions I've ever had have been in Facility...
  10. Great game. I never played the sequel, but I remember spending hours playing the first version. It was one of the first PC games that I ever played intensively (ie. all the time I was on the computer)
  11. Is it too late for me to vote? I forgot. My vote would go to Age Of Mythology.
  12. That really made me "lol".
  13. Games others love but I don't: Command and Conquer series Warcraft Series F-Zero series Gran Turismo series amd probably a lot more that I can't think of.
  14. Squirtle is in the right here. Strobes are brilliant - don't be a knob.
  15. Great, great game. You can find it quite easily for £5 these days. For anyone who has yet to play this masterpiece you should get it right now.
  16. I remember that game. It was like a cowboy-based version of Gunstar Heroes. Not as good as Gunstar Heroes, but great fun nonetheless.
  17. Me too. It had better be good... If it's half as good as the GB version (either of them) I'll be happy.
  18. I'm really looking forward to Harvest Moon, more than anything else on that list. Final Fantasy is going to be great too though.
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